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Default What's your favorite Career in the Sims 3?
Oh shit, another Sims 3 Question of the Day presented to you by your friendly neighborhood cheshire cat, and past midnight no less. What's really new?

Anyways, everyone probably knows this already because I've made mention of it in plenty posts of mine, but for the "newbies"; I don't really play the Sims 3 properly because my laptop is horrible for it and I have no graphics card to put in the new gaming computer I built with my blood sweat and tears.

So take careers, for instance. I have not fully played through a single career in the Sims 3 in my entire 7-8 years of having it, active or non-active. Which brings me to ask this lovely community what their favorite career path is. Come on and share with the class, yuh? What's your favorite Sims 3 career? It can be active or non-active, of course.

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I like the firefighter career, though I've never played it through. So far I've seen RH emergencies, small fire, large fire, and then the mega earthquake. I'm hoping there are more that I haven't experienced.

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I think my favorite would have to be the Cooking career! I love making meals and often have my sims making only one serving of something so that they can cook more diversely without meals spoiling. And you get the nice fridge at level 10, too - I know you can buydebug it but it feels less "earned".

Out of the professions, I haven't played it in years but remember the ghost hunting profession being fun.

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The cooking career.  I always have at least one chef per household.  I don't have a reason for this, it happened over time.
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Painting because I have a mod that changes out my default artwork and I've still not seen everything that can be done with the mod. The mod has like 1400 paintings and are tied to the sims traits so it entertains me.

Also writing because I like making up book names for the different genres.

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I like the architecture career. I just like making over rooms and stuff like that. It is also helpful that time pauses when you are building.

The things sims ask for is a bit limited, but for a career such as this one, I can forgive it.
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Do I have to choose just one? Honestly be easier for me to say my least favorite which is the business career. I feel like it's too easy to get to the top in because it doesn't have any requirements other then being in a good mood.
I play an a longer lifespan of 165 days and am still consistently struggling to balence skill and career progression with it even after all these years of playing.
But I really like all the other rabbithole careers equally. I think they all do a good job complementing each other and represent the most common aspects of modern society.
If I absolutely have to choose a favorite though I suppose id say any of the skill based self employed careers. I like them as there a call back to how i use to play when I first started TS2. Back then I didn't like having my sims disappear for hours at a time so I didn't get them jobs at all and would either use money cheats or find a why to make money from home so my sims never had to leave me. If TS2 had the self imployed system I would have never learn to let my sims leave home.
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I'm loving these responses; I've been playing the private investigator career in my mod testing save, and so far I'm having so, so much fun with it. It's also been a very long time, but around the time I first started playing the Sims 3 I remember the self-employed horsewoman/man career being a great time.

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I like the self employed careers the most, like gardener, painter, alchemist or author. My sims can work their own hours, and they can be quite lucrative, especially if you're growing life fruits or writing bestsellers. My sims can take the day off if they feel like it, or they can write or paint at the park, still socialising but working as well.

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Yeah, I like the self-employed careers too, especially the writer one. I wouldn't call it my favourite, but for some reason, most of the time I'll end up with at least one self-employed writer in my family. It helps that teens can be self-employed too and IMO it's better for them than any part-time job they can get.
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I love the self imployed careers like housemaker and gardener. I use mods for these carriers. I also like cooking because i have a lot of food mods. Everyting homemade is good for me. I played the sims 3 for many years but i have a lot of careers to play yet .

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It seems most of my sims have been scientists. That's a career you can breeze through, and the top level reward that adds crazy enhancements to objects is so much fun as well. Then, there's also been a number of athletes (probably to counterbalance the scientists). Most of my non-main sims usually end up as cooks (that fancy fridge) or writers (very good money down the line). Those careers have been so easy to max out I was honestly thrown for a loop when my latest sim wanted to be a fortune teller and hadn't completed her LTW when she became an elder. So that's not a favourite by far... gotta go with scientist, but I do have a soft spot for criminals. :D

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