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This has to be the most unlikely couple in my neighourhood- Hecuba Crumplebottom and Justin Thyme, the badly resurrected zombie chef.

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I gave Sanjay a wife - her name is Deepali.
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Originally Posted by simsample
Hecuba Crumplebottom and Justin Thyme

I've often thought that, if you're a non-smoker yourself, kissing a heavy smoker might be a less than totally pleasurable experience. But when your lover won't even take the cigarette out of their mouth to kiss you . . .

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Meanwhile, back in Veronaville, two more lovers, famed in European literature, have got together. I give you Othello and Desdemona:

Othello Moore lives with his parents and an older brother Ross in the Via Veronaville. His father runs a little general merchants' shop in Poet Place. The shop backs onto the back garden of their house. Desdemona Capp lives with her parents, two sisters and a brother in Cappland, a well-appointed half-timbered house near the market, across the road from the Capp Manor Estate. This picture was taken outside her house.

Othello is a delightful little boy, and I have every confidence that he will never lay a finger on Desdemona to hurt her. But just to be sure, I'll keep an eye on him and make sure he never has a friend called Iago. There certainly is no one of that name in the neighbourhood at present. The nearest that we have is a Jamie, and I suspect that Jamie and Iago are both pet forms of James / Jacob / Jacobus. But Jamie (a teen who lives downtown) is gentle and friendly, and nothing at all like Iago in the play. So I reckon Desdemona and I have nothing to fear.

(Thanks to jfade and BoilingOil for the Children's Crushes mod!)

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Originally Posted by moonlight__
I wanted to own a record and music store so I made a random hipster couple and they became very likable to me

Edit: Their daughter is absolutely beautiful, she's a toddler and she has dad's tan skin and moms big blue eyes and light brown hair <3
Edit 2: They're extremely toxic, the husband is a cheater and a drinker the daughter is acting out, the business is a bit on a downfall...

Oh wow that fell apart, poor fam but the *drama* BTW you take perfect pics, pure scene/simtography aesthetic. Do you have any other places you post your pics?

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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Originally Posted by Charmful
Oh wow that fell apart, poor fam but the *drama* BTW you take perfect pics, pure scene/simtography aesthetic. Do you have any other places you post your pics?

Thank youuu <333! Yees the dramaa is juicy. Dad (Brent) is having an affair with Nina Caliente, mom (Cynthia) started having an affair with the daughter's (Melanie) boyfriend's dad now knowing that. I only posted something on Reddit r/thesims. I'm into photos/photoshoots and edtiting irl so I enjoy doing that to my sims. I was thinking about starting a simblr but I decided that I should do something more useful lol. So I post sometimes here and on Reddit ...
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