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Default IKEA KARLSTAD Loveseat by HugeLunatic
Does anyone know of another place where I can download this because I would really like to have this in my game?
It's only download link is and I have never been able to download anything from there.

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#2 Old 23rd Oct 2020 at 9:50 PM
I have it! I put it here! I forgot to zip it first.

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@planettv if you can't manually change the box links to the mobile links, try the box redirector:, courtesy of Hermit Fox/DigitalAngels.

Otherwise, if a link is well and truly broken, HugeLunatic is still very much active--including on this site. Next time reach out to HugeLunatic for a working link instead.

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You can change most to and they'll work fine. Doesn't seem to work for this particular link, but does work for quite a lot of other ones.

The link looks a little different from the Box links I've seen before, so could be this one is properly broken (I don't tend to get errors with the app "cheat" but got one now).
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In the link, change the www to app and the link will work- like so-
I was able to download the HL_karlstadLoveseatSLAVE.rar.
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Thanks to all who replied. I never thought to check the comments on IKEA *Extras* - Updated for NEW CEP - 01 June 2009. I will remember the trick the next time I find a piece of custom content on

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