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Default WCIF Custom Muscular Body Mesh/Skin for Males
Just like the title I am looking for custom muscular body mesh or skin for male sims to replace the vanilla body. I found this one ( but it's not completely what I am looking for. I'm looking for something that has more definition for the pecs and abs and of course, more ripped, like calisthenics level, if that exists. I found some that work like clothes but when my sims switch to a different outfit (sleepwear to normal/daily/regular) their body change back to vanilla.

I great appreciate anyone's help.

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Venus has a ton of altered male bodies here:
The photos on Wix accidentally got deleted, but if you follows the links to their simblr you should see preview pics there.
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Hi, Ion7617!

Do you use Buhudain's? Would you like Buhudain's normal map replacement?

Click on "head over to Abnormal SIM Simulation Center" towards the bottom and that will take you to where you can determine if you want it.
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