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Default Why is my bodyshop downgrading quality?
Hello! Well hum I recently had to change hard drive and re-install all Sims 2 stuff. My issue is: usually my bodyshop textures come out fine, been doing good for years, but I have no clue what it is doing right now... It downgrades texture live I've never seen it before, it's fine in the preview, but when I click on ''importe to game'' it becomes so low quality...How do I fix it please?
Edit: ok I found out the solution is to use

(Am I allowed to post a link? )

( I'm sorry if I'm in the wrong thread :3 )
(Meshes not by me )
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Did you try the solution in the link, and did it work?
That's (one of) the permanent solutions to fix this problem, but there are a few other things you can try if it doesn't work.
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Yes I fixed it doing what is said in the link, I wouldn't have posted it whitout trying. I'm open to your suggestion still, maybe your way is better.
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That method is what I would've suggested first (or maybe a variant involving the GraphicsRuleMaker, which can also fix similar issues if you also have blurred textures ingame or other graphic problems), but if it worked and if you don't have other graphic issues with your game, there's probably no need to do anything else than what you've already done.

Other ways to go around the problem could for instance involve fixing individual files in SimPE to change out the texture, but if fixing the GrahicRules file give you a texture quality you can use directly from Bodyshop, this isn't a necessary step.
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Well thanks for answering I tried to figure ou SimPE but .... aside from a headache it didn't do much for me hahaha
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