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Though Tamara is not the sweetest character in the story, I'm kinda glad to see she's back :D
Nice to hear you're gonna work on the new story) it's good you've decided to do it in TS2 - the game just made to create\write stories

Soo, as usual - wait for the update and for your new series)
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I want to see Tamara die for real! And honestly, Blair and Jamie should just stop fighting.

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Lavaster you hit the nail on the head...
Jamie: All she did, and she was drugged, was blurt out Blair basically went through Stiles computer, Stiles over reacted and screamed at Blair.
Blair: OVER REACTED to the MAX! She's assaulted Jamie twice, I don't know why Jamie nor her parents called the police, threatened her, RUINED her mother's wedding dress, RAN UP her bank cards and credit cards (who the eff does that to their own sister?!?!) kicked her to the street with no where to go as now she has no money! Blair is going extremely over-the-top now and I feel she just needs to calm down! What happened to season 1 Blair, did she die?

Tamara just needs to go, she's crazy, she's murdering babies, breaking up families, putting people into comas, setting fires and blackmailing people left right and center, she's beyond Georgina from GG now and I'm honestly looking forward to the update when she just dies
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This is awesome! I am loving this series.....
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Can't wait for the next part to come out
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Looks like Vita's foolishness has finally caught up with her.
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Where did you get the crazy hair for Tamara at?
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Helenica and brtaylor2000, as usual thanks SO much for the comments and support, glad you're liking it.
Lavaster and Herp-Derp, because this is a heavily character driven series, Tamara unfortunately isn't going to be going anywhere anytime soon, she's a resident villain lol and she's crucial to advancing several story arcs. And if you think she's a bit much now, she's going to get much much worse. Blair is one of my favorite characters , so because I have such a bias towards her she's gonna get some of the best storylines, aka the most emotional plots. So her and Jamie's feud is definitely going to last, but they're still sisters, and eventually the two are going to have to come to a reconciliation. But until then, Blair is going to continue to spiral and act very crazy and vindictive, even targeting other people, but this will all come with a VERY VERY heavy price, also look for Jamie to push back after chapter 6, something big happens on that update that forces Jamie to actually fight instead of being a victim. It gets very dramatic
tmmaston89, Indeed Vita has finally got what she's deserved, but she is also another of my resident villains and she may be down for now, but this character is certainly going to rise up and give everybody hell, she's lost everything and now she basically has nothing to lose, she's going to fight tooth and claw to bring those around her down. Also, I think I got the crazy hair from one of the expansion packs, I doubt its from the store so I'm guessing from one of the packs but its just a hidden hair.
Anyways I'm going to get the next update up very soon, it's hard to write out lol as this is one of the more emotionally charged updates and I have to get the dialogue from super corny -> corny -> sappy, definitely one of the more challenging ones, but I'm almost done so look for it soon
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Default Chapter 2.04: Shattered

There was a time when I was broken, confused and lost. No hope, and not quite the person I used to be, losing my way and not quite knowing how to get back, all because of one life shattering moment in my life... I rejected love, life, and everything I knew, and I just didn't understand how to get back... For some at Bridgeport and Saints Academy, being shattered was a state a=many of them were going through... the thing is, none of them were aware of it.

Holly peered at herself in the mirror as she applied her mascara over her eye lashes, she batted them quickly, being satisfied with her work. She then took out her lip gloss and applied a sheen of gloss over her lips, pursing her mouth when done and staring intently in the mirror. She sighed as she ran her hand through her hair and turned around.

"How do I look?" she asked.
"Great!" Bella exclaimed.
"Like a true queen," said Kaylynn.
Holly grinned, "Good, then let's run this school bitches."

The Gorgeous & the Desperate

"Excuse me," Holly said scornfully as they forcefully moved past Darlene and Sandi, pushing them out of the way.

"Someone needs to put them in their place," Sandi said angrily, watching the trio of girls walk away snickering.
"They are in their place," Darlene laughed. "They're the popular girls."
"Yeah well who gave them the right to walk all over people like that?!"
"I don't know," Darlene continued teasing. "I guess it comes with the position."
"The position? Oh please don't tell me you buy into this whole queen bee crap I mean come on, what sort of high school has a hierarchy system!?"
"All of them," Darlene burst out. "I don't think it's such a big deal, that's what they want, to be popular and all, we just... keep our nose to the ground and mind our own business."
"So you'd rather spend your entire high school career being walked on by a couple of snobby obnoxious rich air heads?!"
"Who's snobby and obnoxious?" a boy called out.

"Hey Miraj," Darlene greeted, still that warm smile on her face.
"Ugh, you two," Sandi said.
"Are you referring to yourself as snobby and obnoxious?" joked Miraj. "Cause I'm definitely feeling a vibe like that from you."
"Shut up!"
Miraj, Darlene, and Arlo all laughed.
"So what you guys up to?" Arlo asked.
"Oh well Sandi here seems to be upset over Holly and her friends."
"Just ignore them," Arlo cut in.
"No! I refuse to be treated like that!"
"Real rebel this one is," Miraj laughed along with the others.
"You guys laugh now, but one day they're gonna do something to hurt you like they do to anyone they please!"
"You're being a bit over-dramatic Sandi," said Arlo.
"No I'm not!" Sandi exclaimed, looking out towards the group of students all conversing. "All they ever do is spread gossip and lies about everyone... I just hope one day, someone gives them a taste of their own medicine... after what happened with Ethan... they deserved to be villified..."

A figure loomed over Ethan Bunch, his eyes darted up towards her as she blocked out the sun. He leaned back on his seat, giving a nonchalant stare.
"Hi, my name is Diane Danders, and I'm new here and I-"

"Stop," Ethan interrupted getting out of his seat.
"I said stop, listen I don't give a rat's ass who you are and whether or not you're new, so just shutup."
"Uh... okay umm... did I do something wrong here...?"
"Yeah, you opened up your mouth, a word of advice, stay the hell away from me."

And Ethan, clearly annoyed, turned around and took his leave, leaving a stunned Diane all by herself. Her look of shock quickly turned to dismay.
"Well... this is going to be much harder than I thought... guess I have to take out the big guns..."

"Bachelor! How many times do I have to tell you that that is NOT the proper dress code! And Langerak!"
"Sorry Headmaster," Michael and Parker said in unison, Michael preparing to button up his shirt. But as soon as the headmaster was out of sight, he put it back to it's original state. VJ laughed.
"You guys are gonna get expelled," he laughed.
"They can't expel me, I'm Michael Bachelor," Michael teased.
"Were not the only ones who break the dress code VJ, almost half the student body customize their uniforms," he joked. "Take that guy over there, running shoes? And take that girl over there, skirt is way too short!" he laughed, pointing at Bella who was now walking towards them.
"Shutup Parker," she said adjusting her skirt. "I shouldn't even be talking to you. Anyways Michael you loser I thought I told you-"
"Ah hold that thought sis," he said interrupting Bella, diverting his attention to River who ran right past them. "Hey hold up!" Michael yelled, running after her.
"Ugh he never listens to me anymore!" Bella exclaimed.

"Hey hey hey what's the rush?" Michael asked holding on to River.
"I need to get this assignment up to Ms. Fredericks class before the morning bell!"
"The morning bell isn't for like the next..." Michael pulled out his phone and looked at the time. "Five minutes," he laughed.
"We still have time," he said leaning in and kissing her.
"What are you doing, were in the middle of the hallway," she giggled.
"So," he responded kissing her again. "So what are we doing tonight?"
"I don't wanna do ;my place' again tonight, we always do that."
"Awww... I liked your place..."
River laughed, "I don't know, how about a walk around town, maybe across the bridge or... or how about the park, we can just walk and talk..."
"We can talk at your place," he said suggestively.
River looked at him with raised eyebrows and a grin on her face. "The park it is then."

"Bella, what are you doing over here?" Holly asked walking up towards her friend.
"Parker called me over!" she lied.
"What?" Parker responded confused.
"Well let's go, shouldn't be late for class," Holly said.
"Wait Holly, can I talk to you...? In private..."
"No Parker you can't."
"Parker please you're embarrassing yourself, stop begging. I want nothing to do with you so get that through that little mohawk of yours! Come on girls let's go, I refuse to waste any more of time with people who don't deserve it!" she said scornfully looking at Parker. The three took their leave. VJ put his arm around Parker, who had his head bowed down looking to the ground.
"It's okay buddy... she... she's just hurting, she doesn't mean it..."
"But it's my fault though... I caused this... I should never have... I should have came back for her, I never should've went alone!"
"That's life Parker... we make these choices that we think are right... and then it just... blows up in our face and we begin to regret what we've done... we just have to learn to deal with them, cause they're nothing more we can do... it's just too late..." VJ said looking at his friend, then he looked over at River and Michael in the corner. He knew exactly the pain Parker was going through.

"Oh my god you two were in a school," Holly laughed coming up to Michael and River.
"Do you not like public displays of affection?" River laughed.
"We just saw you give Parker a public display of rage just now, so I think were pretty justified," Michael joked.
"That's not something to joke about Michael," Holly said sternly. River and Michael laughed. "Anyways, sorry to break up this little... whatever but River we need to get to class and I recall you texting me this morning that you needed to get that assignment over to Ms. Frederick before the morning bell and you have like... 30 seconds."
"Oh my god I completely forgot see what you did!" she exclaimed hitting Michael on the shoulder.
"Ow!" he exclaimed rubbing it. "That was hard... so then, later?"
"Yeah, I'll see you at lunch," she said giving Michael a kiss. She quickly turned to Holly, "You're not bothered by this right?"
Holly sighed and rolled her eyes and began walking away.

"Crazy start," VJ mumbled to himself as he walked into the hallway heading towards a classroom. He stopped though on seeing a young woman looking around confused, clearly lost.
"Are you okay?" he asked.
The woman spun around in surprise, trying hard to remain calm and poised.
"I just need to find room A07... never been to a school before that uses letters and numerals for room numbers," she chuckled.
"Ah yeah that can be kinda confusing, they do it so it seems more sophisticated. So you're new here?"
"Yes, I am first day."
"Ah okay, uh I can help you out, for starters though you're not in uniform, so you're probably gonna get in trouble the minute you step into class," he laughed.
The woman chuckled and smiled at VJ. "I'm flattered but, I'm not actually a student, I'm actually a teacher."

"Oh! Oh wow sorry about that!"
"It's okay," she laughed. "Umm I'm Molly French, or Ms. French I have a daughter who goes here," she said holding out her hand. VJ shook it.
"Nice to meet you, I'm VJ Alvi."
"Pleasure, so... luckily I don't have a 1st period class so students aren't waiting for me but... can you show me where room A07 is?"
"Yeah, yeah of course," he said awkwardly. "This way."

VJ opened the door into the class, "Here it is, A07."
"Thank you so much," she said, stepping into the class. She looked around nervously and sighed.
"You still seem lost," VJ laughed.
"Well to be honest... it's my first teaching job," she smiled. "I just finished teacher's college and this is my first job... the real deal..."
"Don't they prepare you for this at teacher's college... I mean I don't know exactly I'm just guessing."
"They do," she responded, "It's just that doesn't compare to the real thing, my own high school class, all by myself... sorta overwhelming..."
"Well, I have a spare, was just gonna use it to study but if you want, I can help you set up."

"Would you? Oh my god that would be so nice!"
"Kay great, so I'm yours to use."
"So question?"
"What are you? I mean, year?"
VJ laughed, "I'm a senior."
"Oh okay so... you basically know the type of students who go here and their attitudes and stuff..."
"Who and what are you teaching?" VJ laughed.
"Well the headmaster told me we have a lack of good french teachers so I will be teaching french from the freshman year straight through to those who want to take it in their senior year."
"So you basically have the whole school," he grinned.
"Pretty much, so you can imagine the nervousness I'm going through, never been to an elite private school like this before, with the uniforms and the cliques of groups and the cellphones and gossip and..."
"You'll be fine, no one bothers teachers in fact some if not most will go out of their way to suck up to you so you can give them a good grade, cause that's all that matters to alot of them, not the french. Unfortunately, I didn't take that subject this semester."
"Aww, I would have liked to have you in my class," she joked.
VJ smiled back at her, "So what can I do for help."

River let out a sigh as she took out a book from off the library shelf and began browsing through it.
"What?" she said sensing Holly staring at her.
"You never like to talk about you and Michael with me," she whined. "I am your best friend I think you should tell me things."
"He's your ex-boyfriend Holly... its awkward..."
"On who?!"
Holly let out a loud sigh, "How many times do I have to tell you River, I am not going to let a stupid boy get between our friendship again, so if you want to go out with Michael, I have no problems with it I have moved on."
"He dumped you."
"Yeah well I was stringing him along so... anyways are you happy with him?!"
"I surprisingly am, he's really... charming and... sweet... and... devilishly... ah."
"Oh!" Holly exclaimed. "Michael's quite the bad boy now," Holly laughed.
"Shut up!" River chuckled gently pushing Holly.

"What? Mortimer keep your voice down," Bella whispered pressing her face to the book shelf. "I heard them say Michael."
"You need to be helping me get books for our project."
"Mortimer how hard is that you can do that yourself!"
"Well yeah but you are my partner! Were supposed to be doing it as a team and as of now you have contributed absolutely nothing to this partnership!"
"I'm your girlfriend, I think that's enough."
"What?! What does that have to do with anything?"
"It has to do with everything," Bella responded exasperated. "I wonder how Holly really feels about River and Michael..."
"Bella if you don't help me I'm going to be forced to have to drop you as a partner and get someone else."
"You can't do that were going out," she stated clearly not concerned with Mortimer's threat. Just then both of their phones began to vibrate.

"Always the tag along..." Kaylynn sighed as she looked over at River and Holly conversing with each other. She rolled her eyes and tried turning her attention somewhere else. Right then her phone began going off, she took it out to read the text that had been sent, and her jaw dropped.

Who remembers the time when Holly Alto was nothing but a pathetic goody two shoe? I do, and it seems alot of you have forgotten. This is just to remind you that the reigning queen bee is anything but. She's a poser. A liar. She's nothing compared to the likes of Lisa or even her so called best friend River, so why elevate her to a spot she doesn't even deserve? Michael had the right idea of dumping her, and Ethan of all people cheated on her! And let's not forget Parker, who only was interested in Holly because of a bet, and Parker's reward wasn't Holly, but Lisa. He wasn't even attracted to her in the least bit slightly, it was all a ruse, a mean prank.

Does that not speak volumes?! For someone who should be 'running' the school, she sure does let those around her screw her over and manipulate her multiple times! So does she really have what it takes? I think not, it's more than just having a band of mindless followers, you need more, and unfortunately that's something she's sorely lacking. You're weak Holly, and I just wanted everyone to know it...
- DD

"Holly... Holly!" River called out as Holly took off in a fury.

"You!" Holly yelled.
"Holly I-"

"Had something to do with that!"
"No! How could you say that?!"
"Because you did it before Parker!" Holly cried. "You hurt me before... at the gala and then at the rooftop a couple of nights ago remember!"
"I would never hurt you Holly..."
"Well you did, and know this! The past two weren't enough you had to do this!"
"I told you that wasn't me!"
"Then who else could it be Parker! Only you, Lisa and Michael knew about that stupid bet you made and I know Michael wouldn't-!" Holly's voice cracked, her eyes began welling.
"Don't!" she exclaimed, steeling herself and stopping the tears from falling. "Don't! I don't want anything to do with you anymore!"
"It wasn't me!"
Holly only stared at Parker, she closed her eyes and shook her head.
"Why should I trust you? Why should I even care what you say? You met someone else remember, you told me that I should just let go..."

"And that's what I'm going to do," she said as she looked intently at him.
"I was wrong Holly... I... I can't let it go... because I... I-"
"No..." she interrupted putting her finger to his lips. A tear streamed down her face. "I don't want to hear it."
She sighed and wiped her eye, and turned around leaving. Parker stood still watching her leave, a tear rolling down his cheek.

"I loved it! What a great way to end the morning!" Sandi exclaimed. "Shall we read the text again?"
"No!" Darlene and Arlo replied.
"Okay okay, I don't see why you two aren't happy, this is a joyous occasion, finally Holly's put in her place and has tasted the bitter taste of public humiliation for once!"
"Well actually I'm pretty sure she's been publicly humiliated before, I do remember that one-"
"That doesn't matter Darlene what matters is now!"
"What has Holly ever done to you personally Sandi I'm not understanding the profound hatred you have towards her," Arlo laughed.
"I said it before and I'll say it again, what gives them the right to 'rule' over Bridgeport and Saints!? And as the blast stated, what gives the Holly the right, I mean who does she think she is?!"
"Well I have a pretty good explanation," Miraj chimed in as he joined the table.

"You see, before we came, Lisa, was queen bee. According to VJ she wasn't quite as domineering as Holly is, just really bitchy and manipulative," Miraj laughed.
"Hey!" Darlene called out.
"Sorry sorry sorry, forget she's your sister at times. Anyways, because her and Holly basically ran her out of town a couple months ago, tradition is that they take up the crown Lisa left behind. River didn't want it so Holly took it, hence the present situation today."
"Tradition? You know how stupid that sounds," Sandi said rolling her eyes.
"Hey, I'm just going off what my brother told me."
"Speaking of brothers," Darlene said looking over at another table. "I wonder if it was Ethan who sent the blast? I mean he has motive... and nothing to lose..."
"Yeah but not so much towards Holly... more towards... oh boy..."

"He's sitting down with them."
Michael and VJ exchanged glances with one another as Ethan set down his textbook on the table, taking a seat across from them.
A brief silence...

"Ethan..." piped Michael.
"What are you doing here?" VJ bluntly asked.
"Can't I sit with some old friends... well not you Bachelor we were never cool," Ethan responded harshly.
"Woah woah woah what's with the attitude buddy?!" Michael exclaimed.
"Last time I'm asking you this Ethan what the hell are you doing sitting with us?"
"Did you get the text?" Ethan grinned, pulling out his phone. "I have it here in case you're to poor to afford text oh wait, the mother that abandoned you suddenly returned with a boat load of cash... wonder who she had to screw to get that."
Michael quickly turned and restrained VJ from lunging across the table, leaving Ethan laughing.
"Ethan go back to your corner, nobody wants you here," said Michael.
"It truly is a cold day in hell when Michael Bachelor is a popular guy. Go back to serving drinks at fancy parties, cause you're a loser, always was and always will be. Right VJ, those were your words at the Black & White affair remember? Add to that Bachelor you're poorer than a homeless man on his last dime."

"Do you want a black eye? Did you come here just to get knocked out?!" VJ yelled.
Parker arrived, eyeing Ethan as he approached the side of the table.
"Ah the whole gang's here now," Ethan laughed. "So it was all over a bet, you put Holly through all that trouble over a bet... and you called me low," he said turning his attention to Parker.
"What is he doing here?" Parker asked.
Michael only shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.
"What?! I can't sit with you guys?! I'm having a terrific day! The bitch who snubbed me at the start of the summer's got what she deserved and now she's revealed to be some cheap imitation phony!"
"What?!" Parker yelled grabbing on to Ethan's shirt and pulling him out of his chair. "Say that again if you're brave Ethan cause I really want an excuse to kick your ass!"
"And I'll be right here backing you up," said Michael.
"Hey hey guys! Stop it!" called out Diane, as she came running breaking up Ethan and Parker. "Stop it!"
"Whatever," Ethan laughed. "I've rifled all the feathers I wanted to, guess I'll be going on my merry way now."
Ethan grinned at the 3 boys, before leaving the cafeteria.

"What an ass hole," Michael said.
"He probably was the one that sent out the blast," said VJ.
"Actually... about that," Diane said. "Did you notice the initials at the end of the text... D.D...?"
Parker began looking at her suspiciously, his eyes clenched slightly. Diane grinned devilishly, noticing Parker's stare.
"My name happens to be Diane Danders..."
"Me," she announced triumphantly.
"What?" VJ said stunned.
"Why would you-... who the hell are you?!"
"I'm Diane Dan-"
"No! You're a flipping new girl! Why the hell would you do something like that to another girl you don't even know!"
he interrupted.
Diane continued smiling, "That's what girls do Parker, you should know, you've banged a whole lot of them," she laughed. "And plus, I didn't have to know her for long to realize what a fake bitch she is... and it didn't take much for someone to start... talking..."

"Is this what you do when you come to a new school?! Send out random blasts about people you don't like?! Where does that get you, hated by half of the school?!"
"Actually... once it gets out that I was the responsible for the blast... I'll be elevated... and she'll be demoted, whether I'm hated or not is totally irrelevant -"
"So that's what it's all about?! You want to be popular!"
"Doesn't everyone?"
"You're gonna regret doing this..."
Diane laughed at Parker's threat, looking aside and yawning.

"Give it your best Parker, I have enough dirt to bury you to hell and back..."

"That was... intense... who do you think was the one who told her all those things..."
"I don't know... it couldn't have been Ethan cause he didn't know about..."
"She certainly went through a whole lot of trouble just to be popular," VJ sighed.
"Exactly. A whole lot of trouble, she did a lot of digging... and I'm starting to think it wasn't just about popularity..."
"You think she has an ulterior motive?"
"I know she does... but what..."

"Can I help you?" Holly asked, noticing Diane walk into the bathroom and staring at her.
"I guess I've come to gloat," she snickered.
"I think you've got the wrong person, I don't even know who you are so what would you have to gloat about."
"My text..."
Holly stopped washing her hands, looking at Diane through the mirror. She slowly turned around to face her.

"It was you? You're DD?"
"Diane Danders."
"So you're new?"
"Yes," she chuckled. "I am the new girl."
"You've made quite a mess then haven't you."
"Well I wouldn't call it a mess unless you're referring to your social standing."
Holly laughed mockingly at Diane's words then turned her attention back to the mirror to gussy up.
"You seem very calm and collected for a girl who's just been dethroned."
"Dethroned? Are we living in the dark ages?" she laughed. "Who gave you all that information about me?"
"I don't reveal my sources."
Holly let out a small laugh while rolling her eyes, "They never do. Well, in regards to your source, they may have gotten a few things right about me, but I am not that same... fragile... girl from last year, in fact I've changed... and you... Diane... will witness that first hand," she paused slightly to examine Diane's face, tilting her head to the left and continuously smiling. "The mess I was referring to wasn't my social standing to be quite honest I don't care what people think about me, the mess I was referring to is gonna be what people think about you when they look at your face so in other words... you're social standing... which was no where to begin with."

"So if you'll excuse me," Holly said brushing Diane and moving past her. "I have trash to dispose of... namely you."
"Well..." Diane muttered to herself. "Did not expect that."

"Bella, Kaylynn."
"Oh my god Holly we know who it was that sent out the blast!"
"Hey what was she doing in the washroom with yo-"
"I want you to find out everything there is about Diane Danders. Where she lives, who her parents are, where she came from, her old school, what she did there, why she moved, and most importantly, who she knows that goes here, I wanna find the son of a bitch who thought that they could mess with me and get away with it," she demanded.
"Were on it," Kaylynn said, and her and Bella turned around in a hurry and left.

Holly followed suit, heading to the stairs. Jonathan Keith leaned against the stairway handrail, and on seeing Holly coming, moved forward to block her path.
"You're in my way," she responded.

"Let's try that again, 'Hey'."
"Hi, how are you? I'm having a great day and I would love to chat but I need to get downstairs," she said, attempting to move past him.
"Aaaah actually," Jonathan said gently tugging at Holly's arm and moving back in place in front of him. "I think you might wanna take just a couple minutes out to talk to me."
"I'm not understanding this are you trying to hit on me? Cause you're doing a terrible job."

"Am I? I think it's working."
"Well you're delusional and blind."
"All I want is a little evening out with the beautiful Holly Alto."
"Well I'm flattered really, but I have plans."
"Okay, how about scheming with the beautiful Holly Alto?"
Holly laughed, "Scheming? I don't even know who you are, and who would we be 'scheming' against?"
"Well my name's Jonathan Keith, I'm new here."
"Welcome to Bridgeport and Saints Jonathan, you seem to know my name so no introduction on my part is needed."
"I hear you need some info on Diane Danders."
Holly sighed, "What do you know about Diane?"
"All I want is a beautiful evening out with Holly Alto, and I'll tell you the secret our little trouble maker is keeping."

"And how I can I trust you? What if you know nothing?"
"Thing is you can't, that's what makes it so... beautiful..."

"Helloooo, earth to VJ," Molly laughed. VJ snapped out of his trance turning his head to Molly.
"Sorry about that zoned out for a while there."
"Yeah, the club is finished so you can head home now," she said. "It was so great that you could join, really lessened my nervousness."
"Ah you were great."
"Thank you."
"Do you need any help cleaning up? If it's alright with you I'd just like to stay back a bit."
"Oh sure, I'd love the company while clearing some of this stuff up."
"Is everything alright?"

"I just... have a lot on my mind," he said getting up from his seat.
Molly chuckled, "A lot on your mind? You're 18 VJ, trust me the heavy stuff hasn't even begun to hit yet."
VJ laughed slightly.
"Is it about a girl? I know for most boys you're age that's what it usually is about."
"You're right..." he said softly.
Molly smiled at VJ, "Complicated?"
"Sort of..."
"Then let it go VJ, I know that must be weird coming from a teacher and all but I was once a teenager to, and relationships where everything around it is complicated is not worth it, just brings headache to everyone involved."
"Yeah..." he grumbled, pausing slightly to think. "She's dating one of my closest friends... and I was the one who set them up... he helped me through a great deal this summer, I went through alot and he was there, right by my side even though I was such a jerk towards him before... so I felt I owed him, he liked her... so I hooked them up and now I'm starting to regret it..."
"VJ... you can't change the past, hell you know how many mistakes I've done in which I would kill for a time machine," she said. "We just have to move on, and you did a nice thing for your friend, I would treasure that friendship if I were you... and you never know, karma doesn't always have to be a bitch, pardon my language. Something good is going to come along for you, you just have to wait..."
VJ chuckled and smiled at Molly, "Thank you," he said kindly.

"No problem, wasn't to long ago I faced similar issues. Maybe I should be teaching dealing with teenage angst 101," she laughed heading up to the front of the class. "If you're still interested in helping me I have a ton of hand-outs to sort out."

"I'll be right there."

VJ... had he finally found the one who could fix him?
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Default Chapter 2.04: Shattered continued

And Holly... was this going to be the boy who would mend her broken self, and remind her of the girl she once used to be...

"Is this your idea of a beautiful evening Jonathan?" Holly laughed. "Sitting in your car by the waterside..."
"Just wait..." he responded calmly.
"Whatever, this is the closest thing you're gonna get as a date from me so you should be making good use of it."
He laughed, "I'm not worried," he looked over at her. "Do you know where we are?"
"The waterside."
"No specifically?"
Holly looked around and then shrugged. "I don't know."

"See that house over there?" he said motioning at the house they were parked in front of.
"Yeah, what about it... hold on," Holly said pulling out her vibrating phone and checking her text. "Ha, looks like Bella's found something useful, unlike you..."
Jonathan chuckled, "What she find?"
"Apparently she's the niece of the Keatons but interestingly enough... Bella went over there to get any info she could and Marty told her that Diane wasn't going to arrive in Bridgeport for a couple of days..."
"But yet there she was at Bridgeport and Saints today, enrolled as a student," Jonathan said, beaming at Holly.
"This is perfect! Now I just have to find out why she's lying to her family! Take me home Jonathan, you're evening is up!"
"Not... yet... just wait a lil longer... you're gonna wanna see this..."
"Why? The waterside is the poorest area in Bridgeport, what would I possibly wanna see here?"

"Diane! What is she doing here?! Whose house is that?!"
"I was gonna tell you but Bella interrupted," Jonathan laughed.
"Spill Jonathan tell me what you know!"
"I've been doing some... after school programs down here and I've noticed Diane come to that house every day after school... almost as if she lived there..."
"Okay but... whose house is it?"
"That's the thing... it's not a residential home... it's for the mentally ill, substance abusers and people in trouble with the law, the Peterman Youth Rehabilitation Centre."
Holly's eyes widened as she looked at Diane by the door waiting to get in, she quickly positioned her phone and took a picture of Diane.
"So she's either crazy, a junkie, or a criminal, maybe all three this is great! But... Bridgeport and Saints would never let someone with her record into the school."
"Didn't Bella tell you that the school has her registered at the Keaton's address? She probably used them all the while staying here. But what I don't get was how long she was planning to pull this off, her family would wonder when it was she would actually come."

"Well were about to find out, I'm going to make sure everyone knows that Diane has been coming to the Peterman Centre ever since she's arrived, she's gonna have a ton of explaining to do and her credibility and... reputation... what's of it, is gonna be shot to hell. Thank you very much Jonathan, I must admit you did stay true to your word and helped me a great deal."
"I love helping out damsels in distress," he joked.
"Uh no, I'm not a damsel nor was I in distress," she laughed.
"I'd beg to differ... so... you want me to drop you home?"
Holly positioned her body in her seat to face Jonathan, staring at him inquisitively. "Why did you help me?"
"I told you, I have a thing for damsels in distress," he laughed.
Holly eyed him up and down, examining him, then she shifted back forward. "Actually can you take me to lookout point?"
"Huh... okay..."
"I'm not gonna pull anything if that's what you're thinking...! I just... I haven't been there in a while and I just wanna go there to... think and clear my head..."

"Sure, I have no problem with that... to lookout point it is."

Jonathan stopped the car at the pathway leading down to the beach, looking over at Holly. Holly looked back at him smiling, she took off her heels then opened the car door, got out and took off down the path. Jonathan followed suit, chasing her down to the beach.
"Hey wait up," he laughed. "Why are you sprinting!"
Holly stopped by the water's edge, she looked out at the murky grey horizon and took a deep breath, Jonathan came up next to her.

"Even though it's a gray day outside... the view never ceases to amaze me..."
"I never took you for the type to just stand by the beach and look out."
"There's a lot you don't know about me," she chuckled. "In fact, it's not only you."
"I get the feeling the person you are at school... isn't really the true you..."
Holly let out a small laugh, "Maybe... I don't know any more... ever since... ever since that night... at the gala... and when me and River did the PSA on Lisa..."
"What changed?"
Holly shook her head as she gazed at the sun setting. "I always wanted to be a journalist, in fact Mr. Wright and even... Michael... thought I had great potential and that I would have no problem winning that scholarship... but then I screwed up... I sacrificed that opportunity to get back at Lisa... and in doing so lost all hope of getting that internship I've dreamed of."
"I'm sure that's not going to be the end Holly there are other chances."
"Not for me," she said softly. "I was basically black balled after that, and all people basically thought of me after that was that I was a vengeful bitch... that night after the gala, I cried and cried and cried, and I told myself that I needed to be stronger, I couldn't let people walk all over me and play with my feelings... I wouldn't let anyone do that to me again."

"So the PSA, and the aftermath of it, basically reinforced my new conviction. If everyone thought that's who I was, I'd happily play the part, I didn't care, I wasn't going to be a journalist anymore so what people thought of me didn't matter, and eventually the act became... a part of me, so much so that I... I let go of Parker..." she let out a small cry at those words. Jonathan stepped closer towards her. "I thought that I didn't have to contact him, to let him know how I felt and what happened! I was... more popular than I was ever before, that my head got so big... and when I heard Parker was coming back I thought to myself there was no way he would be able to resist me, I lied to everyone pretending to 'worry' but I truly felt... that he would love the new me... what a surprise I got... I wanted to cry, to scream to yell! My mind was going in a tail spin but I just couldn't show it! I didn't know how to anymore... everything around me I was losing, I lost the scholarship, Parker, and my parents divorced... then Diane threatened to take the one thing I had left, my barrier, my shield, I just couldn't let her... I feel so broken."

"Why am I telling you this...?"
"Because you need to get this off your chest, for you to finally heal..."
"Heal... you're right..." she said, she closed her eyes and put her head on Jonathan's shoulders. "I've lost who I am, and I don't know how to get back..."
"You don't have to get back, you just have to have hope... learn and grow... I don't have a very good relationship with my parents, I've done a lot of bad things trust me, and there were times that I did feel shattered... but I had to pick up the pieces, and make myself stronger. And to do that you need hope, without hope, there isn't much left, so you need to have hope Holly that you'll be able to move forward and get through the slump you're going through inside..."
"Without Parker..."
Jonathan stayed silent, he put his arms around Holly rested his chin on her head.
"It's up to you..."
"Will you help me?"
"... Yeah..."
"I promise."

One promise... is all it took... to change her...

"Holly!" River shouted out from behind. Holly turned around to find her friend coming towards her waving. "How are you? Is everything okay? We never really got a chance to talk yesterday after that crazy text message."
"I'm fine really," Holly said holding up her hand.
"River you never have any face in me," she chuckled, continuing her walk to school. "I'm fine, I have it all... worked out."
"You know it was some random new girl who did that, Diane was her, I was like that's so weird she doesn't even know you so why would she do that."
"Who knows why, all I know is that she dug her own grave."
"Wait a minute Holly what are you going to do?"
"You'll see..."
River shook her head and laughed, "What could you possibly have found out?"
Holly grinned in response then picked up her walking pace. "I have to see the headmaster so I'll catch you later okay."
"See you," River laughed as Holly walked away. She continued after her but soon got distracted by someone on the other side of the street.

Holly stepped out of the headmaster's office with a huge grin on her face. She took out her phone while walking towards the stairs only to be stopped by Diane coming up.
"Well well look who it is," Diane said.
"I don't think you should be keeping the headmaster waiting Diane."
"What are you so smug about?"
Holly just continued to grin at Diane, "You really shouldn't keep the headmaster waiting Diane, he really doesn't like that... and add to the fact you're already in hot water as it is, I don't think you should make it any worse."
"Trouble?" she asked.
Holly pulled out her phone and put the picture of Diane on the phone, holding it out to her.
"How is the Peterman program? You would know right you do go there... unbeknownst to your aunt and uncle and the headmaster," Holly exclaimed. "Well not anymore, I've shown him where you really live and what you've been doing and to be quite honest he's not very happy with you lying like that... and when I spread this around school that you're a psychotic pill popping criminal... well... you're credibility is going to be shot to hell."
Diane became stunned, staring shockingly at the photo Holly had in her phone. "Who would you do that?" she stammered. "Th-this has nothing-"
"You messed with me Diane, and I told you you would pay. This is all on you," she said, and she proceeded to send the photo out with a text message to everyone in the school.

"The headmaster's waiting for you Diane... enjoy what's left of your time here at Bridgeport and Saints... because there's a high probability that he's going to kick your pathetic self out of this school."
Diane moved in close to Holly and whispered, "It's not what you think..."
And she walked off. Holly turned her attention back to her phone, then walked off.

"Parker! Hey what's up?" River asked stepping out into the courtyard.
"Holly works fast," he laughed, his phone out.
"She does... wow..." she said taking a seat beside him. "Who knew she was that resourceful," she laughed.

"Diane is a crazy lunatic junkie ex-con," Parker laughed looking at his phone. "Who lied to everyone about where she was really living... well that was basically the gist of it."
"Yeah... so... I heard about your outburst towards Diane and Ethan yesterday at lunch... over Holly... wanna talk about it?"
Parker sighed and leaned forward, "I don't know what to do anymore."
"What do you mean?"
"It means I screwed up River! God I was so mad when I went to Europe... so mad that I convinced myself that what I had with Jennifer was real... the truth was it wasn't... I was blind... lost, broken... and when I returned to Bridgeport and saw Holly I told her... things that weren't true..."

"I didn't wanna move on River, I didn't wanna let her go! But I lied to her and told her I had feelings for someone else when the truth was I didn't... I still loved her..."
"Tell her..."
"She doesn't want to hear it."
"She does."
"How do you know?"
"Because she's hiding it Parker... behind who she is now I can still see that same Holly and she will never stop caring for you... she wants you to say it, she wants you to tell her that what the both of you are feeling is real..." she sighed at her words. "As much as I care for Michael... I still remember VJ... And I wished he..."
"You and VJ...?"
"Briefly," she smiled. "But during those times... it was... memorable... but then he let go, and I decided I should too, I wish he didn't but I can't go back in time... so now I'm with Michael and loving every moment of it," she laughed. "He's a great guy. But the point is, don't let the girl you love out of your grasp, grab on to her before someone else... if you don't you'll regret it... and you may never really get over it..."

"Geez, things are complicated now aren't they?"
"One of the perks being a senior," River laughed.
"Ya right... I've never... felt so torn up over a girl... aside from you," he grinned.
River chuckled, "Yeah, but that was way back then, and it's not the same," she laughed leaning to the side and bumping him.
"So I should tell her?"
"The first chance you get, do it in person and corner her if you have too. Just tell her..."
"Tell her I lover her..."
"And that you always will... and it'll set you free Parker..."

"Ms. French... hi," VJ said walking into the class.
"Oh VJ hi so good to see you," Molly said putting her chalk down and giving him her attention.
"I just wanted to give you thanks again."
"Yesterday... I thought about it a lot last night... inside I felt so fragmented, and so I really decided to take your advice to heart... and so when I saw her this morning... and when she waved... I waved back and at that moment... I felt whole again, as if I was waving 'goodbye' to her, finally letting her go, finally accepting and coming to terms with the decision I made... and for that... I have you to thank... so thank you Ms. French..."

Molly let out a laugh and a bright smile, "Thank you VJ... you're such an honest... young man and... I think any girl would be lucky to have you."
"You're just saying that, I'm not that great."
"No you are. As much as I am flattered, you have done a lot of that work on your own, and I feel so honored that you could actually come to me with all that weighing down on you."
"I trust you... and actually like you as a teacher," he laughed.
"I like you too VJ."
"So... need any help this morning?"

"Well well well if it isn't the star of the hour," Ethan remarked jumping up from his seat.
"Leave me alone."
"Hey hey hey what happened to the girl that approached me yesterday," he laughed. "Hi my name is Diane and I'm new," he said in a mocking tone.
"I don't want to talk!" she exclaimed trying to walk away.
"Hey well I do," he said grabbing on to her. She turned around very angrily.

Ethan held out his hand and shook Diane's. "My name is Ethan Bunch, welcome to Bridgeport and Saints. I would actually be very happy to show you around the school."
Diane laughed and rolled her eyes, "You're a day late. And everybody knows who you are."
"And everybody knows you."
"Yeah, the girl who embarrassed herself on the first week."
"Not embarrassed, stood up."

"Is that what you really think? Did you see the text? Everyone knows, including the headmaster and my uncle, I am so lucky that I am still able to attend the school, though I am still on probation. No to mention lockdown at home."
"I'm telling you... you did a good thing... in fact I'll be more than willing to help you do something like that again..."
Diane looked at him with a startled look, then shook her head. "Sorry, one time thing."
"Aww, I thought you had more balls than that."
"Trust me," she grinned. "I do... but I'm not pulling that type of stunt before I know when I've lost. Was that the only reason you approached me just now, to help take down Holly Alto?"
"Not really..."

"So what were you bored? Didn't have anything to do, no one to harass?"
"It was none of that actually."
Diane sighed and looked around.
"I actually wanted to ask you out?" he said.
"What?" she said, a smile on her face.
"You heard me, I was loud and clear, and I don't repeat myself."
Diane was stunned, her mouth slightly ajar. "You certainly are a care-free guy aren't you Mr. Bunch."
"Answer?" he asked grinning like a devil.
"Yes, I like bad boys."
Ethan held out his arm and Diane took it, he looked over at her with a sly smile, "Then were on."

"How are these guys able to send mass texts to everyone in the school?" VJ asked looking at his phone.
"Technology," Michael responded. "You can do a lot of stuff with it."
"So one day Diane sends something out bashing Holly and now the next Holly has an incriminating photo of Diane bashing her, what is it with these girls," he laughed.
VJ laughed.

"So what are we doing this afternoon?"
"Hmmm I have stuff to do with River, sorry man."
"Ah it's alright, I'll just hang with little old me all by myself," he laughed.
"When are you gonna find someone!?" Michael exclaimed. "I wanna go on a double date!... Actually... the last double date I went on was a disaster, a girl ended up in the hospital."
"Oh I remember that," he laughed. "But... I kinda... met someone..."
"What? Dish!"
"She's older..."
"Woah... how old?"
"Not in high school..."
"Yeah buddy go!" Michael yelled hitting VJ on the shoulder. "Have you guys...?"
"No!" VJ exclaimed. "It's not really... I don't know if she... you know feels the same way..."
"When did this happen bro?"
"Aaaaah... uh a couple days ago..."
Michael burst out into laughter.

"Don't laugh at me!"
"Wow... when do I get to meet her!?"
"How about never."
"Come on! Me and River could go on a double date with you guys!"
"That would be beyond super awkward," VJ laughed. "I don't even think there's a word to describe what could happen."
"Awww... well I hope for the best with both of you."
"So I'm taking it you and River are going strong?"
VJ chuckled and walked off, "Bachelor... is and always will be a loser."
"Hey hey hey let's not regress to ancient times now!"

"Hey purdy lady," Jonathan said in a very convincing southern accent.

"Not happy to see me? I sense disdain in your voice."
"Not here," she said smiling.
"Why not? Are you... embarrassed by me... I'm pretty sure it was because of me you were able to get back at Diane."
"And I thank you."
"But that's it? You did spill your guts out to me."
"Lookout point makes me get... very vulnerable," she said quickly. "So you... are to forget the things I told you."
"Really Holly?"
Holly gazed at Jonathan, she smiled at him slightly blushing, "Really... I did have a good time though, you have a nice car and... I needed to get those things off my chest... and I'm grateful you listened."
"Holly!" a voice called out from the hallway. Holly turned to look then quickly back at Jonathan.
"But if it's any consolation, if you asked me out as a friend... I would say yes."

"There you are, I've been looking all over for you, you just have to come with me and see what-... what are you doing with Jonathan Keith?"
Holly turned to look at him, smiled then turned back to Bella.
"Saying goodbye, and how is that any of your business?! Go along now shoo, and what is it you need from me?!"
Bella grunted and rolled her eyes, "Come!"
Holly followed after Bella, turning back one more time at Jonathan, before taking off.

We all get a bit lost at times, and during that turbulent period we need someone to hold on to, someone to guide us back, to help us rebuild and then move forward.

For VJ... this came in a very unsuspecting package

But what we may have to be very careful of, is the path this helper sets us back on... as the end result could be nothing but disaster and ruin that that could shatter us beyond repair...

For Holly... this was something our queen had to decide, whether it was worth it to give her heart out again...

To a boy she knew nothing about...

To a boy who led a dangerous and dark life, and who would take her down that very same road, a road she had once traveled before...

The sound of car engines roared behind Jonathan. He stared out over the bridge as numerous headlights washed over him, he turned around to see an assortment of assorted cars all parked behind him. He grinned and proceeded to get in one.

But how's this for a shocker, a text sent out about a Diane Danders, and all everybody can say is how humiliating and embarrassed Diane must be feeling... the truth...

She couldn't be more happier.

"Worked like a charm, though your little prediction about Holly's behavior was way off, the girl put up an extremely impressive fight I was certainly not expecting that from her, nor was I expecting her to dig up the Peterman Centre I really do have to give it to her for doing that."

"What were you doing there anyways?" the voice on the other line said.
"Now now now you have your secrets and I have mine, were just here to get the job done remember, and I played my part, though don't expect me to pull something like that off again, have to keep an extremely low profile now."
"Drastic times call for drastic measures remember."
"So true, that was the only way to grab Ethan's attention and it worked like a charm, you got his profile wrong too by the way he's cocky and... arrogant as ever, I fear who else you got wrong."
"No one else matters at this point you've got Ethan."
"So... you're turn to make a move, til then..."
"Get close to Ethan, I'll take care of the rest."
Diane nodded, looking out her window dead ahead.
"See you at school."

She let the phone slide out of her hand and fall to the floor. And with a quick movement smashed the phone with her heel, she grinned and left the room.

Diane Danders is Diane Pleasant from Sims 1 I'll say it now she isn't really a villain but she certainly has "sinister" ulterior motives and the next time we see her you'll discover the person she was speaking with on the phone. She's also an added regular so she'll be on permanently. Hope you enjoyed it! Also I wanted to say thanks guys for commenting on the characters and letting me know what you think of them, its really nice to see that
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stands up and clap.... this is getting good!
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Looks like Thorton isn't the only one who Tamara is getting revenge on I have a good feeling that she is going to target everyone in Bridgeport and Diane Dander's motives, I wonder what she could be plotting.
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I still don't get why Frida Goth is trying to tear her own family apart just because Gunther committed fraud just to pay for Frida's surgery
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And the files about Stiles being from Foster home to foster home when he was little, I have a theory that he could possibly be Nick and Nancy's long lost son
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lol tmmaston89 either this story is too predictable or you just know you're stuff and can put things together quite quick, in either case I should step it up :P
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I think tmmaston just know their stuff because I couldnt map that out... but looking forward to the next part!
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Well to me that situation with just with Stiles' back story along with Nancy and Nick's back stories that particular situation somehow just fell into place for me and it could be possible that it could be true but I don't know for sure though and I don't want to spoil it for anyone else. But I am looking forward to the next episode. The Generations pack is also out too I forgot to mention that.[/CENTER]
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Amaaaazingg.... Absolutely loving your story.. .still o nchapter 13 or something, but I lvoe the way how you've encompassed most of Sunset Valley into it, and the way you move from story to story is beautiful and how you connect them all together! Though the start was a bit weak, and i nte middle, all the fighting with the teens was just plain bugging, I LOVE the Claire Ursine theory, the Rachel Barrett and The Darling murders...... the way you've done this story is AMAZING! I'm sure you'vehad to do A LOT of research into al lthis..and the pictures are so amazing with such clairty! Basically, I am a huge fan. Love the writing, but some of it is A BIT repetitive, thoerwise it's amazing... you truly have talent! Loved it all! Keep 'em coming!

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Just updating letting you all know that an update IS coming soon lol and here's a preview:

I wanted this update to be PERFECT, it's this story's first wedding and Nick and Nancy are strong characters who've gone though quite the journey to get to where they're at now. It's proven to be one hell of a challenge lol, getting the majority of the characters all in one building, sitting down (during Malcolm senior walking Nancy down the aisle) and behaving was very very hard but it's done =)
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To bomb series i just wanted to learn how did u get those different poses
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Default Chapter 2.05: Again - Ceremony
bbyboo22: Unlocking the debug menus allows me to play out any animation in the game, that's how I get some poses, other times I just force it through interactions. For this update though, some poses are custom.

Sorry for taking so long, anyways this is the first part, the ceremony. This doesn't have a lot of words, pictures tell a thousand words so I hope the pics will give off the emotion. Also, these 2 songs: (This I Swear - Nick Lachey) (Again - Bruno Mars)

The lyrics had a big influence over this update, so I recommend listening to one while you read the part of Nancy walking down the aisle.



"You know what you are Nancy, you are a crazy, snobby, slutty psycho bitch!"
"And you know what you are you fat piece of lard?! You're a trashy no good manipulative flaming piece of douche scoundrel!"

Do you believe that things happen for a reason? I didn't, but then I saw how Nick and Nancy turned out...

And it removed all my doubts... Whoever thought two people who seemed so wrong, could turn out to be so right. That's whats so special about them, what led them to each other, and is why I would watch them go through their pains and joys, and all they went through, all over again...

The Gorgeous and the Desperate

"She would be so proud of you," Jesse said, tears welling up in her eyes. She leaned forward and hugged Nancy, closing her eyes and sniffling in the process.
"Mom..." chuckled Nancy, barely able to contain her own emotions.
Jesse pulled away and admired Nancy. "I never knew her, and you may not be my blood... but YOU are my daughter, and as a mother... I know Queenie would have been so... SO proud to see you like this," she stroked Nancy's cheek, tears streaming down her face. "You are beautiful, and it makes me so happy to see you finally marrying the man you were meant to be with."
Nancy put her hands to her mouth, closing her eyes struggling not to break down.
"It's okay Nancy..."
"I'm not sad I-"
"I know... all you went through led you here Nancy, now embrace it. When you walk down that aisle... and if you want to cry... you do it, let it out and let everyone know how happy you are, this is your moment... something that you will always remember," Jesse wiped the tears from Nancy's face. "Looks like it's my time to head out."
Jesse looked at Malcolm Senior and blew him a kiss then began to head out. As she reached the door she turned around, "I love you Nancy."

Jesse left the room, leaving only Malcolm and Nancy staring at each other, waiting for their time to go.
"I'm nervous," Nancy said, laughing weakly.
"It's your second time," Malcolm laughed.
"I know but it... it feels like my first," she responded back.
Malcolm smiled at her, "You look more radiant then back then, and dare I say it, more than your mother."
"If dad was here he would-"
"Be so proud," he cut in. This time his eyes began to water. "We may not be big fans of the Alto's Nancy, but seeing you like this, he makes you happy... and seeing you happy... seeing you walk down that aisle... makes me feel..."
"Like a million bucks," Nancy chuckled, her eyes still watery and glinting. "Thank you for doing this."
"You may be my niece Nancy... but I always thought of you as a daughter... so it is my honor and a privilege to walk you down that aisle... I will always support you and be by your side, no matter who you marry."
Nancy hugged Malcolm crying, "Thank you..."
"It's our time now," he said looking out and hearing the music. "Are you ready..."


You're there by my side
In every way
I know that you would not forsake me
I give you my life
Would not think twice
Your love is all I need believe me

I'm wondering how I ever got by
Without you in my life to guide me
Where ever I go the one thing that's true
Is everything I do I do for you

So whenever you get there
Just reach out for me
I'll never let you down my love

"Nick... I remember... When I missed the train that day... and stood out in the rain waiting for the next one... the day felt so long and I just wanted to go back home to my bed... But little did I know, when I got on that train, there you were to sweep me away. All that time, that's what I've been waiting for... I never believed things happened for a reason, but how this turned out... removed all my doubts, so believe... that for you I'd do everything all over again... All I went through, led me to you... and I'd do it all over again..."

"Nancy, that same day, that started so wrong, turned out so lovely. That rainy day, my hands were over my head thinking, 'what else could go wrong?', but then I found you... and I'm glad I did. Even though the day went so wrong... I wouldn't change a thing, for you I'd do it all over again... all we went through, led me to you..."

"I, Nick Alto, take you Nancy Landgraab to be my wife, my partner in life and my one true love.

I will cherish our friendship and love you today, tomorrow, and forever. I will trust you and honor you, I will laugh with you and cry with you. I will love you faithfully, through the best and the worst, through the difficult and the easy.

What may come I will always be there. As I have given you my hand to hold, so I give you my life to keep."

"I, Nancy Landgraab, take you Nick Alto, to be my husband, my partner in life and my one true love.

I will cherish our friendship and love you today, tomorrow, and forever I will trust you and honor you, I will laugh with you and cry with you.

I will love you faithfully, through the best and the worst, through the difficult and the easy. What may come I will always be there. As I have given you my hand to hold So I give you my life to keep."

I may not say it quite as much as I should
When I say I love you darling that means for good
So open up your heart and let me in
And I will love you 'til forever

Until death do us part we'll be together
So take my hand and hold on tight
And we'll get there

This I swear

"I don't see the big deal..."
"Me either, but her dress is beautiful." Agnes said in response to Vita's bitter comment.
"Course you wouldn't see the big deal Vita you drove Nick to her!" Morganna laughed.

"Dream of a wedding like that," Fiona laughed.
"Are you crazy!? I'm not ready to get married! Not in a million years!"

"Someday that'll be me... except a much grander venue than this," Zelda said.
"I agree, this place is way to small for my tastes, when I get married... it'll be huge... just have to find... her..."

"You go Nancy..."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

"This brings back memories doesn't it Iqbal?"
Iqbal chuckled at his wife's remark. "Ah, when I was younger, slim, and more handsome."
Alivia kissed her husband's cheek. "We may not be young, or slim," she said poking Iqbal's stomach. "But I still think you are as handsome as ever, and I love you."

"When are you getting married son?" Martin joked.
"Soon," Jonathan laughed. "To someone in this room too."
"Better not be my step sister!" Malcolm injected.
Jonathan grinned and began clapping.

The next part, the reception is coming very very soon and this will come with all the drama lol, (what party doesn't). But so much work went into this, I really really hope you enjoyed the ceremony portion!
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SIMPLY AMAZING...gorgeous, beautiful, perfect! :') tell me where did you get Nancy's dress?!?!?!

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I guess Vita had some decency coming to Nancy and Nicks wedding
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Default Chapter 2.05: Again - Reception
Observantlefty the dress is from All About Style:


"Everyone! May I have your attention please?" Illiana called out, waving her hands in the air. "I would like to say a few words here about our darling newly wed couple here."
Some guests began to chuckle, and Illiana smiled as Nancy and Nick stood in front of her.
"Look at you two, I don't think I've ever seen you two this happy, I do remember though seeing you two fight a lot and I'm sure I'm not the only one who recalls those moments," she laughed.

"Every single party, every single company meeting, there you two were butting heads and clashing. And now here you are, husband and wife, and I can't help but smile, it's truly a wonderful union between two special people."

"And Nancy, I felt so honored that you asked me to be one of your bridesmaids, we may not always have seen eye to eye on-" she let out a laugh mid sentence, then cleared her throat with a smile on her face. "We may not have always seemed eye to eye, and we may have had our clashes, but I think of you as a very good friend and I hope nothing but the best for you. But don't take this as me going soft on you I'm still gonna do my best to give you a hard time," she concluded, clapping her hands together. The guests followed suit and Nancy walked up and hugged Illiana.

"Okay okay okay folks it's my turn now," Thornton said stepping up. "I haven't known Nick for as long as Illiana but I've worked very closely with him," he chuckled. "Looking back it was under funny circumstances that I came under Nick, and ever since then I've worked with him on various projects and even helped, yes helped, Nick and Nancy get along."

"It took alot, but I managed to get it done and now look at the happy couple. So Nick, you went from my boss to a good friend. I always thought of you as this mean guy, which may have partially been true, but I learned what a funny guy you can be, who cared about his family and wanting the best for them always. So I know without a doubt this marriage is going to last. I, no we, truly miss you over at Goth Enterprises. I mean who's gonna start arguments and stir up trouble now that you're gone?" he laughed. "But all in all, like Illiana said I hope nothing but the best for the both of you, and wherever life takes you next Nick Alto, may fortune shine down upon."

The guests began clapping again, and this time Nick went up and hugged Thornton.
"Keep in touch man, keep in touch," Thornton said patting Nick's back.

A few moments later the guests had dispersed, some sitting at the tables and some standing conversing with one another.
"That was quite the moving speech Illiana I never knew you and Nancy were that close," Aliva said sarcastically.
"Well Alivia that's what happens when you skip town for months on end and then return with no notice," Illiana replied.
Aliva let out a fake smile, "Cute."
"Ah ladies I'm not here to hear arguing between the two of you," Sheena said, rubbing her forehead.
"Is the UFO on your head giving you a headache Sheena?" Illiana said.
"Illiana go get yourself a drink and shut up."
"For a so-called group of friends you guys sure argue and insult each other alot," Judy said.

"Judy, no offense but I don't remember anyone saying you can sit with us," Alivia stated.
"Are we in high school?" Judy retorted back.
Alivia sighed and rolled her eyes then turned to look at Sheena.
"Sheena, whatever happened to the country club?"
"The building's still there..." Sheena responded.
"You guys don't do it anymore?!" Alivia asked bewildered turning to Illiana.
"Alivia after you left we became so busy, Sheena was the mayor, me and Nancy were working our asses off at Goth Enterprises, Vita was in politics, the only one who still had time was Cornelia, and then you disappeared," Illiana said.
"Well..." Alivia said. "I'm here now, both of you are unemployed, Vita... doesn't have much and Cornelia... is Cornelia we can do it again."

"What makes you think Vita would join," Sheena laughed.
"And Nancy and Cornelia in the same room, it's the country club not the drama club."
"Come on girls, all we do is sit around at home being boring housewives I want to start the club back up again and actually... hold events and cocktail parties and debutantes oh I'm getting so excited thinking about it."
"Alivia, no offense, you've been away for quite awhile," said Judy. "But everytime there's some sort of party in this town, there's always a combination of fights, secrets being revealed, and arguments and I don't think people want to see that."
"Judy can you please just get up and leave nobody wants you here, did you notice how I did not include your name for the country club? Take a hint."
Judy sighed and got up from her seat, smiling at Illiana and Sheena, "I will see you two later."
The ladies waved at Judy as she left.
"So? Country Club, yes or no?"

Parker snapped out of his trance as he looked at the person who called his name.
"You seem to be in deep contemplation," River said taking a seat at the table.
"Hey River..."
River looked behind her shoulder. "She's here, so you gonna do it today."
Parker stayed silent.
"Parker! You said you were going to do it!"

"I know I know I still am!"
"Then what's the problem?"
"I'm just waiting for the right time..."
River laughed, "She's alone now, she's eating cake now's the perfect time to tell her how you really feel."
Parker chuckled, "Don't worry River, I have it all worked out."
River smiled, "You look really good today Parker."
"Don't I always?" he joked. "But seriously I've worn this tux a dozen times now, you on the other hand look stunning in that dress."
"I try," she said with a smile, then she looked behind her shoulder again.
"Shame Michael isn't here," Parker said. "But VJ is... maybe you two can resolve whatever issues you have."
"I appreciate that," River said getting up from her seat. "But we don't have any issues... were just done."

"So Blair," Agnes said. "When are you getting married?"
"Pardon?" Blair responded.
"Well me and Morganna have both walked down the aisle, you're the only one who hasn't..."
Blair gave each of them a confused look, "But you're not married I don't get it..."
"She means that we've had our own weddings and now it's your turn," Morganna said.
"Agnes, your husband is dead, murdered in fact on the night of your honeymoon, Morganna you're going through a divorce, I really don't think either of you are in a position to tell me to get married," she laughed.
"Way to be blunt Blair," Morganna said.
"She did come close with Stiles though," Agnes said. "Shame that didn't work out."
"And you nearly came close with Connor Agnes shame that didn't work out," Blair laughed, Agnes responded with a silly face.
"So I wonder who's next in all of our lives," said Morganna.
"Well I for one can remain fine being single," Agnes responded.
"I don't believe that for a second," Blair laughed.

"Blair I can see you with Christopher Steel to be honest you guys just seem to... click."
"And you and Jared just seem to click! See I can make wild nonsensical random pairings too, in fact why not stop there, Agnes and Thornton would make a great couple too!"
Agnes let out a small laugh, "What?!" she said noticing Morganna glaring at her. "It's a funny suggestion, I mean really? Me and Thornton that's just plain crazy."
"Well Blair I was just making a friendly suggestion."
"Noted, so I'll definitely keep it in mind," she joked.
"I see Frida over there so I'm going to pop over and say hi."
"Look who's becoming the social butterfly, caterpillar has finally come out of her cocoon it seems," Morganna joked.
"I know it's amazing isn't it, maybe Connor had a positive effect on you after all."
"Don't mention Connor again Blair. And I'm just saying hi to be nice that's all, she's still new here."
"Whatever you say Crumplebottom."

"Agnes, hi," Frida said noticing Agnes approach her.
"Hey Frida," Agnes responded hugging her. "How are you?"
"I'm doing good, fabulous wedding everyone just looks so pretty."
"Speaking of pretty, you're dress is... wow,"
"Thank you," she laughed twirling around.
"So, are you keeping well? At home...?"
"Oh yes as I said I'm doing okay... Cornelia on the other hand..."

"Is she alright? I haven't seen her-"
"Why on earth would she come to this wedding," Mortimer piped in laughing. "Nancy would literally throw the whore out."
"Mortimer, you can't talk about your mom like that," Frida said in a monotone.
Agnes looked at Frida, then at Mortimer. "So... what's wrong with her?"
"She hasn't been feeling well these past couple of days, this morning she's been really sick, I found her throwing up this morning."
"Oh my god..."
"She's probably just faking it for attention, she has nothing better to do," Mortimer said rolling his eyes.
Agnes again looked over at Mortimer with a concern look, then back at Frida who continued smiling eerily at her.
"I should check up on her, she's going through a lot and I haven't exactly been sisterly towards her."
"Doesn't need you when she has her scotch."
"Okay Mortimer, I don't know what has happened over at the house but this behavior and attitude you have towards Cornelia has got to stop! She is your mother!" Agnes exclaimed.
"A mother wouldn't cheat on her husband, ask for a divorce, and then ruin her son's life!" he lashed out, getting up from the table and storming off.

"Well..." Frida said casually. "He's quite the handful."
Agnes looked at the one who called out her name and scorned, turning around to quickly walk away.
"Agnes wait I just want to talk!" Connor exclaimed, but Agnes continued ignoring him and went on her way.
"Hm... she doesn't take to kindly to you," Frida chuckled.

"Frida Goth," she said holding out her hand. Connor, still a bit dazed from being brushed off by Agnes shook it.
"Connor Frio..."
"I know who you are," she laughed. "I read your book, you're a local celebrity."
"Yeah... you're last name's Goth? Are you-?"
"Related to the Goth's? Yeah I'm Gunther's sister, I'm in town for awhile."
"Ah okay... Would never have guessed that with that fiery hair of yours."
Frida giggled, "So you and Agnes? What exactly did you do to her to make her completely ignore you? I thought you saved her life?"
"I don't know... though I think... it may have something to do with the fact that I was the one who exposed Cornelia and the late Geoffrey Landgraab's affair to the public... that might be it," he chuckled.
"Yeah umm, I think that might be it!" she laughed, alongside him.

"So can I ask you something?" he asked.
"That tattoo on your back, what's a pretty girl like you doing with a tattoo like that?"
"Oh that," she said looking over her shoulder to her back, "Yeah that was from my 'bad girl' days," she said.
"Bad girl days huh," Connor laughed.
"Yeah I was a pretty rebellious teenager, so I got the tattoo to let the world know. My mom and day freaked out and wanted to disown me but I didn't care, I marched to my own beat back then."
"And now?"
"I went from a the wild fiery red head to the cool red head, I've calmed down a lot."
Connor let out a laugh, "We red heads don't calm down, trust me I would know. Once a bad girl always a bad girl right?"
Frida smirked.

As Frida and Connor continued to converse, a watchful Agnes stood from the distance.

Recognizing the voice that spoke her name, Holly slowly turned around to see the boy she longed for but couldn't bring herself to face.

"I need to say something..."
Holly stayed silent.
"I love you."
Holly let out a small stifle, looking down and closing her eyes.
There was a long pause, and finally Holly looked backed up opening her watery tear filled eyes. She struggled to say her next words.
"I love you too Parker."
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for putting you through all this I... I was mad, that's why at the rooftop I... I said those things but I don't want to let you go Holly... I can't, I want to be with you."

"I should have called... I should have found some way to get in contact with you I should have gone to you after everything had settled down... I'm just as much to blame for all of this Parker and I'm sorry..." she said. "I don't want to lose you, you mean so much to me..."
"I feel the same way Holly Alto... I-"
"Parker! Holly!"
The two turned to look at the ones who interrupted their moment, and their looks turned to dismay and shock.

"Jennifer!?" they both said in unison, then they quickly turned to look at each other. "How do you know her?" they asked each other.

Jennifer rushed in and embraced Parker tightly, leaving Holly stunned.
"I'm so glad I finally found you Parker! I've been looking all over!"
"What are you doing here?!" exclaimed Parker.

"Nick's my uncle silly," she said. "Had to be here for his wedding. And Holly, look at you, you're pretty."
"Hi Jennifer... how do you two..."
"Know each other?" she interrupted smiling. She quickly kissed Parker on the cheek. "We met overseas, he was on summer vacation, apparently hurting cause some girl dumped him, didn't get the name, but we bonded and... fell in love," she said, staring at Parker longingly.
"Jennifer there's something I should-"
"So did I interrupt something between you two? What a small world it is that you guys actually know each other, my boyfriend and my cousin!" she grinned heavily upon saying those words, looking at Holly.
Holly's mouth dropped a bit upon hearing what Jennifer had just said.
"Holly..." Parker said softly.
"I need a drink," she said quickly and she turned around and left.

"So it is finally done," Elena said, strolling towards Nancy. "You look beautiful, but I am sure you've heard that many times now."
"Thank you," Nancy said, half way through eating an appetizer. She hugged her mother in law, and Elena kissed her cheek.
"Sometimes it's for the best you know."
"What is?" Nancy asked.
"That you were married before, you are older now and more wise, you know what not to do and what to do to make the marriage work, because I would not want to see anything come between the two of you."
Nancy smiled, "You might be right, there's a couple of things I'm certainly going to be doing different, and you know what, it feels different with Nick, like we can make it work."

"I'm glad to hear it Nancy... but one thing..." Elena looked around and then lowered her voice. "You are marrying an Alto man... and some of the things they do, are not exactly... done in the day..."
"Pardon?" Nancy asked confused.
"We all have our secrets Nancy, as do they, and as I'm sure you do as well... eventually they all come out in the open, the key is not what the infraction, but how you deal with it. Nancy... no matter what happens, come what may... stay by Nick's side, he will need it more than ever if he fails," Elena put her hand on Nancy's shoulder and squeezed. "You look beautiful," she finished and kissed Nancy once more and walked away, leaving Nancy in a state of confusion.

"Nicky!" Angelo yelled as he bear hugged his big brother. "Congratulations man it's done you guys did it!"
"Congratulations Nick," Dustin laughed.
"Thanks guys, and thank you for being my groomsmen."
"Of course of course, wouldn't turn down an opportunity like this, you get meet young hot singly ladies, speaking of which, who's that blonde over there by the bar?" Angelo said.
Dustin laughed once more, hitting Angelo on the shoulder, "I swear you have a daughter."
"Who's running around here somewhere I'm always losing her," Angelo laughed.
"So anyways Nick, what's the honeymoon looking like where you guys going?" Dustin inquired.

Blair shifted uncomfortably upon over-hearing Angelo referring to her.
"What are you having?" the bartender asked.
"Bad Cheerleader please."
"Feeling naughty?" the bartender flirted. Blair was not impressed.
"Just make the drink."

"So how's our little endeavor coming along?" Angelo asked.
"Start on monday," Nick replied.
"Good good, don't worry, it's small time stuff first, just getting your feet wet with the small time goods and all, once time moves by and there's more experience, you'll be importing the more... lucrative goods."
"Don't have to tell me what I should expect Angelo trust me I already know."
"Okay okay, just trying to make you feel comfortable that's all," he laughed.
"I think Nick's got it," Dustin chuckled. "He is an Alto after all, and people do respect that name."
"True, so I doubt anyone would be giving you a hard time Nicky."
"Nick!" Thornton exclaimed, walking up to the three.

"Thornton!" Nick said hugging his friend, "Great speech."
"Ah it was nothing, hey look, all the groomsmen are here, we should take a picture."
"Course I'd be the most dashing," Angelo said.
"I beg to differ," Thornton joked. "So Nick, found a new job yet, or am I asking too soon?"
"Well Thornton I think-"
"I did," Nick interrupted, cutting Angelo off. "I'm a manager over down by the docks, less pay but I have more time to spare on my family and all and I like it, less competition and fighting among the management," he said.
"Oh that's great man, they're a lucky company to pick you up, so glad you got another jobs so soon, were gonna miss you though."
"Yeah I know, I'll miss you guys too. But it was all for the best, I just needed a change and," he stopped, looking at Angelo and then at Dustin, "This is the change I needed."

"Well well well look who it is?" Sheena said stepping into the hall with Alivia. Vita scorned and turned away.
"Don't start Sheena," Alivia said.
"Start what? I'm just saying hello to an old friend."
"You're no friend of mine!" Vita spat out.
Sheena laughed, "Still bitter I see, tell me Vita why are you here? Nick doesn't like you and I'm sure Nancy doesn't take to kindly to you so why come to their wedding," she laughed.
"Go back outside Sheena or I swear!"
"Swear what Vita? What are you going to do?! There's nothing you can do to me, you're finished, you're nothing, oh except for the fact you still have your job but trust me I'll see to it that that won't be long."

"What more do you want Sheena!? Do I have to scream out that you won?!"
"No, though I do love hearing that, I just want to see you suffer, suffer for all the misery you've caused in other people's lives."
Vita laughed out in contempt, "Misery? You make me out to be some sort of monster!"
"That's because you are Vita! Take a look on the mirror you cold heartless bitch! If it wasn't for you I'd still be mayor, I trusted you and treated you as a friend and you hung me out to dry!"
"Don't you dare talk to me like that!"
"Or what? What are gonna do Vita? Attack me? Please, an old strung out woman like you wouldn't even be able to wipe the floor with a fly."

Vita rushed forward and began choking Sheena. Alivia cried out and tried to pull her off but she wasn't moving.
"Vita let her go!" Alivia yelled.
Vita shoved Alivia off and put her arms around Sheena's neck and put her in a headlock.
"Are you crazy you're going to kill her!"
"That's the point!" Vita responded.
Illiana, hearing the commotion from outside came in and gasped. She rushed towards Vita and, after grabbing hold of her, tried to get her to let go of Sheena.

Vita finally let go of Sheena and pushed her to the floor, leaving her gasping and panting for air.
"What the hell is going on here?!" Illiana cried out.
"Vita's gone crazy!" Alivia yelled.
"Call the police!" Sheena screamed. "Call the police! You're finished Vita I'm pressing charges!"

"Hey purdy lady."
Holly giggled, "Why do you have to say it like that," Holly said smiling at Jonathan.
"Cause that's what you are, and I know you like it."
"I mean that silly accent thing you do.?"
Jonathan only grinned.
"So do you come from the south?"
"Okay well where did you come from, I'm trying to make conversation" Holly laughed.
"Ah I'll tell you someday," he said slyly, standing next to Holly.

"Someday, that actually equates to never which also means I'm hiding something," Holly said with a smirk.
"Aren't we all hiding something Holly."
Holly chuckled and looked out at the dancefloor.
"Why aren't you dancing?" Jonathan asked.
"I don't want to dance by myself."
"You don't need someone to dance with to have a good time."
"Sure, but there's a lot of people dancing with each other already, I'll stick out like a crazy loon."
Jonathan laughed, "So you've been standing here watching them, tell me what you're thinking."
"What I'm thinking?"
"You must have opinions on them, let it out, I wanna hear."
"Okay..." she laughed.

"That's my best friend over there, River, she's gorgeous isn't she? Anyways she's dating my ex-boyfriend, I don't mind and all and I totally support them, but here, she looks so happy..."
"Who's the boy she's with?"
"He's VJ, let's just say... her close guy friend... they've both nearly been killed and they're really close. They really have a lot to work through though but they just won't admit it to each other or anyone else... but whatever they both do I'm still going to be happy for them."

"What about them?" Jonathan asked.
"They're... interesting..." Holly laughed. "They're not a couple, in fact I would call them taboo."
"Taboo?" Jonathan laughed.
"He's going through a divorce... with her best friend..."
"So then why can't they see each other? Isn't it the same with you River and Michael? He's handsome and she's hot, and they look really good with each other."
"Yeah but they're different, there's a really nasty and heated divorce going on and I'm pretty sure Morganna and Thornton hate each other. I don't hate Michael and... come on, the circumstances surrounding us were different," Holly chuckled.
"They still look good, and they seem happy dancing with each other."
"It's true they do, but then again they're probably just laughing at the stupid people who comment on them, like us."
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