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My fingers are inflammed again (11/10 circulation) and I attempted to squeeze some face cream out of the tube but ended up crying instead because not only did no cream come out by fingers felt like they were going to fall off. Later I went to the shops and was like oh lets see if I can get a pot of cream instead of a tube. But since there's like only 3 brands I can use, the answer ended up being no because they'd somehow all decided to put their products in the squeezey tubes where product doesnt come out easily. Which is very rude.

Also some kid just set off a firework. It's 11:46 and broad day light what do they even expect is going to happen?
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#377 Old Yesterday at 2:00 PM
Not sure where you live, Noah, but there are definitely some cheap Chinese toys available from Amazon/AliExpress that serve the purpose of squeezing cream out of tubes (most common use to squeeze out remaining tooth paste). This is the concept I'm talking about:

There are definitely some cheaper variants out there for less than $40 – this is a professional-grade squeezer so it says. The cheaper ones may not squeeze out all the cream, but should definitely help you out a bit.
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We had plans with my brother and the kids, but of course his new GF comes and says "oh but lets do other fun activities instead today!", and my brother is like, *forgets all other plans* "... yup, all in!"

It's happened so many times lately, it's getting really annoying, and this was something we're trying to get done ASAP because there's a time limit (taking pics for christmas cards, ordering, etc).

*Takes deep breaths* Why can't they do those things another day, and NOT today? Plenty of evenings when you can build-a-gingerbreadhouse or decorate the tree, but sheepherding the kids together at a time of day in the weekends when they're mostly in a good mood instead of tired after school/activities and/or not out of the house on said activities would've been ideal, especially when we've got a very limited number of weekends.
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Redd from Animal Crossing is being a PITA. I need art to get Brewster. The only way to get art that I'm aware of is through Redd who keeps trying to sell me counterfeit crap.

This is not a first world problem, but it is annoying regardless. I just want a cafe even though I don't touch coffee with a 10-foot pole in real life.
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