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Triple posting, I know it must be evil, but It's been two weeks so I assume it's ok to do so.

Hurst: Sabrina was spending all her time trying to find out some evidence about the dissapearance of Amos Shelby, her first and only suspect was Gordon, as it was not a secret they were enemies. Every night she went and searched his trash, and then wrote a report about it. It was all going well, untill the night of July's kid birthday. She went to his house at night, but it must have been too early as the trash was not searchable, Gordon wasn't at home. So I let her hang out there and went back to the party. At some time I remembered Sabrina, she was still at Gordon's yard, talking to Tammy on the phone, the trash was unsearchable so I let her stay there and went back to the party, by the time I got the party done and everybody to bed, I remembered Sabrina again, Gordon must have came home, ivnited her in and then drugged her as I found her sleeping in his balcony. Gordon then put the sleeping Sabrina into the dungen, and some days later, that was the end of Sabrina.

Vlad was devestated when his wife dissapeared, nobody was ever arrested and her body has not been recovered.

Sabrina's dad and brother are living at the Hurst house, the dad has been dating Tammy for ages now, he finally made her into an honest woman and they got married a day before July became a teen. He moved out to live with her, and I suspect she's pregnant.

Osvaldo, Sabrina's brother, is a middle aged virgin. He never showed any attention to anybody, until one day it was Donald this, Donald that, and now he and Donald are heading into a secret affair.

Vlad is one fish away from having a perfect aquarium (13 fishes).

July is now a teen. She had a happy childhood despite loosing her mom, she's really close to her dad, her cousin Justin and to his mom Joey.

Valera: Joey was living normal family life with her husband, until he died from old age a day or two before Justin became a toddler. Justin's toddler hood was a happy one, according to my standards, he learned to use the potty and to read a book. Joey stayed in her position in the top of the business until the end of the week, then she retired and stayed home to take care of Justin. Justin is now a kid, and Joey took a job in politics, she's not the stay home and do nothing type.

Kinsey: He's my newest addition to the town (the first and only one before him was the Hurst family founder Heinrich Hurst). I moved Arthur to the smallest lot I found, then FamilyFunded his money to 0. It was night when I started with him, so the first night he spent sleeping on a park bench, and in the morning he got a job in the grocery store. And that's pretty much how he is starting off his life. Poor and homeless. Keeping Arthur alive is not hard, but keeping his energy up is. He's been sleeping in the community garden, and maybe gets a few naps before the cops shoo him off. During the day he's at school and then he goes to work, so there's only a few hours of steady napping time he can do before the cops come. Usually after the cops take him home, I just send him back to the garden, to sleep until the cops come again. He currently has 125 simoleans, and the cheapest bed is 300. Life will be so much essayer when he finally gets a bed.

I just noticed yesterday how inbred my town is.
Here they are in short:
- Hurst: Vlad, his daughter and his dead wife's brother
- Hurst: Vlad's sisters Tammy and Carolyne, and Tammy's "new" (he's 99 years old) husband who is Vlad's dead wife's father
- Hurst: Gordon Vlad's brother
- Hurst: Vlad's sister Anna and her husband Donald
- Newbie: Vlad's half brother Arturo who goes by the name Brandi Newbie
- Valera: Vlad's dead wife's sister Joey who according to gossip (told by July to her Aunt Tammy), has been flirting with Brandi newbie, and her son Justin.
- Kinsey: my homeless teen Arthur

Then there are a handfull of households that I don't play and that are remained from the original maxis Riverview families, but most are elderly now.
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What I first did was create characters that I like to see in my game (A truly evil klepto, super-flirt, unaging merlin, Evil/Good Twin, Broke Moocher, Caring father, uncommited mother, etc.) and let them loose in the town, then made my YA "player" sims Area and Neuro Theta (Neuro's root hair gene is a bright blue!)

Area looks normal, and is nice person, but her other traits weaken her like clumsy and unlucky. She's trying to get a normal life but I found out being unlucky and a loser in life hits quite hard.

Neuro is an incredibly successful rockstar who fell in love and married with his maid. They're an neat pair, frankly.

Klep To (To is his last name!) is the evil kleptomaniac whose entire trait system is mean to the core. He never got far in his career, even as a thief. However, he managed to marry another klepto-hothead sim before he died, and left a daughter.

Abe and Bea Stone is the Family-Oriented/ Uncommited pair. Their baby, Basil, grew up to be a loser, seen his father and mother divorced, and now is in despair as his father died and his mother abandoned him. Neuro adopted him later, out of pity. He got better.

Mer Lin is the Chinese-looking old guy who never dies. He's a genius at everything, but he never goes out in town much. Sad...

Live (the Evil) and Ecin (the Nice) are brothers. Ecin split household only after a few days. They've been at each other's throat since, except Ecin never started the fights. If you ever see Live and Ecin at one place, run!

Breach Poor is the broke mooch. Oddly enough, he actually got successful in his career, but not in his love life. He died early without leaving a child.

That's just some of the interesting stuff that happened with my made characters. :D

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I got horribly bored so right now in my game I'm playing a family of 8 with all different LTWs and seeing how many I can achieve. Though in game it upset me a lot that my favorite one in the house had that stupid "aged older than everybody else" so she'll hit elder earlier. She's in journalism and is currently having eyes for Koji, who wants to be leader of the free world. I find it a good pair.
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4th generation heir of my legacy was chosen. I had pretty much settled on Delia until she grew up and I was horrified to discover she'd gone from a completely adorable teen to a hideous adult. Plus, Kendra had suddenly become interesting and fun so I chose her. Kendra had a heck of a time finding a man since ISM seemed bent on making sure all of her potential mates had girlfriends before she had a chance to call them. I ended up having her woo Darnell Ashley and got him to dump his girlfriend (the second he'd had since Kendra had met him!) and I got them quickly engaged. Then Kendra died. She autonomously chose to fix the long broken stereo, electrocuted herself, and died. I was staring at the screen dumbfounded wondering what I was going to do for heir now since Delia and her twin Carrie were hit with every branch of the ugly tree and Kendra's twin sister, Skylar, had a mouth that literally spread from ear to ear (have no clue where she got that from!) then I remembered that Ashlyn and Ethan both had that opportunity to restore ghosts so I sent Ashlyn to the science facility with what was left of Kendra and restored her. Then I had Kendra call up Darnell, get the engagement back on and marry them right in front of the science facility. No need to waste time!

When their numbers dwindled from 50 to 8, the other dwarves began to suspect...Hungry
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I was playing a family with a mom and a dad and a daughter Abby, the mom was pregnant and when her water broke she went to the hospitol and had twins, as soon as she brought the twins home the game shut off and i found out that my friends little sister had pressed the power button, i went back to the family and realized i hadnt saved in a while, so the twins hadnt been born yet, the water broke again and this time.... Triplets! so i named them Amy Alex and Audrey.

a while later it was their birthday, their mother helped Audrey blow out the candles, and she became a toddler, then the mom helped Alex blow out her candle, and her skirt lit on fire, the mom was still holding Alex and she ran outside, inside the kitchen had caught fire and Audry and big sister Abby were just playing with toys, the fire department showed up in a truck that looked oddly plastic, and put out the fire in the kitchen, then the fireman ran over to the mother but he wouldnt do anything because she was holding the baby, the mother then proceded to die

and all because of one candle

so I proceded to not save and now the trips are toddlers and Abby is a child *updated 7-13-11* please leave a comment if you read it!
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The Grim Reaper autonomously decided to dance with his teen daughter, right after collecting the soul of her mother. He da man!

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Generation 4 of my legacy died from electrocution but was then resurrected by her parents. Kendra then went on to marry her boyfriend Darnell and have two daughters. Then Darnell decided to autonomously flirt with his ex-girlfriend Debbie so I went ahead and let the two of them have an affair which resulted in Emil. Darnell then rolled wants to dump Kendra so he did and after he moved out ISM got him and Debbie married and having another kid. Kendra, meanwhile, was miserable and alone until at her youngest's birthday party her sister's husband started flirting with her in the bathroom. Kendra ended up stealing him from her sister and marrying him resulting in twins, including Generation 5 heir Blake. Blake has married a cutie named Silvia and Generation 6 is currently on deck.

When their numbers dwindled from 50 to 8, the other dwarves began to suspect...Hungry
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So my legacy family has grown. Dante has become a YA and although I tried my hardest,he just could NOT ask his best friend for life to move in or engagement. Right before Prince and Princess turned into an elder, I had them have another kid,a boy I named Eliot. Delilah turned into a YA also and moved out. She now wants to be a chef, and Dante wants to be a cross breeder for the science career. Delilah also got married to one of my sims I made named Vance. Vance wants to have 5 kids grow up, so they started on that right after marriage...More kids to come!
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My they got boring, so fire came from all around and they danced the night away to the disco inferno. Three times fire rained down on them. Even the grim reaper and the firemen froze in place like WTF? Eventually the fires died and "mysteriously" all the YA, A, and Elders turned into teens again. Can life continue in Sunset Valley with the lack of adults. Or will the evil curfew police take them away to a special camp never to be seen agian$.

Disclaimer: I am just being a goof ball, please ignore me if offended.
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Valera: Even thou Joey was working full time, she managed to be a wonderful mother to Justin. She always helped him with his homework, they always ate dinner together (ok, once she missed homework and dinner, because she had to take some old dude to dinner because her boss was too busy, but then Justing got homework help from his cousin July), and every day she spent quality time with him, talking about his day, chatting, hugging him, and if both had the energy, playing tag. On the weekends they also did things together, from going to the park, to visiting family . Justin just grew up to a teen, I have no post makeover pic, but he's cute. He's openly gay, so I gave him a glam rocker type of makeover. Next I'm sending him to the gym to work out, so he can look better in his skinny jeans. His traits are, technophobe, pyromania, immune to fire, and commitment-phobia. He is going to be my collector guy, collecting all the bugs, rocks, and such, not the seeds thou, this line of work will suit him, as his commitment-phobia also effects his fear of committing to a job, so I won't be giving him a real job.

Joey is still hoping to adopt a girl, she's 86 years old, and she still needs about 7000 simoleans to be able to adopt. I was hoping politics would mean big money, but she's only at level three or four and the pay sucks, she also gets 400 every day as pension from he previous job, but their bills are high.

Hurst: Tammy, was indeed pregnant when I started the game. First she had all the symptoms, but then I noticed the "try for baby" option, and I thought maybe she's not pregnant (it wouldn't have been the first time I thought she was pregnant but was not) + she and Emil were doing the autonomous try for baby a lot, so I gave her fertility treatment (the first life time reward I'v ever purchased), and they got busy, the chimes never came thou. In the end I was mistaken, she was pregnant from the start. She got twins, Amanda and Brenda . Caroline married her girlfriend and moved to live with her and her elderly roommate who's Caroline's nemesis.

Emil passed away at the age of 108, while the girls were toddlers, and the second set of twins were born while Tammy was having Emil's funeral. It was girls again, Corona (or something of the sorts, anyhow, she's the cutest <3 ) and Dina . As I suck at names, I decided that from now on, I'll name them in alphabetical order. So now where ever the next kid is born, his or her name will start with an E, it makes naming easier. With two babies and two toddlers, Tammy was using negative energy to get things done. she never got a whole night of sleep, always naps or short periods. Everybody in the household had their birthday at the same day, the toddlers to kids, and babies to toddlers. But due to lack of energy on Tammy's part, the birthdays were not held all together. Tammy held a party for the toddlers -> kids transition, Anna and July were invited, then she had to rush to work. By the time she got back, she was fully red. She wouldn't have made it if she would have helped the babies to grow, so I sent her to bed. Later that night, Tammy had to wake up to feed and change the babies, so she helped them grow up at the same time. Tammy's own birthday happened on it's own, the family is still eating left over cake from the first sets of twin's first birthday, and now they have four more leftover cakes in the fridge. Partially it's a good thing, as they don't really have enough money to buy grocery, Tammy is working part time in the bookstore, and I have the x10 bills hack.

The last set of toddlers will have their birthday the next time I play. Tammy will have to reschedule her life so she can sleep while the kids are at school, the first set of twins have their own beds, but she cannot afford to buy beds for Corona and Dina. So they will sleep in the double bed, and Tammy can sleep before going to work. None of the four toddlers managed to learn anything, not even potty training, I always tried getting them to the potty on time, but often failed.

I might have mixed up Amanda and Brenda's face/name, but i cannot remember for sure, wich one is wich one.

But let's pretend, Amanda is the blond.
The only trait I remember of her for sure is hates the outdoors, her first wishes were to learn logic, so first she learned it from a book, as it was one of her wishes, and now that Tammy finally managed to call the repairman to fix everything (computer, sink, shower, toilet), she's been playing chess online. Amanda probably also was heavy sleeper

- Absent minded
- Excitable
- Insane
All she wanted was to fish, fish, and fish, so that's what she's been doing.

Other tiny news:
- Tammy's house got robbed by one very cute burglar. Neither Tammy, Emil, or Caroline woke up and of course they had no alarm.
- The male nanny is useless. Proof: baby , nanny . I thought she would die from loneliness and hunger, but he fixed it five minutes before Tammy came home.
- According to gossip Anna Hurst is completely broke. Also Caroline's new wife's house is a 107 000 simolean house, but they have 0 cash. So I think now is the time to modify awsomemod and put an end to unified billing.

- Arthur Kinsey became a YA, he still only has a bed and some walls. Emil had to visit him once to convince him technology is great, while Arthur was working on his "too homeless to shower" routine.
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So...My legacy couple had 1 boy named Brynn. I gave them both fertility treatments (HORRIBLE idea...)Out came triplet boys....Riley,Elijah and Fallon.That brings it up to 4,so more to come. Delilah by this time has hardly gone to work but has advanced in her career to become a professional chef quite fast due to her watching the cooking channel as a kid. Vance,has no job and the family is poor a lot...While the triplets were growing up the nanny was my best friend...So again she's pregnant,I want girls so lots of watermelon. Twin girls named Annabelle and Areiella. Brynn and the twin were normal,the triplets were blue (the dad was blue). Brynn moved out,the triplet just now moved out as soon as they were YAs.I dunno where they are because I picked to kick them out....The twins are children now and I've yet to really decide who I want my heir to be...
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I started a new legacy in Riverview after Sunset Valley borked up on me and I was getting Error 13 again. At least this time I've figured that I get that when the files get too big which means I have to start neighborhoods over again after a period of time but that's okay since I get bored easy. Anyway, my new legacy was founded by super nerd Scott Lyle who married Constance Shelley ( ) and they now have a spacious two bedroom ranch style with an open floor plan. Generation 2 is on deck while Constance works on her LTW of earning $4K in royalties and Scott works on his LTW of becoming Grand Master in Chess and works at the hospital.

When their numbers dwindled from 50 to 8, the other dwarves began to suspect...Hungry
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Well, I decided to try a legacy, the color legacy. Right now, Xanthe Argyris is pregnant with her second baby. Her first one just had her teen birthday and is working on maxing out painting and writings skills. My families are boring.
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Hurst: Caroline's marital bliss didn't last long, two day's after I started playing her, her wife passed away at the age of eighty something, while her roommate who's Caroline's enemy and currently 100 years old, is still going strong. Caroline had her adult birthday party at Dante's, it was perfect verging on epic even thou both Anna and Gordon decided to start working out. Caroline is currently working in the business career, her ltw, and wishing to be mean to one co-worker and to see her bosses ghost.

Hurst Tammy and her 4 spawns: Actually I'm not sure anymore is this a Hurst or a Valera house, I don't remember her last name any more, but her kids are Valera's from their dad's side. Anyhow, the last set of toddlers grew to kids. I did buy them one more bed, got the money for it from selling the toddler stuff. So now one kid, is sleeping in the living room, the older twins in their own room and one kid with their mom in the double bed.
Tammy started out life being the flirty librarian, but she turned out to be one of those good moms that I love to play. Even thou their schedules were hard to match, Tammy went to work at three, and came back at seven. So she never had time to help with homework, but the good thing about having multiple children is that they can help themselves with it . Still no matter how tired Tammy was, she always had breakfast with her children, and every night she spent time talking and hugging all her kids before they went to sleep. Corona had been wanting to go to the pool for a week, so on Sunday Tammy packed her kids into her car, and they spent the day in the pool. Anna was also there, and even thou the family is really poor, Tammy took her kids out to have dinner in the diner, Anna joined them as well. The family's bills are over 1000 simoleans, it took Tammy a full week before she got enough money to pay tuesday's bill, Thursday's bill is big as well, so the Repoman is inevitable. The first set of kids had their teen birthday, first was Brenda , she got mean spirited. Thank God for lesbianism, so I don't have to worry about her reproducing. It's not her looks only that convinced me she's a lesbian, but her wishes as well. All her wishes revolve around fishing, so what other conclusion can I make?
Then there was Amanda , she was an ugly/weird looking toddler, not a pretty sight as a kid, but my God is she pretty now. Amanda got Smooch, which basically means she's not getting herself a normal job, instead I intend for her to leach her self through life. I throw a party for the first birthday, I know from experience that twin birthday's are bad for my sims waistline, but I never would have imagined Caroline going from this , to this in one night. So two days later, when it was time for the two other twins to grew up, I decided to keep it in the family, and have no party. First Dina , she was already a slob, and now she got couch potato. I didn't give her a makeover as she's grew up looking like her character anyway. Then Corona <3, thanks to her good grades I was allowed to select her and Dina's trait, I randomized it, Dina got couch potato with a random throw, but Corona got clumsy. I'd decided previously that if I get something I'v had already or something I can't stand, I can roll a dice, and then re-randomize that many times what I get with a dice. I threw five, so I clicked random five times and I got Vegetarian, yay

Hurst: Only played Vlad and his family for less than 24 sim hours. Osvaldo flirted with Donald. Vlad caught his last perfect fish, but because it's a clown fish, and I hate clowns, he'll have to try again. Vlad is three days from elderhood, Osvaldo is 18 days from elder-hood, and July still has 13 days of teen-hood ahead of her.
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Mommy Sim, Rachel Dervy, Found her 10th pink diamond last night and painted another masterpiece before going to work. Her husband who she spends no time with Cage Dervy(she has the long time friend lifetime reward) was neglecting the garden but finally got around to doing it. He also worked out for 10 hrs straight and played computer games AGAIN!! Honestly!, the moment i leave him alone that's all he does.
Their son Tony Dervy grew into a handsome teenager who dreams of being a star chef. To celebrate his birthday mom and dad bought him a Bugatti Veyron (Thank you Fresh Prince.^_^.) He began his journey into the world of fitness and two old guys past away. I cant remember their names. I think one was Kurt.........
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I have a family on that are like.. awesomes

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I'll just write about the current families I am playing;

Tarantino: Natasha took a disliking to Stiles out of the blue and she broke up with him, leaving Stiles with no choice but to leave the family home. Natasha is now already dating someone else, a younger model you could say, and has just found out she is pregnant!

Goth: Bella and Mortimer are proud parents to little Cassandra after moving into the famous Goth mansion! I think we all know where their story is heading lol.

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I'm currently re-creating the situation of King Arthur just without magic and battles etc so basically Arthur gets cheated on by Guinevere and his best mate, but I'm focusing on Elaine (the lady of shalott) and basing it on a book I read about her. Its quite fun really as Arthur has fathered a child with Morgan le fay (not his sister in sims but just a random character) then he cheated on her with Guinevere. Elaine was in a relationship with Lancelot (named Lance Lot) but then found herself cheated on when he slept with Guinevere and Guinevere gave birth to twins. So now I've made Tristan (from Tristan and Isolde) and am planning on getting him together with Elaine...for now... sorry this turned into more a history lesson then a "describe what's happening in your game!"
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lostinshalott: The king Arthur story sounds interesting. Are you doing it in modern times, or trying to make it as medieval as possible with the current CC?

Hurst: Vlad had his elder birthday. He's one of those sims that you cannot really connect to, he doesn't have the loner trait, but yet he is one. He's never had a strong reaction to anything, he's not that interested in anything, he just fishes and that's it. Which is why I never considered him becoming the heir, but in the end, with everything that happened, he became it. Vlad was still only one fish away from the perfect aquarium, until 5 fishes were found dead. I used to feed them every morning, but then noticed that sims will feed them when it's necessary, but obviously they failed to feed all of them. So I'm back to feeding them every morning. July has been hanging around quite a lot at her aunt Tammy's place. The reason I like July is that I was actually trying to play her nice, but her bitchy bad ass attitude was pushing through so strongly, I gave up and let her be the sim she wants to be. I wanted her to be friends with Coronna, the vegan sim, but it was obviously not meant to happen, because their relationship was craawling, no matter how much I tried, but with Amanda, my blond moocher, their relationship is so easy to grow. They are not yet friends, but not far from it. I wanted July to be able to do her homework with her cousins, but she's only able to get homework help from the two eldest cousins, so Amanda helps her out.

Visiting Tammy's place I'v learned quite a few things, first, Brenda, is not getting along with anybody, not even her mom, She's the fishing lesbian with the bad attitude and insane trait, Corona and Dina are having issues and Amanda is making enemies across town trying to mooch money out of random people. Also, and this came as a surprise, I finally figured out who's been knocking down Tammy's trash can all this time, it's July.
July doesn't have a boyfriend, basically because the only teens in town, are her cousins, but she has been chatting alot with the male maid, who's one of those not so good workers.
Osvaldo got a promotion because he did some challenge, and he celebrated it by sleeping with Donald.

Kinsey: Arthur still only has a bed, but he does have a bit more walls around him. I'm trying to get the outline of his house done first. I only need three more wall peaces and then he'll have his bedroom and the toilet as a shack. The toilet is still an empty room without even a door to enter it. Arthur been hanging around a lot at the Hurst household, he's best friends with July and Osvold. The relationship with July is a rocky one, as she keeps autonomously criticizing his family, the next second she'll be nice to him again, until suddenly she starts pointing out he's a family sim without a family. Even thou he hangs around a lot at the Hurst's, he doesn't mooch. He cleans up the dishes if there are any, and he fixes their broken stuff. Arthur is still working in the grocery store, and will keep doing so until he rolls a want to do something else. He's a natural cook, so I do assume one day he might want to change jobs, but for now, I'm keeping him in the store. I want to see how long does it take to have a house with just a part time job.

Arthur is currently not dating anybody, but he's been chatting a lot with the black maid. She's one of those maids that will rather eat ice-cream than do her chores regardless of is the family at home or not. So far the only thing we know about her is that she's charismatic.
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Ani: Well for now I'm doing it modern as theres not really enough CC, but when more becomes available I'll probably restart it and do it properly, it'd be tough to do it now because they need jobs and stuff theres no jobs for knights or anything which would be totally cool!
I love the names of some of your characters by the way naming them after months is quite interesting!
So not much to report on my game really Arthur and Guinevere moved in together and while Arthur was at work Guinevere cheated on him again with Lance, I then teleported Arthur there to witness it. Morgan had a quick fling with some random who had good bone structure I was going to have her give birth to evil Mordred. However I accidentally froze my game by opening up cas while she was pregnant and well every thing I'd done got erased which was a bit annoying but now I've decided to introduce Morgause who was Mordred's real mother in legend and see how that goes. I'll keep Arthur happy with Guinevere for now but I really dislike him, he was very rude to Lance for just dropping by to see Guinevere wouldn't even let him in. Guinevere is also a terrible mother she hasn't taught the twins a thing and always hires a baby sitter for no reason she doesn't go anywhere or get a job she's actually a lot like how I imagined the real Guinevere to be. Tristan and Elaine have been engaged for a while now I'm going to introduce Isolde soon and see how that shakes things up!
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So Conner was chosen as second generation heir and proceeded to marry his high school girlfriend Lisa who looks like a blonde Peppermint Patty from the Peanuts cartoons. I can't decide if that makes her cute or odd looking but regardless I think they'll make cute kids.

When their numbers dwindled from 50 to 8, the other dwarves began to suspect...Hungry
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Right now is pretty much the same as it has been the last few weeks: the rebuilding of Sunset Valley!
#148 Old 3rd Sep 2009 at 4:56 AM

it pisses me off.
anyone know how to get them to stop? >: the only thing i can think of to do is put the fridge in the family inventory, but, then my sims cant access it either...GRR D<

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OK, the Creswell family (I installed TS3 on my Mac )

Jennie Creswell is a Family Oriented, Hopeless Romantic, a Light Sleeper, is a Good person, and is also a Great Kisser. She was working in the Science career, and struggling to save a little money.

She decided one day there must be more to life than this, and went looking for love. She happened upon Stiles McGraw, whom she hit it off with right away. Being a romantic, she found it quite easy to confess her attraction for him, and after a whirlwind relationship, they were married in a nice private wedding.

Jennie's LTW is to have 5 kids, and before you could blink, baby number 1 was concieved. After a relatively easy pregnancy, Jennie gave birth to little Sarah Creswell. Sarah was a content baby, and when she grew into a toddler things got better and better. She is the oldest (currently a child) and is probably going to turn out the most normal.

When Sarah was a walking, talking, potty trained toddler, baby number 2 was planned. The second pregnancy was harder, and baby Jamie came into the world, unfortunately, some Sims are just born bad and he was given the evil trait, balancing out the Goodness in his sister.

When he became a toddler, the strain of 2 kids under child age (Sarah was still a toddler at this point) became obvious, and although Jamie learnt to walk and talk, potty training fell by the wayside. He is also a child, but a few days younger than his older sister.

Then baby number 3 was planned. Again, a nice easy pregnancy, and what's this? Double the trouble but double the fun, welcome to the world little Shelbie and Jodie!
Once again, lack of time and energy resulted in the girls missing the potty training stage, but now with 2 children, maybe there's still time for them?

One final baby was planned, but once again there was a double delivery, this time bringing little Jordan and Shaun, two bouncing baby boys, into the world.

And just as they were born, Stiles, who was hiding his true age, grew into an Elder.

So that's where we are currently, the kids all have random traits, and I'm going to go play now to see what they end up like.
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Kinsey: Arthur had 8 days left before becoming middle aged when he married his girlfriend . I was planning for her to move in first, but the option never came, probably because she's an NPC. She moved in with 0 simoleans, and then in "gifts" 2500, I familyfunded the gift money to oblivion because I the point of this household is to be poor, and try to make it by working hard. Arthur had been working all his teen-hood and his YA-hood in the bookstore, and all he had to show for was a shack with a double bed, and a bathroom with a toilet and a shower. Now with him married and having a wish for 5 kids, it was time to upgrade his work. He took a job in culinary, because he's a natural cook, but the moment after that he got the want to work in business. I locked the want, but didn't fulfill it right away, and he kept working in the restaurant. Roccio, or what ever the wife is named, wants to be a super-spy. So she took a job in law-enforcement. She was a few days older than him, and I was not planning on them having a baby yet, I wanted them to finish building the house, as they were still living in a one room shack. But a few days later, all of Arthur's wants were baby related, so I gave in. The twins, Enja and Frida were born to the one room, one crib house, and that 24 hours before Arthur had done a shift at work so they could buy another crib, was very - very long. I was hoping eventually the cribbless kids would fall asleep on the floor, but she never did, so I had to rotate the crib shifts, which is easier said than done, because Roccio was always putting the baby in the crib, back to the crib, even thou I had just asked her to take it out so the other one could sleep, poor Arthur almost missed work that morning because he got stuck holding the baby because his genius of a wife and her inability to keep holding a baby for five minutes. That was the only annoying thing I can say about her, other than that she's the most perfect housewife and she and Arthur are madly in love. Both kids learned to walk, both got some logic points from the toy (they only had one because they are so poor), but only one learned to use the potty. That was because it took me way too much time for me to figure out that the reason the kids were rebelling against using the potty, was because it was in their living room, and because at that point there were no flooring or paint, the unfinished room moodlet was dragging their mood really low. Putting the potty into the garden, fixed the problem.

The toddlers just grew into kids. Enja is genius, loner and workaholic. Frida is genius, mean spirited and loves the outdoors. I'm giving Frida the klepto trait when she becomes a YA, because I want to do the klepto challenge. Enja will probably become a doctor, but lets see. I have to say i'm surprised how nice Roccio is, as she was such a evil maid, always making fun of people and slacking off. Here she is asking July why she feels so upset.

The family is still agonizingly poor . The cribs I didn't sell, but put them into the family inventory to await for the next set of babies, who will probably come quite soon, considering both want to have a baby ASAP. Arthur now works in business, and Roccio will go back to work as well now that the kids are a bit bigger. I only need 4 more windows, a paint job, both inside and out, a stove, two more counters, a dining table and chairs, as well as sofa, and the house will look more livable.

Hurst: Vlad achieved his ltw , the last fish was a black goldfish. The plan was that I would release the 13 perfect fishes into his home pond, so I don't have to keep feeding them. I sold all his fishes in the inventory, then scooped the fishes out of the bowls, but obviously 13 fishes are not enough to stock a pond with and the option disappeared. Vlad pretty much spends all his time fishing, so I'm sure we'll have enough fishes soon.

July is still <3, when it comes to playing. The whole Hurst family was invited to Arthur's wedding, Osvaldo then autonomously decided to interview Arthur. So when I went to play the Hurst house, Osvaldo had the choice to write a story about Arthur, and because they are friends, he wrote a good story about him. July's future husband, unless something interfierces with my plans, is the man maid. Once she asked him to hang out instead of clean, and then they chatted. Osvaldo autonomously again, decided to interview the man maid. He started the interview, but then it got cut off. Osvaldo is absent minded, so maybe that's why, don't know. Anyhow, July immediately started chatting with the man maid again, and when I put the cursor on the chat icon, it read "Talk about Osvaldo's problems" I helped Osvaldo finish the interview, and have a feeling this time the article will not be nice.
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