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Default Thought Bubbles...
Does anyone know what all the thought bubbles over my dog's head means? He was just thinking about a rolling pin and recipe and I have no clue what that means. Does that mean he wants to learn to cook or something?
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Is he sleeping? Sims, and maybe pets dream about random stuff, like one thought bubble is a tree, then the next is a car.
I can't remember if pets do have wishes as well but if they do maybe he's thinking about a wish that you promised him.
Or, maybe he's just thinking randomly.

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Thanks, @TheSweetToddler. I like your explanation. Makes them seem more realistic and more fun. I love my real dog, but sometimes the virtual dogs are just as much fun. ROTFL
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It means your dog either wants to go to Uni and major in Fine Arts, the culinary track, or run a bakery. I think you should let him do both, he might end up being better at them than some human sims tend to be.
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