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Default WCIF walk by mod by subhood
I don't know if such a thing exists. I'm looking for a mod that will restrict playable sims to their respective subhoods. As in, I don't want a sim living in Bluewater to be a walkby or community lot visitor in Pleasantview. But I don't want to ban them from other neighborhoods all together - they should still be allowed to come over if they are invited. I could go through and restrict each sim for each community lot manually with the visitor controller but that would take a crazy amount of time. I didn't know if there was a mod that did this automatically.

Thanks for input.
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I think "Local Walkbys" by J.M. Pescado found here may be what you're looking for (it's updated for Apartment Life).

The description reads:

"Sim residential walkbys now will only be people who actually live in your subneighborhood, so it will greatly prefer actual neighbors, not 'guy who walked all the way here from Pleasantview.'"
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