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Default PC sims cigarettes rack deducts money from active family
I downloaded PC sims cigarettes which contains several displays that allows sims to buy either a pack or individual cigarettes. This object also allows other npc sims from buying a single cigarette for 20 simoleons. This lets the sims smoke in a group on community lots. However, the money used to buy cigarettes for npcs is being deducted from whatever family I am currently using, resulting in the town smoking at my expense.
I am still a noob at modding with SimPE so I don't know where to look to change this. Any help will be highly appreciated!
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#2 Old 8th Mar 2020 at 10:07 PM
I'm trying to learn how to fix this too. I'm also having a "no stack object" error when trying to buy a box to take home. The Sim buys it just fine, but then it errors when the box is suppose to go into their inventory. Are you having this problem as well?
I'm trying my hardest to learn this SimPE and modding stuff so that I can create more vending machine type objects, but it's so much more difficult that Sims 4 modding IMHO.

Good luck! I hope someone comes along and takes mercy on us! LOL!
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Well, I just figured out my problem... The guid in the "create a new object instance" in the BHAV-->Event tree - "Get from rack box" was not for the box of cigarettes mesh. Put the correct guid in and it worked!!!
::Happy Dance::

I'm going to keep messing around with this file until I fix the problem you were talking about. I definitely don't want any NPCs smokin' up my simoleans.
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