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Default The Adventure of my Chipmunk...
So, I planned to go to France, and we did, but somebody else came with us, it was my chipmunk, Chip.
The mom must have picked him up and kept him in her inventory, and then when I went to check her inventory, I saw Chip there and I was like wtf, what is he doing here? How'd he not fall out?
So, basically I had to watch him in case he slipped out of her inventory, he did a few times but I recaptured him and yeah...I spent the whole holiday worrying about him, and I didn't want to have to return home.
After three days of slipping out and recapturing we were finally home and I immediately put Chip back in his terrarium. Phewf!

That was the adventure of little Chip, I just don't understand that you can bring little pets like that XD. I find it so annoying that sometimes they keep little pets in their inventory after playing with them.
So have any of your little pets have had an adventure?

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