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The Time Machine (2002) - 3/10
Remakes are rarely as good as originals, and this one is no exception.
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The Man Who Used To Be Me (2000) - 3/10
A made-for-TV movie about a man that travels back in time to try to solve his father's murder.
Nothing to write home about.
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Wayne's World (1992) - 2/10
I made it to 8 minutes into this drivel before calling it quits - specifically when they're driving and put on a cassette of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, a pretentious ditty I never liked and which is way over-referenced by just about everyone.
Mike Myers can be funny, if taken in limited doses. This is why he was successful in Saturday Night Live. Too much of him though quickly becomes obnoxious. I'd normally rate this a "1", but I'll make it a "2" for the "Ex-squeeze Me?", "Baking Powder?" and ""Sphincter Says What?" one-liners I believe came from this movie.
I also cringe whenever movies use actors who are well into their 20's to depict teenagers. Myers was 29 and Dana Carvey even older, at 37 - just stoopid.
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Rerun of The Matrix on TV.

Just found it funny that the ads directly in front of the breakfast scene (the "bowl of snot" porridge) were of an energy company, a roomba, and a food delivery service... It's almost like they planned it to be a bit on-the-nose .

It's not my favorite movie series, but the first movie is well made for its time. Only fully saw the movie series once, and that's a long time ago, so I only partly remembered various scenes.

While the first one had me watching throughout, Reloaded feels like it suffers from "Who-are-all-these-new-people?", "some-time-has-clearly-passed...did-I-miss-something?", overdone actionscenes (not helped by Neo's Matrix powers going from 99% to a million in whatever timeline I must have missed between the movies), "Some plot stuffeths because it's supposed to be a trilogy and we gotta fill the 2nd one with something", mid-movie chrisis. I think that was true the first time I watched, too. Maybe it's just because I'm struggling to pay attention. There's too much focus on action and effects in a lot of places, and it feels like the story gets lost somewhere in the "let's make this look AWESOME!", and it makes me lose interest. Also, after a while, that clearly fake stage fighting kinda gets on my nerves...
It did get a bit better the last 30-ish or so minutes, though.

Hoping the last movie can take it up a notch, but that'll have to wait a few days.


Watched the last one, and it was alright. Better than the middle one, but not quite as engaging as the first one, and the usual kind of feeling with movies that have an ending you start expecting already during the first and second movie (I've seen it, but there really are extremely few surprises in this one). Hero "is the one", he gets the job done, everyone is happy, end of story (ish?).

I guess it makes me a little bit curious for the next movie now when it's here, but it's not like I'm going to run to the movies (I'm more likely to watch the new Spiderman movie, although I've missed out on a couple Marvel movies in between).
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The Thirteenth Floor (1999) - 4/10
We are all just computer simulations, and it's all very confusing.
I do get hankering for a grilled cheese sammich now and then. Well, grilled ham and cheese.
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A Bucket Of Blood (1959) - 5/10
A mentally challenged man accidentally kills a cat and covers it in clay to make a statue. After customers at the beatnick cafe where he works laud him as an artistic genius, he uses his newly found talent to model other "subjects".
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Don't Tell A Soul (2020) - 4/10
A pair of thieving brothers cause a security guard who caught them in the act to fall into an abandoned well hole, and they argue about whether to save him. Just when the story gets totally absurd, there's a major twist.
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Reservoir Dogs (1992) - 4/10
I watched this several years ago and just watched it again. Seems the more I watch this, the dumber it gets, so I better stop.

Spoiler Alert:
I don't understand what specifically killed Mr. Brown, the Quentin Tarantino character. One moment he's driving a car, albeit with blood on his forehead, the next moment he's dead.
Also, in the final scene, which is supposed to be a "Mexican Standoff", Nice Guy Eddie shot Mr. White, Mr. White shot Joe, and Joe had been aiming at Mr. Orange, lying already wounded nearby, although he apparently did not end up shooting him. I've watched this scene a couple of times and Nice Guy Eddie just seems to drop dead from a gunshot without anyone having shot at him.
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Blow (2001) - 7/10
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Across The Bridge (1957) - 6/10
Pet lovers will like this - and who isn't a pet lover?
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Funeral Home (aka Cries in the Night) (1980) - 4/10
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Eraserhead (1977) - 10/10
Perfect for watching on a dark winter solstice night. Also, David Lynch.
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The Matrix Resurrections

I have not seen the trilogy in a very long time so of course I watched that to refresh my memory before watching the latest movie in the series. Overall, I liked it. I enjoy the esoteric.

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Seven in Heaven (2018) - 1/10
I went into the closet for seven minutes, but when I came out the movie was still playing.
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The Road (2009) - 7/10
I actually watched this several years ago and while I don't remember too many details, I do remember I wasn't overly disappointed. I also read the book before that.
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The Name of the Rose (1986) - 10/10
Seen this a couple of times - excellent. I need to read the book.
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Coma (1978) - 7/10
Somewhat currently topical.
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Venom 2: Let there be carnage - 7/10
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Dr. JJM, my dentist once received a birthday card I drew of Venom in the chair. Said a joke along the lines of "Put me on a flight for Formula 1 racing!"

Home Alone 1 (98/100)
We all know the story, amid the chaos of packing for a holiday during the holidays in France, 8 year old Kevin MacCallister is getting into trouble with his family. After a disgusting incident in the kitchen, he is forced to sleep on the hide-a-bed on the third floor. During the night, the power and phone lines get knocked out. The airport shuttle arrives and everyone is in panic mode trying to get to their flight on time...but they forgot Kevin. Kevin, who got in a fight with his mother the night before, thought he made the family disappear.

The cop that was at the house last night? That was Harry, one half of the Wet Bandits who flood houses as a calling card once they are burgled. (Actually, Marv, the dimwitted other half is the one flooding the houses.)

Meanwhile, in France, the family calls for help to send a police officer to check in on Kevin. Kevin's mother, Kate goes on to get back to her home to be with Kevin.

Meanwhile, Kevin makes the most of his time, going through his eldest brother's Buzz's stash of goods in his foot locker. And steals Buzz's life savings to buy a toothbrush. However, old man Marley appeared throughout the film and scares Kevin after Kevin hears that old man Marley was once the South Bend Shovel Slayer (killed his family and half the people on the block where he used to live. Lives in hiding and not enough evidence of mummified bodies levied against him.)

The theft of Buzz's money also broke his shelving and his tarantula's enclosure, so "Axl" as the tarantula was codenamed by production members would crawl throughout the house.

After shopping at the grocery store, Kevin is spotted by the Wet Bandits as he is setting up a Christmas tree. Marv is sent to investigate, but not recognizing the movie "Angels with Filthy Souls" or the sound of firecrackers blowing up in a metal pot, he runs back to the van and surmised they were beatened to their job and that someone was blown away.

By Christmas Eve, Kate is exhausted, dirty and just wants help. A polka band whose flight was cancelled offers her a ride to Chicago en route to Milwaukee in a budget van.

The Wet Bandits decide to return at 9:00PM to raid the house. Kevin decides to set up his traps after talking with old man Marley who sadly admitted he's not welcome with his son after an argument long ago. Kevin nudges a reconsideration into Marley's head and heads home to arm the house with childish but painful\deadly traps. One after another, after both men took a hit from a BB gun, the traps are activated. After cutting the Zipline rope, that lead to Kevin hung on the hook of the Murphys basement door. Just as soon as Harry was about to bite off Kevin's finger (this led to a scar on Macaulay Culkin's hand. It's not every day Joe Pesci bites you hard enough), old man Marley knocks out Harry and Marv. When the police finally come, the mess around the house is cleaned up, the traps are deactivated, Kevin goes to sleep, wakes up...

...takes some time to reunite with his family after hearing the sage advice about the complications of being in a family. He looks outside and old man Marley is reunited with his son and his granddaughter...but a scream of bloody murder from Buzz about the trashed bedroom means Kevin is in trouble...again.

In Poland, it's a traditional film to watch at Christmas time.

Fun fact: Director Chris Columbus had a fear of burglars, so John Hughes and Chris Columbus worked the movie to its final form

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The Truman Show (1998) - 2/10
Starring the always obnoxious Jim Carrey.
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The Parallax View (1974) - 6/10
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Funeral in Berlin (1966) - 8/10
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Spy (2015) - Comedy spy movie. Found it very funny and quite enjoyable. 8.5/10
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