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Default Plumbot Estate Sale
I had a messed up plumbot who couldn't go to the present from the future. So, I sold her at the plumbot store. I didn't bother emptying out her inventory because I knew it just ends up in the family inventory.

Well, she was a gardener and she had a hundreds of plants in her inventory, and an angler as well with many valuable fish (deathfish).

I need a clue: is there an easy way to get it OUT of the family inventory and into a cabinet (like a world adventures chest or a supernatural cabinet) or into a living sim's inventory from my family inventory? I looked at NRAAS MC, and there doesn't seem to be a way to do it.

Anyone able to do this? The produce will take a while, but the fish? Can't even get one out. Help please.
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You might try DebugEnabler. On the active sim you want to receive the items, NRaas > DE > Options:Sim (or Smartphone) > Move from Family Inventory. Can't guarantee the items will still be usable, though.
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