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Default Need help getting familiar with using python scripts
Hi. So I'm new to modding but not new to Python. I am looking to create a mod that disables the ability for my sims to autonomously walk to a random location before performing an action as well as prevent them from autonomously seeking a place to sit before eating or watching TV, as I would like to be able to direct their seating arrangements myself. I followed this tutorial here to get setup and I got it. My issue though, is trying to figure out how to manipulate these files and use them in my mod.

I just seek to understand how one uses the provided scripts to use in ones own mod file to make changes in the game. You know, the general flow of things. (Because I don't think it's copy and paste with your own values and have sims 4 override the original file with your mod like I imagine).

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

(EDIT) - Okay so I figured out that I simply recreate the code but add in my own values or functions in the mod file. i changed the all famous 'motherlode' cheat to give me 1 mill instead of 50 000. Now I need help understanding what changes what. Is there some kind of documentation out there detailing what the various classes and functions change in the actual game for example understanding things like 'sims4.command' provides access and functionality of the 'shift+Ctrl+c' in the game. I have a vague idea of what some of them change but others are completely off my mark. The comments on the code do help a bit but not so much.

Again, thanks for any assistance.
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There is no documentation for the Python side, sorry. You might need to compare them to the XML tuning to understand what they do. Extract the tuning files, copy the class, paste in your searcher of choice, see what files come up and then just compare them to see if you can understand it. Tuning does have documentation, they are called TDESCs and there is a TDESC Browser by Scumbumbo available on here that has instructions on what to download and how to setup, etc.

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