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Child Abilities
So my Toddler with 5 Handiness from the Walker just aged up to a child, and I wanted to start putting him on Self-Cleaning the plumbing objects. But that's not a feature, so I was looking for a mod that made children able to upgrade objects. In that search I came across the No Stretch Children Can Series by Kapaer, which doesn't seem to do what I want but it can do a lot of great stuff. I totally downloaded everything, although I do have some thoughts before I install and thought I'd discuss them with you all. Not that I expect anyone to remember me since I very rarely use online communication so it's probably been a century.

Firstly I'll throw out the minor thing: He includes 2 versions of the gardening one, and though he gives no explanation of the difference I assume the autonomous weeds version makes children autonomously deweed. So I think that ones probably the best. Opinions? Have you tried it? Is it too crazy and causes children to tend plants in the park or something like that?

The other thought I had while downloading this is, "oh yeah! I already have a mod series like this installed." I forgot I even had it, and was thinking those features were part of the base game I guess (if it even still does anything). Luckily downloading this series reminded me of it before I launched my game and possibly hurt something.

I got the older mod series back when I first got into TS3 modding over 5 years ago I think, don't recall ever updating it, and it doesn't cause any crashes or errors or anything after adding all the EPs, stuff packs, cc, other mods, and patches over the years. Since this is my first child in a long while and child stage in my game is 7 days I don't use the features much so I don’t know if it's even still functional. I thought I should look it up and check to see if there are updates or listed conflicts, but I don't remember the name of it, and there seems to be no mention of it online anymore. The only thing I know about it is the authors signature on the package files is JTP.

Anyone remember these? It has 8 in all. ChessChallenge (uncommonly play chess but I think they can), FishScoop (very rarely keep fish), Gardening (that's probably a conflict), Guitar (conflict?), MirrorSpeech, RepairBathroom, TraitInteractions (I think that's there but I don't really pay too much attention to that stuff), TrashcanMailbox (probably a conflict). Most of these I either don't do at all with a family or usually prefer to do with the adult that needs the experience for skills for their job, but if/when I want to have a child do it I want the feature already available. I don't even care if I never use the feature and all it does is slow down loading times, I want all the features! ...don't judge.
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