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Default "Cannot place on roads" issue.
I buldozed a 30x30 and am trying to put a 40x40 lot in it's place and there's plenty of room. But I'm getting a strange problem, the game will auto snap the lot to the road, and when that happenes the lot turns red and it tells me that I can't place it on the road.. So I try to move it back a little bit, but it doesn't let me because it's snapped to the road so I'd have to move it back a foot. Is there any way to stop it from snapping so I can just move it a little ways back so it's not "on the road"?
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Even though the area around looks free it may be unrouted by the creator and you may have trees close to it. I guess you use the ingame world editor thing? What world are you trying to do this in and what lot?
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It depends on the lot. You might be able to remove landscaping to make it fit or the lot itself might be at the base of a hill.
There was a question about this in the Help Section, and I answered it regarding a particular lot in Sunset Valley. Here is the linky!

Lot placement
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