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Test Subject
#701 Old 24th Nov 2020 at 1:08 PM
Hallowbrook (Update)

Hallowbrook's Public Transport Committee has finally paved the way for a reliable public transport system! Bus stations are now scheduled regularly to stop on Main Street (right in front of the park), Hallowbrook's Rest, the public library, the Hallowbrook Lake and across from the gas station. Furthermore, two new shops have opened up on Main Street: Fangorn's Forest (a shop for all your flowery/planty needs) and Pennywise' Playtime (a toy store offering a slightly bizarre variety of things). Hallowbrook now boasts a dog park as well (beware the hooded figures), and the curio shop Needful Things has also received a little bit of a makeover, with a new apartment building being built next door. Last but not least, the farm seems to be enjoying a bountiful year.

Mad Poster
#702 Old Yesterday at 12:40 AM
So I decided to start a new neighborhood. It is mostly a testing hood with cookie cutter houses, but I thought I'd attempt to decorate it anyway.

My Soundcloud, where I upload some things I make.
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