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Default Non default skin crashing game
A while back, using the Skininator I created a non default skin with just the ramps and no actual textures. The skin tones were causing no issues until one of my Sims got pregnant. The pregnant Sim was on one of these custom color ramps and the father was on an EA ramp. When the game starting the process of the baby being born/created into the game the game crashed. When I moved the pregnant Sim onto an EA skin, the game was able to finish the birth without crash.

There is a ton of non default skins out there, incl those that just have skin ramps and most don't have a baby option. This crashing I'm expriencing doesn't seem to be a common issue. Before I delete this out of my game does anybody have any suggestions to help salvage my efforts. Google hasn't be a great help at all.
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if by salvaging you mean saving your non default skin that you created, then this really should go in the modding forum.

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