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#701 Old 22nd Nov 2021 at 4:42 PM
The Haunting in Connecticut (2009) - 5/10
Not to be confused with A Haunting in Connecticut (2002), from two posts above, this motion picture version is gorier, but not overall better. I think the TV version might be a bit more suspenseful, and not just because I knew what to expect with this one. I think it's because what the TV version has in suspense, the movie version has in gore, because they probably can't show as much of the latter on TV. I give this one the same rating.
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#702 Old 23rd Nov 2021 at 12:41 AM
Apex (2021) - 1/10

Boring, Has been done many times before with much better results.
I am a Bruce Willis fan, But in this he does nothing but walk through some woods on an island with a few crazy people who are out to kill him for sport.
They kill themselves while Bruce is getting high on berries he found and that's about it.
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#703 Old 24th Nov 2021 at 5:14 PM
The Breaker Upperers (New Zealand, 2018) 10/10 for this joke:

"- Just because I don't have a boyfriend does not mean I'm gay!
- I'm just saying, you already live together, you might want to consider it.
- I'm not sure it's something you can actually consider, Shoz. I think it's more like something you're born with, like, a genetic mutation, like X-men, but, like, in vaginas.
Like, boom (forming an X with arms), Vulvarine!"

Ah, I love Wolverine.
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#704 Old Today at 7:37 PM
Moon (2009)
This movie was amazing. Sam Rockwell really plays the main character well (or should I say characters without spoiling too much)
It was truly a hidden gem for me as I didn't expect much of it as it was a movie made with just 5 million dollars.
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