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Default Is Into The Future worth it?
I'm a big fan of all the futuristic items in Into the Future, and I also think that the plumbots would be nice to have. (A maid I don't have to control? Sweet.) but I've heard ItF is rather buggy, and that it actually kind of breaks other parts of the game. So I was wondering what the sims community thinks when it comes to this EP.
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YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES for sure! It ties with Supernatural as my all-time favorite EP, I've probably played with the features of those two more than any of the other ones. Super duper worth it, although giving money to EA always does sting a bit.
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It'll probably be on Steam sale for $5 at the end of the month for Easter. I picked it up in the Valentine's sale. I haven't traveled to the future yet, but I like the way the items, clothes, and hairs all look. The clothes work surprisingly well in the present and even mix in well. I mostly got it for the gardening rugs and skylights so I could make functioning green houses for cold climate gardeners.
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Yes, oh yes. It's GREAT if you love futurism and/or scifi. It's also great if you love modern architecture. Personally I got it for the stuff. The world and the new gameplay is nice too but the content's where it's at.

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I enjoyed it quite a bit and never had any issues having it in my game.
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I've found that when it comes to comparing the plumbots to normal sims they don't roll many wishes and occasionally roll wishes that are actually unachievable due to being a plumbot. However they run perfectly fine on free will according to their trait chips so you will always find your robo-gardener tending the garden for you without needing to be told and fertilising it for you which is nice.

All in all they make nice servants but the sentient upgrade is a let-down in my opinion.
I haven't found it buggy other than errors selling plumbots. But that may just be because of all the NRaas mods I use.
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If you like science fiction, then probably.

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Sometimes I play empty world's and use NRAAS master controller to populate them with random sims. The problem is, they dress like chimera... pants from ITF, shirt from Diesel, other's dressed from showtime. It's just so... stupid. The good thing about these worlds is that I stay in them - I just don't care if they all age, die etc.
When I play a world with well designed sims, like Midnight Hollow, I don't want them to all age up and die on me before I can get some skills to interact with them. So when I want to level up, that's what University or ITF is for! Most of the useful skills have a university degree associated with it, so you pick a degree that matches the skill you want to learn. I feel like it's a personal failure if my sim studies out of the textbook that he gets when going to uni. If you're a science major, for example, you read the science, alchemy, gardening or go fishing... you do NOT study out of those worthless textbooks! So, you get all leveled up and you go back and your sim nor you have aged a day!
Similarly with ITF - only you age! But with a plumbot making Young Again potions on the chemistry bench aging doesn't matter! Another plumbot cloning a swarm of plasma bugs for $$, and 3 or 4 plumbots mining the mausoleum for alchemy stuff, genie lamps, tiberium, supernovium and so on, you can come back to the future with gobs of Lifetime happiness points (be sure to tag a statue to get either the plumbot or Simolian give away 20,000 LTW points before returning to the present!) The plumbot skill has a very rich dream tree too.
I donno... it makes the game easier, if you do it right. Maybe too easy.
I've been known to go to France to just read skill books, too.

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The CD/DVD version of Into The Future broke my TS3 game a while ago, so I don't know if it's worth it - but I'd like to have the full set. The plumbots look more interesting than Servos.
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Worth it for the jetpack and hove~~ umm I meant windcarver board.

If only someone could make a "Back to the Future" Mattel hoverboard, or even a pitbull, default replacement for the windcarver I'd be ecstatic.
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Emmett, that's so funny! My sims have been basically doing the inverse, mastering skills at home and travelling to meet people/party. But they're from a Nothing is Free file, so if they travel before meeting mastery they forfeit their lot. I'll keep that strategy in mind for a different game.
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Originally Posted by tunafishfish
Emmett, that's so funny! My sims have been basically doing the inverse, mastering skills at home and travelling to meet people/party. But they're from a Nothing is Free file, so if they travel before meeting mastery they forfeit their lot. I'll keep that strategy in mind for a different game.

Wait... "From a nothing is free file"?
Speak more of this wondrous way to play the Sims.

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It's a really old challenge, but the gist of it is that you start with an empty map and build it up by earning it. So if, for example, I wanted to have a science center in my town, then I must first master fishing, handiness, and gardening, and have the money to buy it (meaning partner and then buy it out). Each sim can only earn one lot, so if you have a sim master fishing to buy a fishing spot, then you can't turn around and have them master handiness and gardening to buy the science center afterwards.

It's the only challenge to hold my attention past a generation. Of course that file has been crashing lately, so I may have to start over with new sims somewhere else. I'm kind of thinking about clearing out Lunar Lakes to try this there as a new colony, but I have no idea how to explain the service sims that spawn there. Maybe it's an offshoot of another larger colony and the service sims come from there to check in and they're all clones or androids and that's why they all have the same face?
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I made over Amy Bull to show how the CAS parts from ITF mix and match. I just showed the ones that have something from ITF in it.
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I swear I've read this exact same forum before... serious deja vu, but I can't find the thread.

I think I said the same thing, not sure if someone else said it above.

- ITF like WA, simply creates a new world called Oasis Landing. All future stuff is in this world, if you refuse to go to the future or buy future stuff for your world, then the EP does not affect your game at all with the exception of the initial portal opening.

Annoying things to look for:
- Well, clothing filter will have these future clothes randomized into your town. So CASP editor and NRAAS blacklist is good for this. I think I use dresser and blacklist to ban all future clothes from the present and kept it in the future.

- DO NOT bring future sims back from the future. They all will have either a trait or occult something (I didn't check) which labels them future sim. It means they will generate future tech in their inventory. This is not a problem in itself, but this trait is passed on to any of their offsprings and offsprings' offsprings for ... infinite generation. Eventually your whole town will be future sims. If you bring a future sim back, use NRAAS MC to disable their future trait/occult.

Other than that, absolutely love the futuristic furnitures and windows, etc...

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Originally Posted by nitromon
All future stuff is in this world, if you refuse to go to the future or buy future stuff for your world, then the EP does not affect your game at all with the exception of the initial portal opening.

There can be occasional unexpected...misfirings. One of "my" sims is a professional dancer (custom career, not the NPC kind). I rotated back into his household and found that he bought a car when I wasn't watching. That's fine, not very many of my Bridgeport sims can afford cars because of the high tax rates and daily fees I've imposed on them for the privilege of Big City living so I was actually pleased he managed to save up enough money on his own to do that. Except it was a futuristic hover car and he looked ridiculous hovering down the streets of Bridgeport in it. None of my sims in this world have ever been to Oasis Landing.

Sorry Michael, you can't keep that. But you're going to love the new state of the art super stereo system you will get to practice your dance moves to once I sell it for you. Not game breaking of course, but kind of funny that this just happened like yesterday since it's being discussed here.
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If you get bored move into the dystopian future, dodging meteors will make your game so much more interesting. Though I admit some days it can be annoying especially when a big one lands in your kitchen. Plus if you want two men to have a baby without cheats you can visit the hospital and mix up the genetics. HECK only friendship needed no pesky relationships.

I've had some glitches with this game but for the most part they are tolerable. The only issue that I've had with it was the possession is 9/10ths of the law aspiration. Go to the future and it resets. >_< It's happened to me more then once sad to say.

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LTW counts reset when you go on vacation, too. And probably if you leave your homeworld to go to Uni. You can fix it with master Controller, or just never leave your homeworld until you've achieved the LTW.

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