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Default Where can I find a Quebecois world modeled after Montreal or Quebec City?
I recently downloaded a world from the Sims 3 exchange with the name Montreal. I downloaded it thinking it would be complete. When I opened it up there wasn't much there. Does anyone know where I can a Montreal and Quebec City inspired world? I really would like to find a Quebecois world. If anyone doesn't know any can someone make one? I have all the expansion packs. I have three stuff packs. High-End Loft Stuff, Fast Lane Stuff, and Outdoor Living Stuff.
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I don't know where you could find one, but I'm with you on that; I grew up just across the border from Montreal (well, 60 km away from it but still) in Plattsburgh, NY. I'd LOVE to see a Quebecois city myself!

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This isn't modeled after any particular city but after looking at images of Quebec...this could pass for it. With maybe a few revisions? It needs some pointy roofs ; )
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Hmmm. Maybe. I'm wondering if Paris 2.0's map could be tweaked to look like Montreal or Quebec City, or the CC from it used to mess with Westerberg....I can't use CAW for some reason otherwise.. Hmm...... maybe we should take this into the Create Forum to see if we could get a group of folks in on it.

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