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REVOLT OF THE DEAD (an old sims 2 movie I made back when I was 13 in year 2009. it's supposed to be based off of Resident Evil)
here's an old movie that i made with the sims 2 back in 2009. it's based off a game i use to play on my nintendo DS RESIDENT EVIL and it's also based off a scary dream that i had back when i was in elementary school, but i made this when i was 13.

I tried my best to make it exactly like resident evil but i was only 13 and no where near as good as making videos with the sims nowadays i managed to use a lot of the original soundtrack from the old school resident evil & i managed to feature the ski resort (based off the mansion) and the courtyard (based off the backyard dormitory from resident evil) and the pool room (based off the flooded basement but i didnt know how to get a shark in it back then) and the labaratory (which was in the attick when in the game, it was actually in the basement)

A long with stock footage of doors opening from resident evil walkthroughs that were posted online and helicopter footage from the real end of resident evil :P
i felt like this was pretty decent... but im thinking about remaking it

If i elaborae on the stuff going on, i could make it a more complex story.
let me know what u think

ALSO if you played the original Resident Evil, i'm sure you'll find this hilarious
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