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Default Pink Tint to Texture
I am trying to create a bench mesh and all went well until I see the textures appear pink in game. The attached image shows the wall panels, which contains the actual colors of the texture I made and the bench with the pink tint applied to that same texture. I cloned the Luxuriare Loveseat and am not sure what else I might need to do to get this to work. Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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My guess is that one of the settings in the TXMT has a pink tint to it. Try copying over the TXMT settings from the wall panels.
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Thank you so much! That fixed it. There were three settings that were different. I changed the reflectivity, the stdMatDiffCoef, and the stdMatSpecPower. I changed them all to match the wall panels. I really appreciate it!
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