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Hi! I have moved my unfinished world to my new computer. When I try to open EIG it says that "a serious error has occurred while loading _. It is strongly recommended that you restart the application." As you can see in the picture, some of the cc used on the lots has turned in to a white nightstand. I think not all of the cc that was used in the world got transferred to my new computer so I tried downloading them, removing my world files and then putting them back but my EIG still doesn't work and the nightstands are still there. Could cc be the reason it won't open? Is there any other way for me to fix this than to delete my beloved lots?? I hope someone can help!
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Have you installed all EP and SP that you have on this new computer? If you do not have all installed that you had before when you worked on this world, I have heard a world will not work.

Hmmmm, that is probably wrong and it would not even open? Others will advise.
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Thanks for responding! I do have all the EPs and SPs. But maybe not all the cc, that could be it. Or maybe it could be the fact that my new computer has a different language than my old one..? I haven't been able to change my computer's language completely so that CAW could be installed in that same language. I wonder if that could cause issues?
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At the top of this main forum you postet in, is a few sticky threads. I know they are ancient, but go through them.

If I were you I would search this forum and google for a solution in your browser.

Is your new comp powerful enough. I suppose it's better then the old one?

When it comes to language, I'm puzzled as to why it should matter. I have 2 languages as well, English and my native. CAW only comes in English doesn't it ... I don't even remember. If something is in Norwegian or English frequently pass me by. I don't even notice.
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