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Default Welcome to the Machine!
Hello, and welcome to Megaman Fans, where simmers who like Megaman partake in conversations dealing with the blue humanoid robot as well as the other range of Characters starring from Dr. Light to Zero and beyond. For me, I'm your average Sim Gnostic who transversed the internet in terms of finding knowledge as well as info about MegaMan and his allies against Dr. Wily, Sigma, and Serpent as well as their cronies.

Of course, there will be debates on which is cooler; MegaMan X or MegaMan Zero as well as the talk about the new series, MegaMan: StarForce.

So if you don't like Megaman one bit then please go to Ninetendorks to belt out about how Megaman blows (and be a troll) or go somewhere else.


Well, Welcome, Welcome, to the Machine - Pink Floyd

God, please protect me from your idiot followers for they have blinded themselves with bleach.

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