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Originally Posted by joandsarah77
You want to zoom down until the walls of your house are barely touching the edge of your picture frame. Otherwise yes good picture, just too far way. Even better if you can remember to turn the grid off by clicking the colour swatch tool.

Is that so?

The place is quite spacious
Where the kitchen meets the living room

A dining table that can be used normally

Living room sofa

In fact, this place looks very spacious. I don't think there will be any obstacles to moving forward, but the strange thing is that if people can't reach them, they will stamp their feet and express anxiety, but in this house, people will be reset directly, especially when preparing a group dinner. After reading the newspaper, put it away. People will be reset
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This house, did it have many sim references in it? You can open a house in SimPE to see just how many there are. All lots have some, even blank unplayed with lots but those are normal, extra ones come from sims who have been moved in.

It does look spacious so my thought is that there are some invisible stuck items in the way. Those type of items can get stuck after sims have played kicky bag or jump rope in those areas. Check the bat box and see if you can nix anything stuck. Then if they still can't walk try and find where they stop, the squares they won't walk over and place down on each tile a stuck object remover. Be sure to clear away items on adjacent tiles or they may disappear too. You need to be in live mode for that mod into remove any invisible stuck items. Do you have both of those mods?

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The only thing I can see is that the sofa(couch) needs to get pulled back away from the chairs and loveseat so your sims can get at them correctly.

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Also, look up "jump bug" in the Game Help FAQ. That's what a certain kind of constant resetting is called.

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