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Default How to send sims to a different school?
I wasn't sure if this belonged in help or here since it's really just a question but to me it didn't really seem like the rules for what should go in help. Please move if needed.

So my world has two school rabbitholes, but with sim-map tags on I can see that every single kid&teen in town is only at one school, the other one is entirely empty. I'm not sure how to get some sims to go to the other one too. I purposely made sure this new world (my family just moved) had a second school because of door jams making my family late everyday un the old world, but what good does the second school do if nobody's going to it?

There's no option when I click on the rabbithole to like switch to this school or anything. So I'm not sure how it's done.
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If you are using NRaas mods, you can reassign the sims manually using MasterController. What that does is force a re-registration at the second school and thus the student's School Performance will revert to 0. That can also be readjusted with MC. Sims will never transfer schools on their own unless they have just aged up to teen, a mod is pushing them to do so, or you have bulldozed their assigned school out from under them. Sims can't seamlessly go to whichever school they want on different days.

If using NRaas StoryProgression, then the schools can be separated by age (one elementary, one high school), gender, zodiac sign, or whatever else one wants to use. It's a bit fussy and often both schools need to be bulldozed and replaced for the game/mod to get the idea, which thus again triggers a reset of all students' School Performance to 0. NRaas GoHere is required for the Lot Options restrictions on age (etc.) to be honored. By default, without SP Lot Options restrictions and GoHere, once both schools are finally recognized by the game as viable choices, sims who age up to child and then teen should register at the one that is closest to their home lot. I usually do the manual re-registration thing when setting this up since it can take more than a few sims days for the game and the sims to get the idea, and then let the mods' settings take over going forward with an eventual 95% or higher success rate.

Homeless NPC sims, so that's typically the child newspaper carriers and teen babysitters who really only go to school once in a while "for show" will still go to whichever school they want on those days. But they are Service Sims and not really progressing either, so I just try to ignore that.

There is another way, or in addition since many of us like to have multiple schools in many medium to larger sized worlds as our populations grow, to address the overcrowding issue. I've tested this mod in the past with upwards of 80 sim students per school and, depending on the structure of the school rabbit hole, everyone gets inside nearly on time and there are never any overcrowding issues or students still stuck inside waiting for their turn to exit as midnight approaches.
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Separating the schools by age sounds like a really good idea. I don't think I'd want to do which school is closer to them since they are all free to move to new houses whenever they feel like it. I have MC, SP, and Go Here so I'll play around with it and set them up how I want.
Thank you!

Also, I noticed today nobody was even going to school at all and I kept getting popups about kids & teens being late for school. I reset the school building and my two teens still couldn't go. So I zoomed in to the school and someone had left a sloppy jaloppy DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the doors, not even on a driveway or anything so I assume it was glitched. Deleted the car and now they're all going. But I think this is also why some of them should go to the other school instead so at least if some kids are late not everyone is
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If you aren't already using the mod for more entrances and exits in rabbitholes I would highly recommend it.
Really get rid of the kids being late to school all the time.
Just make sure to follow install directions as always.

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