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#126 Old 14th Oct 2012 at 6:10 PM
Looper - Sci Fi Drama - 2012

A pretty good time travel story with some Damian/The Omen stuff thrown in but with a different twist. Good performances from Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt.
#127 Old 14th Oct 2012 at 7:31 PM
Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf
10/10 (was there any doubt?)
I have to say, I am totally in love with old films as of late. Plus, this one in particular was pure genius.

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#128 Old 21st Oct 2012 at 1:12 PM
The Lucky One

I'm not really one for romantic drama, and this movie was oka-ay. A little cliche at times, and the ending was terribly thought out.
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#129 Old 21st Oct 2012 at 2:09 PM
I watched a move called Daybreakers. It was on SYFY yesterday. It was quite good. 8/10

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#130 Old 21st Oct 2012 at 2:30 PM
I watced Battleship Potemkin, a silent film from 1925, I liked it a lot but I thought it would be much better... 4/5
Mad Poster
#131 Old 22nd Oct 2012 at 12:11 AM
The Member of the Wedding - Drama - 1952
What's disconcerting about this film is that it's about a girl, Frankie Addams, who's supposed to be 12 years old. But she's played by Julie Harris who was 26 years old at the time. Julie Harris starred in the Broadway production and on stage it worked. Plus, the role is too difficult for an actual teenager to perform on stage. But films have close ups which in this case, are disturbing.
Other than that I love the play and Ethel Waters' performance as Berenice.

Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles - Documentary - 2011
The mystery is ridiculous, but I enjoyed the telling of the story.
#132 Old 29th Oct 2012 at 6:08 PM
The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) 8/10
This film lives up to its title it was amazing and funny but it did get boring in some parts but that is to be expected, but i would defo say its a film to watch.

Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (1992) 3/10
It was funny to begin with but then it just got boring but its an ok film to watch while you are doing something else.

Bait (2012) 7/10
It was a really good film once it got into it, with some plot twist and some good blood the acting was also better then i expected, the only let down was that the special effects on the sharks and other thing where not great. this was the first shark related film i have ever seen.

Elvis and Anabelle (2007) 6/10
I thought this film was going to be the normal romance film but i was very happily surprised, i think it could have been betterbut this film has stuck in my mind and i thought the idea behind the film was great to because nothing like it has been done before it made a nice change.

Fingersmith (2005) 8/10
this film was just plain amazing it was tugging on my heart string and made me confussed at the same time, the acting was down right amazing and the story line had so many twist and turns nothing like your normal romance movie. i was so surprised at how good it was, i have been putting off watching it forever and now i wished i watched it along time ago.

The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (2010) 6/10
the normal disney/nick movie, it was funny and the acting was ok. but its one of those films that when you watch it you have to wait along time intill you watch it again because it will bore you.

Intersect (2009) 5/10
I would have rated this film higher if the film was longer. it was only like 15mins long, i think they should remake this into a long film because the storyline was good and so was the acting and i think alot of young girls could relate.

The Ring (2002) 7/10
I have been putting off watching this film for years because i thought it would have been boring, but i was surprised at how good it was. threw out the movie i was surprised and was keeped guessing and i could watch this film like 100 times and never get bored of it.

The World Unseen (2007) 6/10
good movie but gets abit boring at times but it did shock me how people treat other people for being diffrent and just who they are. i had seen these two actresses act in another film and they are perfect together and have so much chemstry on film.

Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! (2011) 5/10
the normal nick/disney film was funny in parts but could not keep my intrest,would be good for little children to watch.

The Beautiful Ordinary (2007) 6/10
was surprised at how good this film was,the storyline to this film have not watch one like it before, i was laughting and some bits of it i could related to.its one of those films that you have to see.

Yes or No (2010) 6/10
an amazing,funny and touching story the only let down is that i had to read subtitles i think they should make a version of this in english because its such a cute films.

Lemonade Mouth (2011) 5/10
you normal nick/disney movie not much to say about it really but a good film to watch when you are bored.

Butter (2011) 5/10
a kinda funny/weird film,its a film that will make you laugh a root for the underdog. and the film title says it all really.

Out at the Wedding (2007) 5/10
very funny film but abit boring intill it gets to the funny parts.

Gia (1998) 7/10
all i can say is that i loved it and its a film to watch.

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) 8/10
love this film so much i went to see it twice,it is so much better in 3D its like your in the movie.

Sorority Wars (2009) 5/10
a avage good film but got boring in parts but still liked it.

Cyberbully (2011) 3/10
a good meaning behind the film but it was boring and i guessed everything that would happen before it did.

The Clique (2008) 5/10
a good film made me laugh and you see what a girl does just to try and be popular and in the end it all works out.kind of like a younger and not so good mean girls

Raise Your Voice (2004) 6/10
very good film had me laughing and cry,i would watch it again

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#133 Old 29th Oct 2012 at 7:25 PM
Carrie (1976) 8/10

I wouldn't classify it as a horror film, more like a tragedy/drama/thriller. In fact, I think the only reason it landed in the horror genre was because of the slaughterfest at the end when Carrie snaps. I found this film to be more sad than horrifying either way, and as a past bullying victim, I can relate to Carrie, so it won me over for liking the characters. I hated Chris and her psychopathic boyfriend (seriously, who kills a pig for a prank?!) and I slowly started to like Sue over the course of the movie (what with her redeeming actions and all). Carrie's religious nut of a mother had me cringing, and the boy who asks Carrie out is just so sweet. This film had it's creepy moments (especially towards the end) and you can't help but feel sorry for Carrie. Overall 8/10--great movie, although the beginning scene made me feel kinda awkward.

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#134 Old 15th Dec 2012 at 12:35 PM
Extract (2009) 5/10
It was an ok movie,it get boring at time but there are funny bits in it which counters the boring parts.

Pitch Perfect (2012) 6/10
Its a great plot and the acting was good was such a great movie and it made me smile and the singing was good two.the only down part was there had like 2 people in there group who did not talk or anything they where there to fill but it annoyed me.

Spirited Away (2001) 6/10
this movie is so sweet and i did not understand parts of it but it is so worth watching.

Hick (2011) 6/10
its a good coming of age story,but there are somethings i would change to make it better. but other then that worth watching

The Virginity Hit (2010) 5/10
it was not,it was not as good as i was lead it to was very boring but i like the way thet shot it.

Speak (2004) 7/10
amazing plotline and the acting is a worth watching film.i dont want to say anymore to spoil it.

First Position (2011) 7/10
a amazing true life film about ballet dancer,its a must watch if you are a dancer, i felt for them because i know what they went through.

Hotel Transylvania (2012) 6/10
a cute film. i loved it but it was abit boring at parts but the bits that were not boring where amazing.

Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge (2001) 5/10
its an o movie,its good to watch on halloween to get you in the spirt

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#135 Old 17th Dec 2012 at 6:12 AM
Okay let's see if I got this formatting right.

Movie Name - Lincoln (In Cinema)
Rating - 9/10
Comments - The first part of the movie was slow and on the verge of boring, and caused some people in the audience to fall asleep which is why I didn't rate a 10. But the middle to end of the movie really picked up and was exciting and enthralling and a joy to watch history unfold like that. Sally Field, and Tommy Lee Jones in any movie really make it worth seeing. Daniel Day Lewis is not as an acclaimed actor as Sally Field or Tommy Lee Jones, yet he really brought it in this movie. Great for history buffs (like me). Very entertaining!
Field Researcher
#136 Old 17th Dec 2012 at 2:48 PM
500 Days of Summer
I enjoyed it, but i think thats because i like the actors. I felt like there was something missing, but i liked the general premises of the film, i would have liked more insight into why Summer changed her mind.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower
Loved it! The end was just, ergh amazing. I havn't read the book, but i defo will know. I like the characters and thought the actors done a good job, though it was very hard not to see Sam as Hermione. Only critism is i think it started a little slow, took a while for me to get into.

-and in that moment, i was infinate.
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#137 Old 18th Dec 2012 at 4:20 AM
It's predictable and cliche, but it's not really bad, had some funny moments. Cried twice.

Wreck It Ralph
I'm kind of blindsided by the sheer amount of nostalgia. But looking past that revealed a story so good that I cried. Like, a lot.

Hotel Transylvania
I kind of dislike when the Dracula turned to that "scary protective dad with sudden red lighting" it lacks dynamic and ruined the pacing of the scenes for me. Still very funny though. Barely cried.

Rise of the Guardians
Emotional roller coaster for me, same with Wreck it Ralph.
#138 Old 13th Jan 2013 at 1:56 PM
Les Misérables (2012) - 6/10
The acting was spot on but the singer was not as good as it is on the stage,I think they should of picked people who has performed on Les Mis on the stage before so the singing would be better.other then the singing it was a good film and it made me want to cry.

Chloe (2009) - 4/10
I think the plot to the story was a good idea but it was very boring at some parts,half was through the film I got bored because nothing intresting really happend. but i must say Chloe is a psyco.

Young Adult (2011) - 5/10
good film and great plot, the only reason I watched it was because a friend said I would enjoy it, which i did i found it funny and the girl a weirdo but missunderstood at the same time.

The Breakfast Club (1985) - 6/10
This film is a classic and would say it is worth watching, the meaning behind the story and everything they go through can translate to anyone. its worth watching, i still can't believe i waited so long to watch it.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012) - 6/10
It has a twist at the end which i kind of saw coming but if you have seen all the other films then its worth watching this one too but i do think they could of cut some stuff out which did not really relate to the story,it just felt like they where filling gaps.

Annie Claus is Coming to Town (2011) - 5/10
Just a avage film the storyline and acting was ok but its a good film to watch at xmas time to get you in the mood,but other then that not really worth watching.

Fly Away (2011) - 6/10
acting and storyline was amazing, this film tugged at my heartstring it made me happy and made me sad. This film made me understand so much and made me cry so much at the end and many happy times throughout the film. I would say this film is worth watching.

Struck by Lightning (2012) - 7/10
This film is about a guy who does not fit in and all he wants to do it write and make a difference, its a amazing film it made me cry at the end it was just so well written and acted it tugged at my heartstrings. i would say this film is worth watching.

Project X (2012) - 6/10
Its a good film. its about a boy who wants to be popular so he throws and really big party,if you like those kind of films then you should watch it. for me i liked it because of the way they shot as it felt like you was in the movie with them.

Chained (2012) - 6/10
this film was meant to be scary and everything but it was not and i liked the fact that you did not see the people being killed you just saw the childs reaction and the aftermath. this film is worth watching, it shows that no matter how you are brought up you dont have to become something that you dont want to be.

2012 (2009) - 5/10
avage film, i watched this the day was meant to end because i thought i dont believe it would happen so i might as well watch the film. i found it boring most of the time,but if you like end of the world films then this is for you

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Field Researcher
#139 Old 14th Jan 2013 at 2:21 PM
The Impossible (6/10)
I think it was a really well made film. . . it just lacked impact for me :/ Feel a bit heartless as the rest of the cinema was sobbing away and i just sat there like hmmm. Wasn't as sad as everyone made out, but a pretty emotional film that makes you think how short life is. It was based on a true story, but i can't help but feel it was dramatized a bit with the whole reunion thing.

Catfish The Movie (6/10)
Was pretty creepy and i think Neev and the people who produced it were pretty unethical in their treatmeant of the women and her family, she was clearly mentally unwell/ compulsive liar whatever and i just felt like they were exploiting them a bit, even though she was in the wrong to start with.

-and in that moment, i was infinate.
Mad Poster
#140 Old 16th Jan 2013 at 3:12 AM
Hot Fuzz (7/10)
A funny movie. I'm happy I ended up watching it.

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#141 Old 17th Jan 2013 at 6:25 AM
Wreck-It-Ralph: 7/10. The overall concept was alright, but the unnecessary romance between Calhoun and Felix just ruined everything
Mad Poster
#142 Old 17th Jan 2013 at 6:35 AM
Originally Posted by vhanster
Wreck-It-Ralph: 7/10. The overall concept was alright, but the unnecessary romance between Calhoun and Felix just ruined everything

I was going to watch this film at the movies, when I was up the coast on holidays. I ended up seeing Pitch Perfect instead

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#143 Old 9th Feb 2013 at 3:14 PM
Fun Size 2012 - 5/10
It is a cute/funny film, if you want something to make you laugh or you like Nick movies then you should watch this.

Ruby Sparks 2012 - 6/10
I was bored in some parts,but the storyline and the acting was great and there are little surprises in there. overall i found it cute and funny and worth watching.

Now and Then 1995 - 6/10
Great film i would love to have a friendship like theirs. its kind of a coming of age and finding out who you are kind of story, it made me laugh and made me cry. it is one of those films that is timeless.

Robot and Frank 2012 - 6/10
I thought this movie was going to be rubbish but i was very surprised, I don't want to say anything about the storyline because i will give away the what happens in the movie. all i have to say is that you should watch the movie because it is worth it.

The Ward 2010 - 6/10
Good horror movie it is kind of a mind frick, i did not see it coming when i usally do in other horror films.

Elsewhere 2009 - 5/10
the storyline was good but kind of boring,they needed to have more twists and nothing really happen till near the end.

Puccini for Beginners 2006 - 6/10
this movie is a twist on romance movies and it shows how complicated love is and nothing is was very funny and it did not end like normal romance movies which i like.

Triple Dog 2010 - 5/10
this movie was good and had abit of a twist, it also shows how different types of people can end up being better friends then people who are the same as you.

Howl's Moving Castle 2004 - 4/10
i did not see the end of this movie, it was good but it kind of went on for to long.

My Neighbour Totoro 1988 - 7/10
i love this movie it is so cute and i want Totoro.

Camp 2003 - 5/10
i dont really know what to say about this movie, but it was good something just did not click with it.

Red Doors 2005 - 6/10
a story about love and being true to also shows that growing up and being different is not a bad thing

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#144 Old 9th Feb 2013 at 5:33 PM
The Hobbit
I loved every minute of it!
The only reason I gave it 9/10 is because that, when we got to see it at the theatre, the film started stopping and starting randomly at the end. Viewing pleasure reduced. But that's the theatre's fault anyways.

Test Subject
#145 Old 10th Feb 2013 at 6:55 PM
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire- 7/10 I watched it and loved it. I read the books and watched it again. I wasn't worth watching the 2nd time because it was so bad compared to the books.
#146 Old 10th Feb 2013 at 7:42 PM
[Fox and the Hound] - [Old] - [Family]
[Rating: 8]
-[I think the movie is a timeless classic about a fox and a hound.]
Mad Poster
#147 Old 11th Feb 2013 at 1:20 AM
[Get Him to the Greek]
[Rating: 5]
I didn't really understand the movie, and I didn't like it. The only reason I watched it was because TJ Hooker was on after it and I wanted to watch that.

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Mad Poster
#148 Old 11th Feb 2013 at 1:32 PM
Heebie Jeebies 2013
A "thriller" from SYFY 0/0

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#149 Old 11th Feb 2013 at 10:51 PM
Rocket Science 2007 - 6/10
it is a good film about a boy trying to over come a stutter and finding himself.

Would You Rather 2012 - 5/10
it is a horror but there is not much blood in it,it could have been better if more things went on. it is very much like the game would you rather but with a big twist

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#150 Old 13th Feb 2013 at 8:30 PM
John Dies at the End
I didn't read the book but familiar with the style of one of the writers, David Wong. Must have been very difficult to adapt the ideas to movie.
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