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Default About My Commercial Free Classic Rock Radio Station
I am not sure where I can talk about this, but first off there is a link below my posts that leads to a Facebook page from there? to listen you first need to be using Firefox then? click on the link in the 1st post on the Angel Classic Rock Mix Radio Station page on Facebook.

OK, I am not a business because I DO NOT ADVERTISE, and I do this from my own home, I DO NOT talk on my station and I play mostly Classic Rock Pop and Classic County Rock music, this is not meant to be a commercial, I just wanted to get more people to tune in.

Why pay for Satellite Radio? when people like me do it for free, any online computer or most any online capable device can pick up my radio station.

I currently have an ASCAP license to make my station legal, if you want to learn how to create your own radio station? then send me a private message on this forum and I'll try to get back to you on it. If you are in a band or are a performer I can offer you some advice to sign up to ASCAP for a one time $50USD fee and you can get a continuing check from ASCAP, it's a free money making investment and I think it's worth it for you along with your current record company.

I use Centanova Cast and Centanova cast automatically tracks Copyrighted music sessions automatically I paid a yearly fee so I could give this station out to you all, hope you enjoy, and I also hope see you as a listener

My personal radio station link in first post (commercial free and all music) listen with Firefox enjoy, this is a gift
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