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Default Shows not installed in Launcher, shows installed in Origin
I have Katy Perry's Showtime and Pets EPs installed, plus most of the other EPs and SPs. Showtime and Pets show installed according to Origin, and last night I created a family with a pet dog. However, when I went to install some CC from the Store (I know, shoot me), it says neither of those EPs are installed, and therefore certain objects that require those EPs can't be installed. Sure enough, neither EP shows up in the Launcher. I re-checked and they do show up as purchased and installed in Origin. How do I get the Launcher to recognize they are installed?

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Possibly restarting your machine will help. Or the next step, which would be uninstalling Origin (just the client program, your games will stay put) and reinstalling it.

Or possibly you have obtained the missing EPs from an unauthorized reseller and EA has only just now deactivated them on their end. Or they have done so by mistake. The only solution if this has happened is to have a real time conversation (screen chat or telephone callback) with EA customer support.

Origin/Patch 1.69 is a royal pain to work with, regardless.
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Thanks for the quick reply! Like I said, Pets for sure is working so it hasn't been disabled, and I purchased both EPs from EA online. I will see if I still have my pet dog when I play again.

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I have a similar problem with the Supernatural EP, it's the only one I have no physical copy of and often times just doesn't show up. Simply restarting the launcher or Origin does the job for me.

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Both EPs showed up in the Launcher after reloading it, and I was able to install the CC that required those EPs. So random... Thanks!

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