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Default Just a little something to think about...
I wasn't sure where to post this...

But my Brother asked for the Sims 2 disk tonight and he's been playing all evening. It made me realise how basic the Sims 2 original game was - he keeps asking for help and I'm always referring to 7 expansion pack and multiple stuff pack features when helping him and end up very surprised that he can not do certain things with only the original game installed. Everything about the original game seems very bland, empty and unfinished to me now.

It made me realise that even if the Sims 3 seems quite basic, or underwhelming, at first it will probably expand dramatically over time, as Sims 2 seemingly has done. Just wanted to share this to hopefully restore any faith people have lost in the future of the series while the Sims 3 previews have been flooding in - there has been a little negativity.
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Well, to be honest, I am no longer able to play with The Sims 2 base game alone. I have been so spoiled with the expansions and stuff packs that it would just be so drastically boring and dull and lacking. In fact, just knowing what to expect in Sims 3 already makes Sims 2 so dull and lacking (not boring quite yet but it'll get there eventually). It's not that I am willing to dump Sims 2 like some people have already. It's just the anxiety that now makes it harder to play Sims 2 because of the fact that is now feels less than TS3. And I knew this was going to happen as soon as I read more about Sims 3. I knew it and now there's no turning back! It's like Sims 1... there is no way in hell I could have fun with it anymore... UNLESS it was to only play with the Super Star and/or Makin' Magic features and that is only because they are the only ones we have yet to see in Sims 2. Which is if and when we do have an 8th EP for Sims 2, I hope it will be either SS, MM or both. See, the thing is, in TS1, the needs decay so much quicker and you cannot change their eyes or mouths or hair, etc. So it's only normal to not want to go back to such an outdated game.
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I'm the same as Frankie, playing base game as a stand alone is a bore these days. I'm actually glad they come out with EP's every 6-8 months or so because I tend to get bored easily and each EP keeps me coming back to the game. The great thing about sims IS the fact that it's always expanding. Unlike other games, like some of my favorites like Tomb Raider and Resident Evil on other systems, once I beat the game, I'm done. There's nothing more in it for me to keep me coming back and playing it again. I've been playing Sims since Nightlife came out, and always come back to playing again and again. So, if Sims3 is bland, which I doubt it will FEEL like it because of the new features, AI and such, it will expand and keep me coming back for more. By the time I do get bored with it, I'm sure they'll have an EP on the way, lol.
16th Mar 2008 at 2:29 PM
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In remember when TS2 came out people complained about how it was lacking so much without the expansions. I didn't feel that way. The Sims 2 seemed so new and fun. I couldn't wait to play through a family's life time. Yeah, it was just a basic game, no pets, no studio town, but that was ok because there were new things to explore and try.

I think it's going to be the same way with The Sims 3. There will be things missing that we loved from the past, but there's going to be so many new things to explore and try that it won't matter to me.

I tried to go back and play The Sims (1) a few times, but it just seems so boring now. I think I might eventually feel the same way with The Sims 2.
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It's because it's EA's job to spoil the hell out of us. And it works every time. They know that many of us are going to get bored and that's why they have to keep expanding the game. That has become the main point to the Sims is the expansions of it. I don't think any other game is so expandable like this one.
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