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Default Some package files not showing up in game
I just deleted all my CC from the Exchange, started a fresh game, and downloaded a lot of package files from MTS. They worked fine at first, but now some of the packages just aren't showing up in the game. I'm not on my home computer, so I will provide screenshots later if needed. But I know the framework is set up correctly, as I used the install from Game Help:Installing Sims 3 Package Files/Setup and Files ... not sure if I'm allowed to link (
It seems like all my mods are working, including the nointro.package and NoBuildSparkles.package that was included in this download.

I am also getting a Script Error that says I'm missing my d3dx9_31.dll file, but it's my understanding that you no longer need this .dll. I did go ahead download it from this page thinking that it may be my problem anyway: Modding - How to mod your game for beginners ( I put it in my base game folder: Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\TheSims3\Game\Bin\. But I do have all the EPs, so maybe I need to put it in the Supernatural folder instead?

I also thought maybe there was a conflict with the packages, but that would make no sense if they were working before, and now they're not, and I haven't downloaded anything new since then. I also have my packages split up into subfolders, if that makes a difference... C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages, and then I have a Downloads and a Mods folder in my Packages folder, and they are organized further from there. But I did not move the Resource.cfg file.

As you can see, I've spent a ton of time researching this, but can't figure anything out. Can anyone help, because I'm at a loss.
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Have you deleted your cache files? Not doing so could cause certain CC not to show up. Also, if you think, or are wondering, that you may have any conflicting or corrupt files, you can use Delphy's Dashboard here: Just download and extract the file. Direct it to your .packages and it will show any corrupt or conflicting files. :-)
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I have deleted my 4 cache files in the Sims base folder, so it's not that. I have Dashboard, but I haven't checked my Mods folder with it, so I'll do that when I get home. Hopefully it's just a conflict. Thanks
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I figured it out!! I guess my Mods folder was a little too organized, which is why most of my mods were working and very few downloads were. I guess I need to get rid of some subfolders. Thanks again!
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