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Default Increasing RAM usage trick is not working
There's a tool out there to increase TS3 RAM usage from 2gb to 4gb.

As well as manually editing sims.ini file.

But for my case, I don't see any different.

I checked the Task Manager, and TS3.exe is still using around 2gb RAM, and 2.5gb at max.

Despite I already set it to 4gb and even 6gb.

Is this normal?

I mean despite it's shown only 2gb, but the actual usage is 4 or 6gb?
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We've already had this conversation...perhaps you are having trouble finding it? There is no way to get TS3 to use more RAM than it is already asking for by itself, provided you have the RAM available to it, and there is no such thing as a 32-bit application using more than 4 GB.
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