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Default Extracting Textures from Sims1
There are some paintings and decorative items in makin magic that I would like to recreate for the sims2, but I don't know how to extract the textures from the game files or where exactly they are located.

I've been browsing the .far files with paladin's FAR Out program, but I've only been able to find the skin textures in .bmp's with it.
Is there any program available that can extract textures from objects in the game?

Hopefully someone still keeps an eye on this corner of the forum ^^

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I don't know how it works, because I found it just this minute, but the Transmogrifier looks like SimPE for Sims 1.
And here is a tutorial how to clone/recolor objects with the Transmogrifier and GIMP, it also describes where to find the textures.
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This is exactly what I need! Thanks arathea

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