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Default Clonable Objects: A List Of Good Objects For Cloning
This is a list I have compiled to help beginning object creators decide which Maxis objects are good bases for cloning.

For various reasons, some objects are better for cloning than others. This list does not include all the different types of objects there are, but I've tried to include the most common ones that beginning object creators usually deal with, and the kind of objects that I'm personally familiar enough with to recommend them. It does not mean that the objects on this list are the only objects you should ever clone. It's only a suggestion.

Information provided on the list for each object:
- object type (end table, dining chair etc)
- number of recolorable subsets, and if CEP is needed for one or more of the recolorable subsets when cloning
- descriptive and file name
- required expansion pack, if any
- difficulty (easy, medium, hard)
- special notes

Feel free to suggest improvements and additions to the list. I plan to update the list in the future with more objects.

When cloning these objects, use the default cloning options unless otherwise recommended in the Notes section for the object.

Numenor's kitchen counter and island templates, which should be used for cloning instead of the Maxis ones, can be downloaded here. Make sure to follow the instructions in that thread when using the templates.

For a full list of all objects in the base game and expansion packs, download the Documentation file in the CEP thread. On the CEP object list you can find information regarding how many recolorable subsets an object has, and if there are "slave" subsets involved.

For those who are new to cloning objects, I recommend JWoods' object tutorial which teaches all the basic steps of object creation. The tutorial section also has many other useful tutorials on various areas of object creation.

If you run into problems with your cloned object, feel free to make a post in the Object Creation Workshop And Repair Center, providing both the problematic object package and a detailed explanation of the problem.

The list is in Excel (.xls) format, and to view it you need a program that can view Excel files. Excel Viewer 2003 and Open Office are both free to download and use.
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Cool thanks. This will save me having to go through loads of objects until I found a decent one. Some clones do not contain textures which annoys me. Thanks yet again.

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IgnorantBliss, maybe I'm just too stupid but in your list are a few "Object Descriptive Names" I'm just unsure about when choosing the object to clone (they are displayed in the wrong language ). In this case I have to do (several) 'test clonings' to take a look and compare the Object File Name. So if you update the list could you maybe e.g. add the price of the objects, a quick descritpion of the look, something like that to help identify the right file? Or do I just need to look for some brain?

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To my understanding, the Object File Name listed is the same in all languages, even if the Descriptive Name is different. If in your SimPE settings you check the option to "show OBJD filenames", the filenames will be listed in Object Workshop instead of the descriptive names.
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Thank you for the hint! I always struggled with finding out the English filename - in German SimPE they are by default displayed in German and I just didn't know how to fix this. Thank you very much!

Yes, I am serious though I'm not serious at all. I'm serious about this!
Even the joker can be deadly serious...
Wichtig ist, was hinten raus kommt!
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Thanks for this. Great idea, saves ploughing through and starting several objects, only to find that they are beyond you. Not to mention the wasted guids!

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Default Can you put this in a different format please
can you put this into word format or adope format please.

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I am sorry IgnorantBliss, I still have a question...
I am making a meshes are done, but I cannot seem to find in SimPE, any of the sectionnal booth, such as :"Jacuster's Last Stand sectionnal booth"--"Mr. section by Comfortitude" and..."Mr. section with arms by Comfortitude"

So I don't know what to clone, so my bench can be long, and sits more simmies...

any ideas ?
I looked in seating, unknown, vain.
Thank you,
Rosemary :0)

well, i looked at an object someone takes a global sofa mod....
too bad !

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1st Mar 2008 at 4:18 PM
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nm, thank you!
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Maybe I'm waking up the dead, but I just wanted to include that the ideal clone object depends on what you want to do with it and your own modding level. A simple sculpture can be modified to be totally different objects even interact able. I always use the Base Game Venus Sculpture for almost everything. Reason: it is recolorable, has two subsets and accept more, so long they have own texture and material definition (like glass, or other envcube based textures), it is viewable from the neiighbor and has own automatically modifiable lod90. Better than this, is only the Flamingo
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