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Siaran Firefly and Stiles McGraw just completed their LTWs after they moved house to a stunning pseudo-Georgian manor home that has been split into two units. Prior to their move they married their teenage daughter to Andrew Wolff (also a teenager) in an arranged marriage.

Sierra Firefly (who kept her name - one Firefly heir versus seven Wolffs is an easy thing) got pregnant soon after the marriage. Two days after the birth of her baby she transitioned to young adult (one day after Andrew) and got a job in the military career.

Sierra and Andrew still live with Sierra's parents in their rather large home. It is expected that Siaran will have another child some time soon, although if she doesn't conceive in the latter days of her adulthood that's no big deal.
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Funny people should mention Cycl0n3 Sw0rd (he's an Elder in my game)... While playing the Bunch household last night, Darlene (now a Young Adult with a son, Dallas) invited her sister Lisa over a few days after Lisa had moved out. Lisa showed up extremely pregnant; in fact, Darlene had to accompany her sister to the hospital for the delivery. So, when they finally got there, who should run in the door with them but... Cycl0n3 Sw0rd. I knew he and Lisa were seeing each other, but I didn't know they were *that* close...

Anyway, Cycl0n3 and Lisa are now the proud parents of a baby girl named Deanna; I don't know if I'll try to get them married, though...
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i have just bought sims 3 from about one week.. so this is like my second family to play with

it consists of Karim, Lina's husband who have just moved to town... Lina works in the science lab while Karim works in the political fields .. They are expecting a baby.. hmm wondering if it would be a boy...
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I'm doing the legacy challenge (very badly). My founder, Carma Palermo, is living on basically nothing. When she moved in, all she could afford for her house was this. It took her a long time (more than half her time as a young adult!) to find herself a boyfriend, and most of her attempts just ended with her sad and alone on the beach. Sometimes, there were picnics though, and anything's better than the canned soup and juice she had been living on. One day, I guess because of a glitch, a social worker named Jake spawns in front of her lot. He's not horribly ugly or mean, so she goes for it. Soon enough,[/IMG]]generation two is being made. She and Jake[/IMG]]are engaged now, and with their combined income, they've been able to[/IMG]]put a humble roof over their heads. I still don't know where the baby will sleep!
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Eliza hadn't even finished her first maternity leave, when she was sent on her second. Gordon's toddler years were going smoothly. With the help of both of his parents, he had already learned to walk. As it was Sunday and Eliza had not seen Betty in a very long time, she decided to invite her over for Sunday dinner. She greeted her friend, and then went to prepare the meal, while Betty was outside playing the guitar. Bob came back home from work, and as the wife was nowhere to be seen, he decided to kiss Betty who was playing her guitar behind the house. Maybe Eliza saw them throw the kitchen window, but Sunday dinner ended up with Bob being kicked out from the house. I left the slightly pregnant Eliza and went to play Bob. By playing Bob I mean I tried to play Bob, but couldn't find where the game had placed him. So I played Betty. Arturo is a wuss. His mother wanted to be an astronaut, but because she had not achieved her goal, she made Arturo get a job in the military. She wants gran kids ASAP but because Arturo had still not found anybody (he's 9 days from adulthood) Betty decided to throw a little party where she invited all the single girls she knew (about 4-5) as well as a few other people so it wouldn't look like an obvious pimping operation. Arturo got along best with Joey, but it was one of the maids, Something Hurt, who he wanted to be-friend after the party, so that's the chosen one. They have now cheated some on the phone, but nothing more has happened. Bob was one of the invited guests, and after the party Betty asked him if he wants to move in, and he did. After Arturo and his pink tux went to bed (Betty is oblivious), Betty did her moves on Bob, and tried to make him break up with Eliza, He rejected her. The next morning, after a night of woohoo and a few plates of pancakes, Bob was more than ready to leave Eliza, he said Eliza might be a bit upset with Betty, and by upset he meant full blown enemies :D

If Bob would have lived until the next weekend, he and Betty would have gotten married, but he died before it, he was 107. Betty is now 105 and doing well. Before Bob moved in with Betty, i was playing aging off, Even thou aging was off, Eliza's pregnancy was not paused. She gave birth to twin girls. Which means she now has 1 teen, 1 toddler, and two babies to take care of. This pretty much means staying home and retiring after her maternity leave is over, she's only got 2 days before becoming elder. I now play with TS2 style aging, even thou I was suppose to l play with aging off in other households, and aging on in the Hurst household until all the pre-made sims who are now elders, would vanish.

Joey. I'm pretty sure Joey didn't have over 4000 simoleans on her account when I last left her, plus her work performance was in the red, but she did have the money. Some strange corporate changes had taken place since the last time I played. Joey's boss, Andy McGollum (or something very similar) was no longer her boss, but her co-worker, and her boss was this elderly lade who Joey was also friends with. So as she didn't have to worry about gossip about her getting promotions by dating her boss, Joey decided to confess her feelings to Andy. She spent half the week at his place sleeping over, as his place is nicer, and the other half at her own place. He slept over a few times. Dating Andy has had a huge impact on Joey, It took me over 2 weeks to get her first promotion, but it's been less than two weeks since starting playing her again and she's now at level 5 at her job. She just got through lobbying about taxes in city hall. If her lobbying went well, she should be getting a raise and/or promotion. Cannot remember any more what she was promised. My game in this household got a bit buggy. First there was the changing of bosses. Then no matter how much she called the repairman, he never would come, her paper stopped coming, and after the initial woohoo and first kiss, romance got borked, If Joey did a romantic action you saw "Andy thinks Joey is being flirty" be turned immediately to "Andy thinks Joey is ok" and all romantic actions will just be ok and you never got more actions, like woohoo, or make out. This doesn't mean they didn't woohoo, relaxing in bed was the way to go "risky woohoo" gave Joey two chances to use try for baby, the firs time she didn't get pregnant, the second time Andy shunned her. Joey was two days from adulthood when I started playing her. She didn't want a party, but I did invite her family and Andy to a none party, where she then turned to adult. She and Andy are now going steady, but have no want to get engaged, married or move in together. Joey is also not having babies, unless she accidentally gets knocked up, or she gets the want for one. As a loner, I was a bit surprised how fast all her wants turned into Andy wants. She even has the want to make his favorite meal, and is now studying cooking every free moment she has, as his favorite meal is Angel cake, and Joey is not yet skilled enough to make it.

I had a tiny RL break from the game, had to take the cat out. And in the mean while my younger brother had came for a visit and hogged the computer. Even thou he is a younger brother, he does have a brain, and he had saved before exiting. Ayhow, when I got back to my game, the bugs I had had magically disappeared. The repairman came, the paper was delivered, and Andy was once again her boss. Another good reason why to keep a low profile on their relationship, she doesn't want the whole town thinking she gets promotions because of it.
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My 6th generation since buying the game, Ava, moved out on her own and got a job in the criminal career track. She then spent the better part of two days cleaning up rotten food at the pool. It was everywhere! People in Sunset Valley are disgusting!

When their numbers dwindled from 50 to 8, the other dwarves began to suspect...Hungry
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I have 3/4 families I am playing now (taking turns when I get bored). I started a new one yesterday with one Sim, a 'sort of' Native American' named Devon Littlesky. He's athletic, a loner, a klepto, hates kids (and something else).

I thought playing someone very different from what I usually do would be fun. Even though he is a loner, I am determined to keep getting him out of the house and into the neighborhood more than I have been with the other Sims.

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Originally Posted by akksgurl
It was everywhere! People in Sunset Valley are disgusting!
Somehow this part and seeing Dean in your pic made me laugh XD

Played a sec with Joey. She went to work, got a 2 simolean raise, I left her at the library playing tag with her brother.

Hurst, Vlad and his fiances house. Vlad went to do more fishing, got two new fishes, angel and vampire. Both are unfortunately normal quality so he cannot add them into his aquarium collection. The fiance, who's name has escaped me, went to dig in her neighbor's trash, so she could later write a report of him. Unfortunately she got coughed red handed, not very sneaky if you ask me. After getting caught she was invited inside, she chatted for a wile, then went back home. Vlad was already home making spaghetti, and after he was done, the fiance started making waffles. She set the whole kitchen as well as herself on fire. Both being really hungry and girlfriend here being also all burned up, they barely managed to eat their dinner and go to bed before passing out.

Now I have to go and figure out how the family funds cheat works, as Vlad and his gurlfriend most deffinatly didn't have 32 000 simoleans when I left them.
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So my founder, William Bennet, the friendly and ambitious Sports Legend is working himself to death in order to get ready for his next game. William's daughter (mother deceased before the story takes place), Elizabeth has just turned into a young adult recently and has married the love of her life, the Grim Reaper. I guess some women dig the skeleton hands and black cloaks. Grim and Elizabeth want to set out on their own, but Elizabeth is pained that she has to leave her father and aunt behind. His sister, Jane Bennet, is taking care of her garden and has just planted some new cheese and egg plants. Jane was always kind of a loner, taking care of Elizabeth on her own while William was at work took a toll on her social life. Now that Elizabeth has grown and has Grim to watch after her, Jane feels she has no reason. In attempt to become someone she feels is successful, she uses her charismatic charm to lure in rich men (married or not). Though she felt that she'd grow no real attachment to these men, she's torn. Her feelings for Aiden Jones is more than skin deep and he is a married man. What is she to do?

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The Riverview Vandersims: Theresa and Charles have more children than I was planning at this point: James, Claire, Kate, Charlie, and now adopted toddler Theresa. James became enemies with both parents, slowly collecting rocks and working to use to move out. He rolled wants to befriend all of his coworkers, which unfortunately included his much-hated mother. Rather than make up with her, he "accidentally" left stuff in the stove, and left to go make out with his girlfriend MaryKay Shallow. The ensuing fire engulfed the kitchen, dinning area, and living area, and Theresa "tragically" perished. Everyone was devastated, except James whose "mourning" moodlet I eliminated due to it making no sense. Charles adopted a toddler and named her for his dearly departed wife. His relationships with all of his children became strained.

James has been doing exceptionally well in his career, and his love life has been good. His girlfriend MaryKay may be pregnant, and he has moved out of the house and into his own under-construction lot. He sold off 16k worth of rocks, gems, ingots, and ores.
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Hurst: Vlad got a promotion, even thou I wasn't even trying to have him succeed at his work. He took the job (sience) so he could pay his bills, fishing is his passion. Sabrina, his living in girlfriend, finally got to write her reports. The first two tries she got caught searching her neighbor's trash, so she had two separate neighbors who kind of hated her. Sabrina has got no promotions, instead she's been having quite a rough time at work, too much work + the looser trait are not making this woman happy. She lost an important case, she got ridiculed by her coworkers and so on. She did have a bit of luck, she was not friends with her partner (her future mother in law), but a few good strikes at work improved their relationship. Sabrina and Vlad had their birthday at the same day and are now middle aged. They also had their wedding, Vlad would have been happy with a private wedding, but Sabrina wanted to throw a party. The church I had set up for weddings and funerals was not selectable, darn it, so they had their wedding in the juice bar. Vlad and Sabrina have no buns in the oven, they don't even have plans for buns, and by the way things are going, they might not get any buns for some time yet. Sabrina's work has been so overwhelmingly stressing she's always not in the mood for woohoo, a few times risky woohoo gave them the option for try for baby, but Sabrina was not in the mood as usual. The only action they have got in a while was during their wedding night, and even that was interrupted by some random chubby man ringing their doorbell just as they went underneath the covers.

Hurst - Eliza and her kids. I went to the house to find only one baby even thou there was suppose to be two. There was two babies, they were just inside each other. They were also blocking the only entrance, so I had to use move object to move them further from the door so Anna could put them in bed. When I went to choose the house, the difficulty bars were all filled up
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Basically I made Christopher Steel and my female character in love, and they move in together, and today is Christopher's birthday!

After it I plan to have my female propose. But then some evil woman who happens to be Christopher's former love returns, and all hell breaks loose...
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I'm doing a huge generation that started with Charlie Swan and Isabella and the Cullen family, but I did a twist. I put a whole slew of Harry Potter characters in as well.

I'm into my 6th generation, Week 30, and now with Victoire Weasley dead, all the characters I created are gone . The Cullens dominate the city of Sunset Valley. It's hillarious. Everywhere I turn there is a Cullen or someone related to the founding generation.

There are a bunch of offspring of the other characters as well, and it makes it better for me since I am now without any of my original characters. Well, sorta. Most of them are all in a huge graveyard I made. It is so fun. I've never in my Sim-playing life been so dedicated to one thing.
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I'm currently working almost done with the Family Man challenge. He has a total of 27 kids. This includes two sets of triplets and 4 sets of twins.1 of them is a adult. 9 of them are YA. 7 are teens. 5 are children. and then their is 1 tood. and 1 baby. There is soon to be more babies though. Also he had children with both the Bella Bacholor and her mom. He also put the moves on Mrs. Goth and Mrs. Crumplebottom.

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I started a legacy. My founder, Christopher, was living in squalor because I decided to build his mansion with all the money he brought in from his job rather than go room by room like I do in Sims 2 legacies. Furnishings came dead last on my priority list since he can eat and sleep for free if he plays his cards right. He met local robber Twyla in the park and the two got married shortly thereafter. Thanks to both their incomes and Twyla's tendency to...shall we say..."liberate" things from her neighbors, the two now have a lovely and fully furnished 4 bedroom, 4 bath home. They also have three sons.
Nicholas: Teen - Brave, Loner, Excitable, Artistic
Jacob: Child - Clumsy, Loves the Outdoors, Mean Spirited
Wyatt: Toddler - Artistic, Athletic

Wyatt is the whiniest toddler I've ever had! He's working on my last nerve.... He's pretty much a shoe in for being the first kicked out the house at this rate.

I'm leaning towards Nicholas for heir. He's a good blend of genetics and the fact that he's a loner is amusing to me. When he was a child, I called the family to dinner and while his parents were sitting down to eat in the breakfast nook, Nicholas took his plate and ran all they way across the house to sit in the den by himself. I think that's when I really started to like his weird little self. Plus, for a loner he has a bevy of beauties to choose from including Bella Goth's little sister Toni. I don't care if she's not an NPC. She's cute!

When their numbers dwindled from 50 to 8, the other dwarves began to suspect...Hungry
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I created two people Jack & Jill. I wanted to make playable ghosts so i burned Jack alive *evil laugh* and Jill made him into a ghost. Next i thought it was Jill's turn. So i drowned her. But..I never got the option to make her into a ghost *grr* So i got a lil lonely with Jack and i hit towards the Gym. There i befriended this girl named Roxie and thought what the heck? Let's ask her to move in She moved in all right. With her sister who she hates. So Roxie and Shirley Lin from Riverview crashed into my place. I was hoping the option to make the ghost for jill would come out but it didnt -.-'
But i grow some malice over time.
Jack pregnanted Shirley and a few hours later her sister Roxie. *muahahahahaha*
Shirley had a beautiful girl whose name i just forgot and Roxie had twin boys Keith & Ken.
I have no idea how but Jill will come back from the dead. And i plan on the little girl ( whose name i just remembered is Isabella) to tell Jill about Jack's evilness. I might make a little story or something but i kind of like this family. Jack & Jill were married before they died. I killed them to make ghost babies. Which i did. Isabella, Keith, and Ken are fire ghost babies.
Right now im looking for a way to make Jill rise from the dead AND PUNISH JACK! MUAHAHAHAHAAH!
Sorry. I have been bored and evil lately. *evil giggle*

"I smile because i dont know whats going on" XD
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Hurst Eliza and her kids: Eliza returned to work for one more day while the twins were babies, and after that was eligible for retirement. Her retirement is 140/day, which drops the family into poverty, considering their bills are about 2000/bill. In the beginning they survived on the family's savings, but that ran out in less than two weeks. Thankfully Anna became an adult, her final trait is Athletic and her ltw is to get to the top of the sports career. She did get a job at athletics, but she's not really career oriented nor athletic. She did get one or two promotion, even without trying, she never stayed late or did any of the extra tasks required, and when she was at work, she was slacking off in the locker rooms. Anna has been dating Something Mathers since becoming a YA. He's Athletic, slob, flirt, neurotic, and loves the outdoors. Here he is in all his glory. The guy might not look like all his traits, but flirty, that one he masters. Anna spent most of her time at his place, she slept there over half the week. Once when she went to visit, I saw mr. Mathers flirting with some white trash girl. But Anna was outside of the house waiting for him to invite her in so she didn't see it. A few days later, Anna was sleeping over, and in the morning she made them pancakes. While cooking, white trash girl came for a visit, and while Anna was busy in the kitchen, mr. Mathers was busy in the living room. Anna left her cooking and went to the living room to express her upset-ness. But mr. Mathers is one smooth talker. He by himself fixed the situation by complimenting Anna until she calmed down. Anna forgave him, but not white trash girl. white trash girl was upstairs, so Anna went there and announced to her their wedding, then she declared her to be her nemesis. After a few arguments with white trash girl, Anna went to work. This is the face white trash girl had after Anna stormed out. There is also a nother girl mr. Mathers is working on. Anna was sleeping or taking a bath while her boyfriend was working on Rich Girl. Here's a face shot of Rich Girl. It's an old pic as Bob was still alive.

Anna had her wedding in the town's old church. She moved in with mr. Mathers later that day. At some point during the wedding Eliza got the want to congratulate Anna for the wedding. Anna unfortunately had already left with her husband, so Eliza went for a visit. mr Mathers was home but Anna was at work. So Eliza decided to wait. She decided to use the time to get to know her new son in law. I left them chatting while I went to tend to the rest of the family. Some time later, I came back to check on them, and found mr. Mathers complimenting Eliza in a very flirty way. As in the real world complimenting somebody is not the same as cheating, I decided not to follow this story line, but I did not leave them alone either. I kept them busy doing wholesome activities like chatting and getting to know each other until Anna returned.

Both the twins and Gordon (the toddler) are teens now. Gordon's traits are Evil, artistic, insane and something else. The twin who's name starts with a T is Artistic, virtuose, bookworm and neurotic. Caroline's traits are artistic, hates the outdoors and workaholic, she did get to choose one trait when she grew into a teen, but she got virtuose and I'm sick and tired of everybody being so frigging artistic in this family that I cancelled it, and that left her with only three traits. I hope she gets to choose two when she becomes an adult. Twin with a T got a ltw to master guitar skill and painting, but because I'm tired of artsy people I chose not to choose it, but obviously I failed even in clicking an X as she had it as her ltw. So now her task is to collect enough points to buy the reward where you can change your ltw. Twin with a T is adorably cute, she's a bit chubby, but I love that she did not inherit her mother's face. Anna, Gordon and Carolyne have more of their mother in them than I would like, only Vlad and T look different.

Gordon grew up into a gangsta hairstyle and clothing, his ltw is to reach the top of the criminal career. So I stopped making his homework, he only does it if he automatically chooses to. He started hanging around the cemetery a lot, his wishes, not mine, and after school he started hitting the gym. His grade is now a C, he slacks off at school and is my first kid to get detention. He declared Sabrina (his brother Vlad's wife) as a nemesis at Anna's wedding because she's a cop, and he hates cops, he also declared mr. Shelby as his nemesis because he's dating his mother. Eliza and mr. Shelby are not officially dating, but they have been spending quite a lot of time together, now that the kids are older and Eliza has more free time on her hand. After the twins were kids, and Gordon was still a kid, the Hurst farm felt like a small sweatshop. Eliza was usually hanging around online, and because she's a slob, I never made her do any cleaning except the very essential, like putting the left over food in the fridge, and even that only to save money. So usually after the army of kids came back of school, the first few hours they would autonomously start cleaning, everything from the left over dishes, to the toilet. T's neurotic trait is actually quite useful, as every single day you can count on her wanting to clean up the dishes, and make the beds. Eliza most likely will have to get herself a job. After Anna moved out, they only have 700 on their account. That's about 1000 less than their next bill.

Mathers: Anna and her husband moved out from the old farm he was living at into a small cozy green, two bedroom house. They wanted to move closer to city center, but the property prices there were beyond their means. Anna quit her job, she's been dreaming of the moment she could do it for quite some time now. She's so much happier being a house wife (when the twins and Gordon were still babies/toddlers, she had tons of wants to cuddle them, their mother barely had any). Her husband who's name escapes me wants to be an astronaut. He got a job in military. The first morning in the new house, Anna woke up early and went to do some grocery shopping as the fridge was empty. After making breakfast for her husband, doing some cleaning in the house, Anna went to fulfill another wish she'd had since becoming an adult, and that's to go to the spa. Her mother had promised her a trip as a present for her birthday, but then their finance went sour and there was never extra money for a spa trip. While Anna was getting a manicure and pedicure hubby decided to chat up white trash girl. While he was on the phone, I decided to check out can I find where she lives. I did, she's their next door neighbor. Hubby did a quick visit to the neighbors, white trash girl was playing foosball with some old dude who I think is her dad, but anyhow, hubby didn't do anything in-appropriate during that visit. I should have connected the dots where white trash girl lives, as I did visit them once. It was the time Sabrina got caught rampaging white trash girl's trash and got yelled at by the old dude.
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For now, nothing. I'm modelling Sunset Valley to my wishes. As now, the Goth Family died (AHAHAHAH!) tragically in a tremendous fire that demolished their house. (Ok, their adobe stands loud and proud, just a pretest to demolish it and replace it whit some classy and millionaire mansion).
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Valanse Joey: The last time I left Joey, she was half way through the business career. When I went to play her today, she was at level nine. Well, I couldn't really kick her out of her job, but what I could do was to change her finance back to the 4000 it was when I last played her.

At level nine, Joey needs to be in a good mood to go to work, checked. She needs to befriend her co-worker's, checked. She knows them all and more than well. Hold meetings, uncheck. She's kept 5 different meeting, I even sent her city hall to learn charisma, she's now at level three or four, but still her meetings sucks. Her work performance level is quite high, she got a task to be-friends Arturo because he's in the military, which she did. So now all that's left is to get that damn meeting meter up.

Other Joey news. She got engaged to Andy. As they are still keeping a low profile she only told Anna while she was visiting her, and her sister, while visiting her and Vlad on the weekend. Joy's contraception has been the best in town so far. Only once did I get the chance to try for baby, but that never happened as Andy was sleeping already. Once when Joey went to visit her boyfriend, Rich Girl was visiting him as well. No flirting, she was actually freaking out or yelling at him for something. No idea. Then she went and spent hours on the computer, then at some point she left. It's sunday morning now, the night before Joey spent at Andy's palce, she suggested woohoo twice, but he rejected her, even after watching hours of tv to raise his mood, he was not in the mood. Joey who was tired went to sleep after the second rejection, and Andy went to sleep on another bed. EMO elders, bless them - not. I left Joey having a shower and making pancakes. She'll probably go home after that and spend her day doing lonely things. She is a loner after all (even thou she has more friends than anybody else in town). She only has six days before turning into an elder


Valance, Joey: Joey kept keeping those meetings, even thou there seemed to be no meter gain from it. But I suppose just keeping at it finally payed off, and her meeting meter has nudged twice. She now has the option to keep meetings in buildings other than her own work place. She also finally got to level 10 in the business career. Her ltw is to reach level 10 and become the ceo, but her level then is power broker. Don't know, I suppose we'll just have to keep trying, maybe there is another level to the business career.

Once after returning from work, Joey wanted to call Arturo over. So we did, after asking about his day and some chatting, she wanted to ask if he's single, he was, and before I knew it, they'd woohooed four times. Joey was so tired that two times was more than enough, but dump ass Arturo didn't go to bed, instead he turned the tv on, which awoke Joey. So she woohooed him, she fell asleep, he went to turn the tv on agian. The fourth woohoo finally tired him out. In the morning, Joey went to work, and Arturo as well. The next evening Arturo came back again, they woohooed in the evening, there was no option to ask him to stay over, so I thought he will leave when Joey goes to bed, he didn't, he stayed the whole night drinking coffee. In the morning Joey tried to get more action out of the man, but he had to go to work. It was Joey's day off, so she went back to work, and later in the afternoon, with the power of coffee, went to the diner to hold one more meeting. After having diner and the meeting in the diner, she went to visit her boyfriend. Her sister was visiting him as well, second time I see her there. But there is nothing nasty going on in there, just normal friend stuff. Joy asks Andy to come over, and two days before turning into an elderly, Joey gets knocked up, I would have been happy with 1 adopted kid later in life, but risky woohoo had it otherwise. The next day she goes to work, feeling all sick, and after work stays home and head straight back to bed. When she finally figures out she's pregnant, she goes to Andy, announces the pregnancy and he moves in. Acording to the household merge, they should have gotten 68 thousand when Andy would have sold his furniture and house. Their total assets are now 20 000, Joey already had 14 000 on her account so Andy only brought 6000. So either their broker scammed them out of their money, or it's an awsomemod feature, or there's something really buggy about the merge tool. I was suppose to buy them this one house at the end of the road they are living in, but I suppose I'm not doing that at the moment. I will how ever check out the family inventory the next time I play and see if the furniture he was suppose to sell, was not sold. But if 20 000 is seriously the only money they have, I'm a bit screwed. Their house is not big enough for a baby. Joey wants it to be a girl, and Joey and Andy will be having their wedding on the weekend, it was friday morning when I left them.

Joey's Affair with Arturo was a one night stand mistake that just happened to happen twice, 6 times if we are exact on the numbers. After her initial "ask if single" want, her panel was filled with romantic Arturo wants. When she then visited her boyfriend, maybe it was the guilt, but immediately got romantic wants towards Andy. Maybe it was a cold feat reaction to her wedding, but on the positive side, it was about time somebody de-verginized Arrturo, the man is a few days short of middle age.
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Valance: Joey and her hubby, who only had 20K on their account + about 10K from selling Joey's house, spent one afternoon searching for a house. The house they wanted to buy was 50 thousand something - so that was out of the question. First it looked like the only available apartments were two small ones near Arturo and his mother Betty, but then Joy found one good priced and sized house quite far from other residential areas. For a loner, that was the deal maker. Andy was really excited about the new baby, all he wanted was to feel Joey's tummy, or listen to it, or just hug Joey. They are adorable together. On their second day at the new house, Joey and Andy got married in their new garden. Andy quit his job as a CEO and joined the police force. When Joey and Andy were getting to know each other, I got the impression that his favorite food is angel cake, and Joey has been working her ass off to learn the receipt, but she's still not there yet. Well, his favorite food is grilled cheese. She made it their first night after moving in together, and finally getting that want filled. Joey did how ever learn how to make cheese stake, she was almost done with her diner when the baby decided to come. It's a boy and He's called justin
Other notes:
1. I'm becoming to think that random trait selection, is not so random after all. Justin's automatically selected trait was artist, and the second that i rolled with the game's dice, was virtuoso. I cancelled the selection completely. I'll re-roll when he's a toddler. Also if there is a life time reward to change traits, getting enough points to get it will be Justin's first task. I'm not having another artist in my town, enough with them.
2. Joey still wants a girl, and wants to earn 10 000 simoleans, which is the cost of adoption in my game. The family currently has 897. Joey's new tasks: to fill her work performance meter, and to collect enough money to adopt. Hopefully I can choose both sex and colour. For the exception of two maybe three npc:s, the town is 100% white.
3. Andy is 89 and has his age meter all filled up, so he might croak any time soon, or not. Joey will be elderly the next day.
4. The maid that was cleaning Joey's house is one lazy ass maid. Even with Joey in the room, the maid went to the fridge to eat ice-cream. Then when her time was up, took her paycheck, left the ice-cream on the table and went home. Also the man maid is more useless than useful.

Simovich: Arturo spent his saturday first visiting Joey, they have decided to let the past be, and not to do it again, so they are back to being friends and friends only, (the maid was "working" when Arturo went for the visit, and by "working" I mean chatting to an underwear wearing Andy) Arturo spent time taking care of Justin, watching tv with Joey and then he and Joey went to the neighborhood grill party. Later Arturo went home and invited over his maybe future girlfriend, she's a maid npc. She arrived just as Betty passed away, she was 107.

The next day Arturo went to work normally, then after coming home he had the funeral at the local church. Invited were the Hurst household (Eliza, Vlad and his wife, Anna and her husband (I forgot to invite him, but he came anyway) + the three teens). For some reason I didn't have the option to set the party type to funeral, but it did feel funeraly as most of the guests comforted Arturo, after the funeral, which rocked by the way, Arturo and Anna went to the cemetery to set the graves. The next day Arturo had the day off so he had time to re-think his life and try to move on without his mom. Betty was a really strong willed woman, Arturo is three days shy of middle aged and he was still living with her. He spent the day taking care of his garden, taking a writing class, and later in the evening he met a nice young black (with blond hair) npc officer in the park. Now that Arturo is living alone, he finally collected the courage and is now wearing drag. For now its only when he is home alone. He did think of quitting his job, after all, being an astronaut was his mother's dream that she force fed him, not his. But in the end he chickened out of it, so he still works for the military.
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Right now I'm playing my legacy family. I named the starting couple Prince and Princess Royal (I know,not creative,but meh.) Their lifetime wishes are to get charisma and guitar skill up for the guy,a professional author for the girl. They had 1 boy (though I was hoping for twins) named Dante. Came out a heavy sleeper and rolled a random trait of grumpy....and he's VERY grumpy....He grew up into a toddler when they just had their second child,a daughter named Delihla,though I can't remember what she rolled...
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Simovithch: Arturo was supposed to stay in the closet for some time still, but he failed. He got a task to take five nice grown products to his boss, he had just harvested his tomatoes so he only had to deliver. He went to his bosses house, but he was not there when Arturo Arrived. As it was a hot day, Arturo decided to take a swim in the bosses pool. The bosses brother (I'm now making an assumption) also joined in. Then the boss came back and was not very happy, but Arturo delivered his products anyway. As the boss was excepting them, Arturo decided to changes to his formals, because that's a manly suit, but I accidentally clicked normal clothing, and the boss saw it all . As there was no hiding it any more, Arturo first told his boss all his opinions and what he really thought about the army, he then declared his boss to be his nemesis and quit his job. Arturo decided it was time to do a complete change in his life. First he went to city hall and changed his name to Brandie, and took his father's name to be his last name, so he's now called Brandie Newbie. Brandie moved to a trailer next to the trailer park where the Broke's used to live (they are all dead now), she completely re-decorated it. She now makes her living writing trashy novels, the first one was called "The Peeping Sim" she got the idea when she saw the mailwoman peeping inside her house. Brandie is not very welcomed in the neighborhood, even the paper boy laughed when he saw Brandie for the first time. Of course nobody knows Brandie is Arturo. The only pepole who know her true identity are the Boss (but he will not make the connection that it's Arturo unless he sees her in public), Anna, and Joey.

Brandie has been working on the black cop she met in the park. At first I wasn't sure there is anything special there, but then I saw him outside his uniform . He's also wearing the kilt, and he has the same hair style. It took a lot of convincing and wooing before cop man gave in and woohooed with Brandie. He was also invited to Brandie's adult birthday, the other two guests were Joey and Anna, Anna came, so did Rich white girl who was not invited, but not Joey. I know that some people let them self go after they get into a relationship, but cop man took that to the extreme, he and Brandie are just hanging out, nothing official, but after the birthday party cop man stayed the night. During the party and after it, cop man did nothing but eat, and by the end of the party he looked a bit different than when Brandie first met him. This pic is actually taken after they woohooed, Brandie fell asleep, while cop man went to have yet another piece of cake.

When I started playing Eliza and her three teens, I was bored. Nothing special was happening, just normal day to day life. The kids went to school, the girls to study, Gordon to slack off. Carolyne got a job at the spa, and never had any time off after that. She went to school monday to friday, and to work wednesday to sunday, so she never had even one day to stay at home. Eliza finally got married to Amos Shelby. That was a day before Gordon had his YA birthday. The wedding went well, but the birthday didn't. A few moments before it started, Gordon automatially started insulting Eliza about good people, and she being a slob, I only added to the mix insult party because it was the first time I saw it. The moment after Gordon insulted the party Eliza had organized for him, she died, thankfully gordon is evil as otherwise he would drown from guilt Gordon grew up and got the lucky trait then moved out. His first task as a YA, was to embezzle Amos out of most of his money, so he could buy a house. He brought the house I was planning for Joey to buy, but she couldn't afford it. Before Eliza introduced Amos to her family, I always thought he was sweet. But afterwards, I wasn't so sure. He was always way too smooth with Carolyne, Eliza was blind, but the other twin who's name starts with a T (maybe Tanya) was more observant . On the second day after Eliza died, and he was left with the girls, he started flirting with Carolyne, she rejected him and got the "creepy" moodlet out of it. She and her sister went straight after that to Gordon 's house, to sleep over, but the cops returned them back home. The next day Vlad who had gotten custody over the girls moved in. Neither he or his wife liked Amos, even thou they didn't know about his actions. For the next days Amos had another tactic, befriend and conquer. For a while it seemed that all was well, Amos and Carolyne became friends, but then once, after everybody else was sleeping except Amos and Carolyne, who was doing her homework, he tried his moves again, but Carolyne rejected him again and got the creepy moodlet. Eliza's ghost saw this, and she did not approve. Carolyne went to bed, and Amos, well he kept beeing mister creepy . Thankfully the next day was the girl's birthday, and they were able to move out.

I was reading my older posts just to figure out when exactly did Vlad's wife get pregnant, but she never did under my command. But she was pregnant when she moved in. Most likely it was the autonomous try for baby hack, as I once heard them woohooing when "who ever I was playing" at the time, was visiting them, and was waiting for them to open the door. She's called July , I don't remember her first trait, but the random one was Virtuoso, so I re-rolled and got light sleeper.

Hurst Gordon's house: Gordon had 0 simoleans on his account, but at least he has one hell of a house. The first job he got was in the cooking career, that lasted two shifts and then he got into Criminal, which is his ltw. Carolyne is Gordon's favorite sibling, so her distress was not ignored by him, even thou he couldn't immediately save her from Amos. Carolyne's last trait is evil (I rerolled her to get rid of the Artist trait then forgot to give her back hates the outdoors, so now she's workaholic, evil, inappropriate, hopeless romantic and something else, but evil she got when she became a YA). It was nice having two evil sims talk about their master plans to each other, specially as both were planning the same thing. See, even thou Carolyne didn't live with Amos any more, she wants to become a CEO, Amos also was working in business, and she would have had to be-friend him to move up. So in order to Carolyne be in the business career, Amos had to go. The night of the plan, Carolyne was visiting Gordon and she invited Amos to come, (Gordon and Amos are nemesis, so that's why he needed Carolyne's help to get Amos to visit). She then lured him into the garage, where Gordon beat him up, insulted his family, then Carolyne joined in insulting , then they locked the garage door and left him there. Gordon hugged Carolyne again before she went back home. It took 4 days for Amos to die. This is after day one, after day 2 the stink clouds started being black. On the fourth day Carolyne was visiting Gordon, and she just made it in time to see Amos die.
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Samar and Katia are teen twins. Samar is evil and insane, while Katia is the good one.

Katia falls for another Sim, Conall, who is exactly like her sister. Samar hates Conall and is trying to ruin their relationship because she knows exactly how boys like him are and doesn't want her sister to end up with a deadbeat.

Meanwhile, Samar and Katia's parents are having problems because their mom keeps cheating on her husband and having babies with other men. They are on the verge of divorce at this moment.

Soon, Samar finds love with a very smart and intelligant boy named George. Only, he's interested in the smart people like himself and Katia. Samar then decides to try and get his attention by asking help with homework and other stuff.
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Only played for half an hour, and most of that I was renovating Gordon's house.
He had just gotten a promotion, so he only had time to have dinner with his sister who was visiting, and then he had to go. He returned home at three in the morning and his energy meter was in the red. It's about three in the afternoon now, Gordon woke up, took a shower, then I sent him to city hall to deliver a bribe, after that he will visit his sisters and have dinner with them.
The house: Just did a bit of renovation. Deleted the double stairs that were always blocking the view, and put one staircase next to the wall. I also deleted the downstairs bathroom, and turned the space below the stairs into a sound proof prison for Gordon's future victims, who ever they might be.
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Hurst (Gordon): Gordon woohooed his maybe future girlfriend. But other than that, nothing special.

Hurst (Tammy and Carolyne): First both girls got a make over. Tammy has a weird face, what ever hair/makeup combination I gave her, she looked middle aged. Carolyne is not so hopeless in looking like a YA. She got a "trashy"ish look. Her LTW is to be a CEO, but for now she's just enjoying her YA life and is working in the spa. Tammy is still as chubby as she was when she grew up, but Carolyne, maybe inspired by her brother, slimmed down. One of the first things she wanted to do, was to see a ghost. As she didn't know where her brother buried Amos, she and him were suppose to go ghost hunting together. She was visiting him, they had dinner, but just as they were heading out, he had to go to work, so he just told her where Amos is buried, and the outdoor hating Carolyne set out on a search. It took some time before Amos showed up, but she got her want fulfilled.

Tammy who on the outside is a sweet, nerdy librarian, but inside a romance sim, is having three consistent love affairs. First she got involved with this guy who is the father of Gordon's maybe future girlfriend, but as he's a family sim, it took some time to pros-wade him to bed. So while she was still working on old dude #1, she did the deed with old dude #2, who's her brother Vlad's wife's father. Then she's also currently working on old dude #3, who is white trash girl's father.

Carolyne on the other hand, has not woohooed yet. She has a thing going on with her neighbor, Lobos something who works in science and is grumpy and un-flirty (that's all we have figured out so far). I wasn't really sure will there be anything between them at first, but once after Carolyne came back home from visiting the Lobos woman, I noticed she had been rejected for her first kiss by her. So, I took it as a hint that she's the one for Carolyne.

Financially the girls are not doing so well. Two part time jobs is not paying the bills. They just spent money on buying a new shower to replace the one the repo woman took, so most likely, they won't have enough money again next week. The repo woman also took their computer, but that they won't be able to replace for some time.

The town also got a bit of a makeover, deleted the ugly gazebo and the juice bar, and built a club. Actually I would like to have the church where the club is, but I can't make it fit.


Hurst (Tammy and Carolyne): Carolyne finally got some woohoo, halfway through her Ya age. So far it has only happened once, as two seconds later, her lover was again in a bad mood. Oh, and I mixed up the names. Carolyne's girlfriend is not Lobos, it's Cantine or something of that sort. In an attempt to make Carolyne's girlfriend look less, old (she's an elderly), I used testing cheats, and added her to the family so I could change her looks, but then there was no way to remove her from the family, so my only option was split the household in edit town. But then she only had 200 simoleans on her account, so she couldn't buy her old house back, so she had to move in with the Lobos woman who's living opposite of Carolyne and her sister. Carolyne and the lobos woman don't get along at all. Carolyne's first free will interaction towards her was slap. They are now nemesis, and Carolyne is more than pissed because this elderly Lobos woman won Carolyne in a fight, twice. Now Carolyne is working strength exercise, in an attempt to one day kick granny's arse. Tammy and her girlfriend are now going steady, and Carolyne already has had the want to marry her.

Carolyne is now enemies with her brother Vlad's wife Sabrina. Once she had some time off, and I thought I'll make them friends, so Carolyne went for a visit. But her first autonomous interaction was insult, or something similar. This she continued until it was obvious they will not be friends. Then Carolyne, autonomously again, decided to steal candy from July. So she went to the crib, picked her up, got a bad moodlet because she hates kids, put her on the floor, and stole the candy. Sabrina came to pick up July, and then I found out the "talk about July's face", "talk about July's problems", "talk about July's IQ", and some more nasty comments about poor July, by the end of the visit, they were nemesis.

Carolyne has a really bad habit of sabotaging Tammy's love life. If Tammy had somebody visiting, Carolyne would start making all kinds of trouble, either insulting the boyfriends, or insulting Tammy. Once she "made fun of Tammy" to Osvaldo (Dude #2's son). This would drop their mood, and then Tammy would have to work twice as hard to get some action out of these guys. These interactions, Carolyne did autonomously, and most likely because of jealousy, as when she did these things, she had not yet woohooed.

Tammy met Osvaldo once when she went to visit dude #2, he wasn't home, but Osvaldo was. Osvaldo proved to be just as hard as dude #3, who Tammy has still not woohooed, but Osvaldo was even more shy. They never even kissed, I suppose they should have been more friends. Unfortunately the thing with Osvaldo ended when he returned home once and found his dad in bed with Tammy.

Hurst (Vlad's house): After Amos disappeared, Sabrina made the missing person's report to the police, an investigation was done, but no trace of him was found. Sabrina on the other hand, just cannot let the thing be. She's currently doing her own investigation about the matter, and her prime suspect is Gordon. It's not a secret he and Amos didn't get along, so naturally he is the main suspect. So every night, she goes to rampage his trash, and then writes a report on him. So far she has not found any evidence about anything actually.

Vlad quit his job to be a stay a home dad for July. Also Sabrina's dad and brother moved in. Her dad is getting old, and it would have been unfair for Osvaldo to have to take care of him alone. Tammy is hanging around the house a lot, and in the beginning Osvaldo didn't like it, he was still mad finding out she was actually dating his dad while she was making her moves on him. But there's something stronger than hate-red between them, as they have pretty well fixed their relationship on their own. They are still not friends, but getting there.

July is adorable, she's now a toddler, with 2 days to go. She's already learned to use the potty and to walk, talking is next on the list. I'v tweeked the toddler age to be 4 days instead of seven, so achieving two out of three skills is huge for me, only twice have I managed to get a toddler learn a skill on top of potty. Osvaldo's ltw is to reach the top of the journalism career, I did change his job from military to journalism, but I'm not working on achieving it, he'll get as far as he gets.
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