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Default How to uninstall sims 3 packs without game launcher?
Most of my bad or unwanted cc is s3 packs but I have so much because I used to download a bunch of s3 packs as a child. I have so much that my game launcher crashes whenever I try to find the cc and uninstall it bc I have so much of it. Is there a way to locate and remove the cc from my game without the launcher? I went into dcbackup and looked at the files with S3PE but can I remove them from there in some way? Like if I delete a file in there will the item disappear from my game or will it glitch.

Also I had a bunch of files that were downloaded at the exact same time but they don't have any images in S3PE so I can look at them, are they multiples of one item or are they multiple items from a set?
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The launcher is the only way to uninstall as far as I know. Once sims 3 packs are installed they get merged together into files I think in the dccache folder though that's just off the top of my head right now. But there isn't a way to unmerge packages once they are merged together because you need to know all the resources that make up that one file to make sure they are all deleted. The dcbackup folder I believe is to do with when you export lots and things with cc and copies of the sims 3 packs are made there, and the files in there can be safely deleted apart from the one called ccmerged. I'm pretty sure that the game takes care of when you install the same file for you, so there shouldn't be multiples installed. One thing, is that if the launcher crashes and you get a pop up saying "launcher has stopped working" you might be able to just move the pop up out the way and carry on with the launcher. Mine used to do that, but I think since I've been on patch 1.69 it just crashes with no message, but I thought it was worth checking because that would mean you can carry on uninstalling. If not I think the best option would be to have a fresh start and rename your sims 3 folder in documents so the game generates a new one. Move all your saves and other content you want to keep like sims/lots in the library etc and just start again with your cc. I know it's a pain but it will be worth it to have a clean game. I'd also recommend installing cc as packages in your mods folder instead, as then you can have a lot more control over how they are sorted and uninstalling is a lot easier. And when you install lots and sims with cc, converting to package files means that you know exactly what cc you are putting in your game, and can delete ones you don't want. CUSTARD - the sims 3 pack cleaner can help you do this before you convert to package files. 
If you have a lot of packages, you'll want to merge with S3PE to help game performance and loading times, and I'd recommend to have a separate place when you keep copies of all the files you've merged. That way if you need to uninstall a package that's been merged, you can delete the merged package, and then re merge the copies without the files you dont want. There is also CC Magic which does all that for you, but I've ve never used it myself. Hope this helps   
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Personally I use Delphy's Sims 3 Pack Multi-Extracter to convert CC Sims3packs into packages. Only grip I have with it is that the resulting packages don't have proper name's. To work around that I only convert a few packs at a time then use SimPE to figure out just what each package is so i can rename it. I don't ever install CC through the launcher and reserve it for installing store content only. As you have discovered it's far to easy to download broken CC and way harder to remove it. With SC I can be reasonably sure it will not be buggy and the ingame filters will then properly distinguish between SC and CC.
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I am a package person too. All has been converted other than a few things that cannot be done. And I move items in and out of the game depending on the world I am playing. And I have done a lot of merging.
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