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Default $imoleons
What is the value of most of your main households?
I have bought up every venue in town and maxed out the upgradable ones, along with having all three family members at the top of their career ladder. My household worth is over 4 million not counting the house and furnishings.
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That's pretty impressive for a first generation family. Are these self employed careers? Typically, I only see that kind of wealth with sims as blockbuster writers or painters, or accumulating over two or three generations of play. It would be a bit hard with the classic jobs, even Medicine. I have noticed that my level 10 performers also can make big bucks playing the big venues.
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Thanks. Two work at the top of the medical career and one is at the top of the rockstar career. I also spent almost all free time having them do fishing and gardening which yields high-value items. It should be noted that I used moodlet manager about halfway through and I play on epic lifespan so they actually have time to max out almost every skill. And ya I'm only on the second gen of this family. Now that the venues bring in so much money, they and the next generations never have to work again, (but I will still make them do skills and at leat try out careers) and I plan to move them into a house that is worth 800,000 unfurnished so far. The father doctor makes 20k a day from a lifetime of promotions while the son is at about 7k. Venues bring in over 200,000 a week so they'll be quitting after the new house is bought and furnishings are paid for. Basically work one day a week driving around collecting cash like a mafioso lol.

I'm curious though, what do most people consider a successful family simolean wise and how much cash do you see and do most players see it after two or three gens?
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I don't "keep score" with simoleons. I just worry about how much fun I'm having with the family, even to the point of not selling collectibles or harvestables once I have gotten the best beds, fridges, etc. I still garden, fish, or collect, I just keep everything. And sculptures or paintings are used to decorate the lot, so I have no idea how wealthy some of my families really are.

It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with your family. That would qualify them as a success in my book.

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i can barely maintain maybe 70,000.....
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You could say all of my Sims have a motherlode of cash in Sunset Valley. Some of my family funds are over 1,000,000 simoleons.
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My families usually have about §600.000. They own their money by stealing and motherlode.

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It's nice to see the wide range of opinions someone has about all the posts in this thread.
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Ya it is. I have lots of fun with this family. I had one of them try out the PI career which was pretty fun. They also did writing at some point. And other methods I used to get rich were wine making and finding every money tree seed in SV then planting all the seeds it spawned. I have an orchard with about 10 money trees. I also created a pond and stocked with just deathfish and the bait (forget what bait it used). This way I had a way to constantly fish deathfish without leaving home. Stay tuned, because later tonight I will post pictures of the mansion I built for them. It's 800,000 unfurnished and during a test playthrough I got the lot value to over 1 million.
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My current character is LOADED with cash!

He has about $1.9M in the bank right now. Had a little over $3M, but I just built a house (a little over $1M), as well as a few venues in town.

My last sim had about $17M.

I dont cheat with any of my characters.
I'm typically either an author or a painter (work your own hours and make $$$$$$$).
I do, however, play with an unlimited lifespan (so, the character with the $17M was played for several months to get it to that point).

Just thought I'd share :)
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