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Seasons! Pets is good too, but Seasons adds so much atmosphere that the game is all kinds of unsexy without it.

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Default Wich expanstion is the best?
i have sims 3 bse game and i had late night and sadly i had to clean my computer so it got all clean and there wasnt my game so i had dowload the setup of the base game and when start to setup late night it was all scratched so i decided to buy another expansion
so which is expansion is best and why plzz anwserrr
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There is a thread for this:

Everyone has an opinion, so I'll give mine. I would get Generations because it adds more options to the kids. But that's for the family player in me.
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#179 Old 14th Dec 2014 at 6:06 PM
I recommend getting seasons first. It was my first expansion and it kept me busy for hours!
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@angielinokoc: I have merged your thread into the official TS3 most/least favorite EP/SP... thread. We really don't need any more of those threads.

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@annaliese39: I've merged your thread into The official TS3 most favourite/least favourite EP/SP/what one should I buy thread. We don't really need any more of those threads.

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#182 Old 16th Dec 2014 at 8:06 PM
Thanks everyone for the advice. I think I can now safely rule out University, which just leaves Pets vs. Seasons. I was settled on Pets as I love animals as well as the idea of having a new world to explore, but after reading comments here I am now considering buying Seasons after all. However, others have told me Seasons lacks content and merely looks pretty, but from what I have read on this thread many of you seem to disagree with this.
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#183 Old 22nd Mar 2015 at 4:18 PM
Favorite EP List:
Island Paradise
Into The Future

Fave SP List:

I have a lot of SP's, don't use them often, one I use the most is Master Suite =P

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#184 Old 18th Apr 2015 at 10:48 PM
At first i didnt have Seasons, because. 1. I didnt have the money at the time. 2. Didn't acknowledge its mere existence.

Once i had the money to get it, i definitely made a huge change in game, i love it.

I got pets as my first expansion pack and it improved gameplay as well (Unicorns, Duh)

I hate Katy Perry's stuff pack... but other than that i really dont hate anything else.
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#185 Old 4th Jun 2015 at 8:48 PM
I never buy Stuff Packs. I don't think that they are worth the money. I usually buy all EPs when they are released (except Supernatural-focused EPs)

In order, I guess I like:

Late NIght
Ambitions (I played this a ton)
World Adventures (I never got to fully explore this EP because when it came out, my PC was crap, I never really went back to do the challenges.)
University Life (I love it, but I prefer Sims 2 style with the hacks/mods. I can play without the Young Adult stuff no problem.)
Island Paradise (This would have been closer to the top if I ever got to play it. My game crashed every time I loaded into a resort. The only thing i ever got to do was build houseboats.)

And of course I didn't get Supernatural or Into the Future because why would I ever?
#186 Old 2nd Aug 2015 at 7:12 AM Last edited by Mordecai and Rigby : 2nd Aug 2015 at 7:28 AM.
I don't have all of the expansion packs, and I don't have any stuff packs. In fact, I have the game on two computers: my Mac, which has Ambitions, Late Night, Generations and Showtime, and I hardly use it because it's too dang slow; and my PC, which has Generations, Supernatural and Seasons. And to rank all of those in order, I guess they'd be:

Supernatural. I was IMPRESSED by this EP! In Sims 2 I hardly ever played supernatural Sims, and I thought they were boring. But in this EP? They actually made those Sims worth playing! And it's nice to have different types of Sims roaming around - I just wish Sims wouldn't think every vampire is evil, or those pesky zombies taking the whole fun out of gardening. But other than that I loved this, especially that rocking chair.

Seasons. It's fun to go to those season festivals and boy is it beautiful to see a whole town in the wintertime. And seasons are the sort of thing we see in our everyday lives, unless we live where it's hot, but even then we have holidays. Or do we? Though if it snows for days you'd think the snow would be a lot deeper, and the holiday lights sometimes wouldn't work.

Generations. I just installed this to my PC. I'm the sort of Simmer who enjoys having large families, so I guess I'm the target demographic for this one. And no, it's not a stuff pack, like you can send your kid to boarding school or to an after-school class. I like the stroller, I like the bunk beds, I like when teens graduate from high school, I like the mid-life crisis, and I like the walking cane. Oh, and the video camera. Anyway, I just really like this one.

Ambitions. I lost the disc, and Origin wouldn't let me download it from the code I had on my Mac because I registered it a long time ago and I forgot what my password was to that account. But I really liked this expansion...I had a lot of Sims who were interior designers and I went to the barber shop thingy a lot. The laundry feature was cute but it would get annoying after awhile. I also liked the hairstyles.

Late Night. Same issue with Ambitions in that I can't install it to my PC. The clubs were cute, but the apartments could've been done just a little like Sims 2. I liked having my Sims drink juice and HOLY CRAP YOU CAN SEE A SIM WOOHOOING IN AN ELEVATOR WHAT IS THIS...uh anyway, regarding the celebrity status I didn't really like it all that much. Especially since you sometimes would get free drinks at one star?? What even??? I don't think I ever got five stars on my own, though. I just kind of liked living in a city.

Showtime. Boring, boring, oh magicians? Performers? Karaoke? That social thingamajig? Who gives a crap. Boring, boring. The only things I liked were some clothes and the table-top arcade games - that's it. I could care less for that town, and the expansion did NOTHING for Sims younger than teenagers. That's how you know there's no good in an expansion. So I didn't bother installing it on my PC.

EDIT: A mod, breaking the rule of no double-posting? That's a first.
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#187 Old 2nd Aug 2015 at 7:39 AM
This is my opinion: (Keep in mind I bought the entire collection on eBay instead of one at a time so I may have missed some features in my assessment)
Favourite EP
Seasons - can't live without the weather! But I understand it can make the game too slow for some.

Least Liked EP
Showtime - I've never took a real interest in the professions, and I feel some of the items like the karaoke machine should have been in Late Night.

Favourite Stuff Pack
I ironically like Katy Perry Sweet Treats and I enjoy Diesel Stuff (mainly because I like the clothing designs) but my favourite is High End Loft Stuff. I really like the items in this pack.

Least Liked Stuff Pack
I only like Katy Perry Sweet Treats ironically. It is my least liked though because I dislike the celebrity who endorsed this and no matter how much I try I can't put any of the items in my game.

Ranking of EP:
1. Seasons
2. University Life
3. Late Night
4. Supernatural
5. Generations
6. Ambitions
7. Pets
8. Into The Future
9. Island Paradise
10. World Adventures
11. Showtime

Ranking of SP
1. High End Loft Stuff
2. Diesel Stuff
3. Master Suite Stuff
4. Town Life Stuff
5. Fast Lane Stuff
6. Outdoor Living Stuff
7. 70s, 80s, 90s Stuff
8. Movie Stuff
9. Katy Perry Sweet Treats

I wouldn't remove any of the expansions, but if I had to I'll drop Into The Future. It's not worth the long load time to me.
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#188 Old 16th Aug 2015 at 1:59 AM
So far, I've not really "tested" all expansion packs yet, but from what I do:

1) Amibitions
I really enjoy this expansion pack, at first I wasn't sold on it in 2013 but after deciding to try it proper I'm loving it. Ghostbuster was fun, if bit repetitve but I'm really loving Private Investigator, more freedom in doing what I want to do (i.e. no need to worry about keeping my job) plus I enjoyed the events.

2) Seasons
Genuinely love this, I've not got it installed at the moment though but I will once I've reached 10 in Private Investigator and have done most of World Adventures EP tasks. But from what I've played, I really like how the weather actually changes, how the towns changes, and all the little things. One of few EPs I'd highly recommend.

3) Pets
I love pets. I loved Sims 1 Unleashed, so it was no brainer... plus you can do more stuff with dogs! Amazing.

4) World Adventures
I like it, but it's buggy at times.. I had to keep saving just in case something fucks up. I don't super love it or anything but think it's nice to go and explore some ruins.

I need to try Late Night, University Life, Generations, Supernatural, Showtime and I plan to get Island Paradise/Into The Future if I can find good price for them before I can fully judge them, but so far Ambitions is my favourite.

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#189 Old 16th Sep 2015 at 10:37 PM
I have a handful of stuff packs and every expansion except for IP and ITF, sooo...

World Adventures and Ambitions are probably my two least favorite, with University Life being kind of "meh" for me. I do like some of the decorative and build items they had, and Ambitions and UL both have some fun interactions and skills that come with them. But honestly? They're buggy as hell and I don't really travel enough to take full advantage of what they have to offer. I definitely wouldn't recommend either UL or WA to someone without advising them to install NRaas Traveler and ellacharmed's fixes, because doing that made traveling at least moderately enjoyable for me.

Generations is a super fun pack for me despite its flaws (MOTHER****ING IMAGINARY FRIENDS, for one), especially since I play a lot of families with kids and multi-generational households. I also couldn't live without Supernatural; I'm a sucker for fantasy-themed towns. Apart from those two, I have to say my other favorites are Pets and Seasons.

As for the Stuff Packs that I have, my two favorites are the 70s/80s/90s pack and Master Suite, but Movie Stuff has some fun objects as well. I wasn't too fond of Fast Lane when I still had it, and honestly I probably wouldn't have gotten Town Life if it wasn't an Origin freebie.
#190 Old 17th Sep 2015 at 12:31 AM
Now that I have all the EPs and all the SPs (except KPST, but that one is so disliked I'm not all that sad about not having it):

What is your most favourite/least favourite expansion pack, and why? My favorite is easily Supernatural I love playing supernatural Sims! As for my least favorite, I'd have to say University Life, as I haven't really found the fun in playing a college Sim.
What is your most favourite/least favourite stuff pack, and why? My favorite would be Movie Stuff because of all the cool costumes. My least favorite would have to be KPST, as it's the glaring hole in my TS3 collection.
If you could rank how much you like each expansion or stuff pack in order, what would your order be?
Expansions: Supernatural > Island Paradise > Seasons > Late Night > Ambitions > ITF > Generations > WA > Pets > Showtime > UL
Stuff Packs: Movie Stuff > Master Suite Stuff > all the others > KPST
If you had to remove an expansion, which one would it be, and why? Either UL or Showtime. UL because Sims University isn't all that fun, or Showtime because the Showtime careers use so many different lots that it's really annoying to use them in any non-Starlight-Shores town.

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#191 Old 6th Oct 2015 at 6:28 AM
is showtime the same as late night? I think LGR said so in his review....the katy perry cover has me nervous.
#192 Old 17th Nov 2015 at 1:40 PM Last edited by Elynda : 5th Dec 2015 at 9:47 PM.
Favourite EPs? It has to be a toss up between World Adventures and Supernatural. And both of these gave me considerable anquish by not working properly, till I finally got on-line and was able to patch the game properly. Now I love them both, but if I had to choose between, it would be Supernatural, for one reason - Fairies!

Least favourite? Either Pets or Island Paradise. The first because it was only after I installed it that my game started to lag horribly, and saved games started taking forever to load. I had no objection to animals in the game, in principle, it was having them imposed upon me whether I wanted them or not. On one occasion a family I'd created adopted two horses when I was off playing another household. They had hardly any garden to speak of FFS! And just how did one of them get into an upstairs bedroom? Anyway, raccoons!. Need I say more?

Its a pity about Island Paradise, it has a lot going for it, but Isla Paradiso is so laggy on my computer as to be unplayable.

As for SPs, I don't have a favourite. In general I like having plenty of 'stuff' to browse through. But I do have a least favourite: Katy Perry's Sweet Treats! What was I thinking about buying that? CAS is far better off uncluttered by all that useless crap, leaving room for more CC - stuff that I do want! Once I realised I could un-install an SP without it fecking up my game too much, it was gone. And good riddance!

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#193 Old 2nd Dec 2015 at 3:36 PM
@ruisuki , Showtime and Late Night are two very different EPs, although some people might think differently. Showtime is more of a performance based sort of thing with singers, magicians and acrobats (I think thats the last one...). I was never impressed by showtime, along with quite a few people. On the other hand, Late Night had a more urban feel with Bridgeport and the apartments, although without a fast computer the town was useless (at least for me), and Late night is more focused on clubbing, partying, and social status, although it comes with quite a bit of good content, in my opinion.
Edit: I just realized that you've probably already gotten that figured out...

Favorite EP: Honestly, for me it's between Pets and Seasons. I love Pets because IRL I'm a huge animal person, but Seasons might be just a step above it for the sheer beauty of how the seasons form. The only downfall for seasons is the constant snow during the winter that keeps children and teens home from school when they are currently failing. Although Pets does have quite a lot to offer, and Appaloosa Plains is easily one of my favorite worlds, mainly because it's not too buggy, but also because I just think it's beautiful, especially when combined with Seasons.

Lease Favorite EP: WA, Uni, and ITF, all with their own reasons. WA - I love the aspect of the exploration, but I can't go very much because I'm always worried for getting a corrupted or extra glitchy game when I go or return. Uni, pretty much for the same reason as WA when it comes to glitches and corruption, and I was never really please with the gameplay while there. ITF, I just dislike all the clothes and styles, along with the lack of careers in the future for gameplay, I was just never impressed by it and only went to the future once before I got bored.

If I had to get rid of one, I'd pitch Into The Future, considering the fact that I never use it or have much of a plan on doing much with it.

To rank them....

Late Night
Island Paradise
University Life
World Adventures
Into The Future

I only have 3...
Master Suite
High End Loft

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#194 Old 13th Dec 2015 at 12:16 AM
Favourite ep: Generations
Least Favourite ep: Showtime

Generations adds so much to gameplay in terms of intergenerational content, it really rounds out the game for me. Showtime is basically lag on a dvd. I mean I like most of the items, but I'd say a good 70% of my mods are in my game to disable the showtime 'features' such as the celebrity system.

There are tmtc eps & sps now, so I'm not going to list them in order of preference, but I can definitely say that up the top of my list with Generations is Supernatural and World Adventures. Right down the bottom with Showtime is Ambitions (I don't mind grinding as a diversion like you do in WA, but having that be your job, ffs? And the non-stop want spam to join said grind careers. Ugh!) and Fast Lane (car relationships - can you say creepy?!)

I've removed eps & sps before and first on my list for removal each time is Fast Lane swiftly followed by Showtime.
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#195 Old 17th Feb 2016 at 8:43 PM
Now that I have Island Paradise installed, it's actually proving to be really fun! I heard that the town it comes with has quite a bit of lag, but there haven't been any problems so far...probably because I downloaded the empty version that only included the ports and diving spots and built everything else from the ground up. The stuff is really cute and I'm also going to have a lot of fun building a fabulous resort and probably running it into the ground.
#196 Old 30th Apr 2016 at 12:19 AM
I don't much like the motive mobile, the science station, young again potions, fountain of youth potions, or the relationship transmogrifier or the like because they make the game too easy and thus, boring. I mean, they're great if it's your first time playing but if you have these expansions installed they're game killer where you get into a rut - learn science level 9, make plasma bugs and clone them and you've mastered money; then logic and Young again potion and you've beat aging; motive mobile as soon as you get 45,000 lifetime happiness, etc. World adventures with tiberium and you become rich after 8 hours of cloning...

Maybe I'll make a mod that makes the science station and motive mobile cost more simolians and lifetime experience points, respectively.

Seasons is nice because winter puts a crimp in the gardening skill.

Just my opinions... I play the game too much.
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#197 Old 30th Apr 2016 at 2:22 AM
My favorite is for sure the very first one, World Adventure..playing without it would not be worth it. I never send sims to UNI, but I got it for all the new herbs and plants it gives..I love gardening so much in this game.
I can't care less about fairies or other creatures, but go figure..I would not uninstall Supernatural.
I enjoyed nothing about Into The Future, so it is now out of my game installation. Seems to shock no one that a sim can have intime relation with his future family members..ah.

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#198 Old 15th May 2016 at 2:56 AM
@Rosebine I agree with your points. i prefer realistic plays and ITF/Supernatural seem to go against that. Why do you keep supernatural though? Just wondering since I heard uninstalling expansions could cause save bloat/corruption so I wanna be careful for what i install
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#199 Old 15th May 2016 at 5:21 AM
Well, like I said...Go I might like *some of the outfits?...or maybe is that my daughter would be the kind of playing fairies..the rare times she ever played. maybe because of the mushrooms...or certain herbs...some herbs comes from this EP, if i am not mistaken.
But I would not care about corruption, *personally* please, you might not take my opinion as fact. But since *I* never play supernatural sims...why would it corrupt? And if removing ITF did anything to my game...I have not notice anything yet, and it's been..long.
Or maybe i am just so used the the sims serie, that I did uninstalled safely...I love saying it so here it is again...Go figure!

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#200 Old 15th May 2016 at 10:12 AM
Ah so miscellaneous items, outfits and the like. There are probably some new interactions too. I was dead against using supernatural because it seems unrealistic but I might actually install it then if it offers good side content, and Ill just remove all supernat creatures. Not ITF though under no circumstances will I install that haha
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