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Default "Accept" not working!
Hi! So I was editing the color of my walls in build mode, only to end up unable to press "accept" which means I'm stuck in the color panel thing... and I can't save in order to restart. I cannot lose my game, or else I'll die. I made the foolish mistake to not save for over half an hour... and I do a lot in half an hour. -__-

So yeah, is there a way to get out of the color panel thing without pressing "accept" or exiting with the "x" as that does not work either? I can change colors no problem, and I can even click on other items/walls/etc and edit them, but no matter what I do, I can't get out of the color panel.

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If I understand what you're describing correctly, I sometimes get stuck like this too. What I do is try to color another object or drag the colors onto another object. It takes a minute to process it but it usually lets me hit the Checkmark/Accept button after that.

If someone else has better advice, we'd both be all ears.

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I have been in this situation many times. I'm all ears as well. Though I will say on probably two occasions, clicking the Escape key freed it up from whatever it was doing.
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Moved to Help... good luck!
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Find an object that is colored with something that you know for certain is colored with a pattern out of the Miscellaneous pattern group in the first color slot. (Unless you have that one filled with dozens of custom patterns, it will be a solid color with no texturing. Usually white.) If you still have that problem after all the Miscellaneous patterns have loaded, I don't know what to do now. Otherwise, you are waiting for all the patterns in a particular group to load. If you switch items, you are now waiting for both groups. (Which is why I suggested Misc. It's small)

Actually, if you posted this yesterday, and the game has been up since then, it might have loaded them all by now anyway. Unless it has been minimized all this time.

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