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Default Hope - A family drama

Note before we begin: Hey everyone. I have been wanting to do this for so long but after losing my sims 3 discs during a house move I was unable to. Thank god for steam. So this is a homage I suppose to a story I thought up a while ago. A little different in somes ways, but basically the same. Its just a family drama, modern and whatnot about misfits and the strange turns life takes you on. I look forward to comments and readers and even criticism.

One note I want to put before I start. The house I am using seems a little bugged out, so my next lot of Photos, may be in a different house or they may not. Just a heads up for if you notice the change, Its not in the story.

So thats it really, I'm SheWhoShinesTheWay also 'light' or just Zella. Any is fine and i really hope you enjoy what your reading!

CHAPTER 1: Finding Hope

Theo had been told to stay in the car. However when the social worker stepped out of the car and made her way inside of the house, obviously expected as the door was opened as she reached the stairs. Theo opened the car door and stepped outside. Part of the felt good for disobeying, though it was not nearly enough to override the feeling of sheer terror. Here she was in a new city, a new house, with new people and she had no idea of how to deal with such a situation. As they had driven into the city, the social worker had made some kind of joke about her 'Finding Hope' considering the name of the city, which was indeed 'Hope' Theo found herself unimpressed with such a joke.

The house was impressive, it was twice the size of the hovel that her and her father lived in, she couldn't help but wonder how much money a place like this cost. Her drunken father had barely enough money to pay the rent on their two bedroom 'shack' but this, this was... incredible. Her attention was captured then by the social worker as she stepped outside, making her way to Theo and smiling. "They are waiting inside for you dear." she said. Then she left, simply got into her fashionable and small car and drove away. Theo was shocked, how quickly the woman who had told her so many times 'I'm here for you', could leave. She watched the car travel down the road and out of sight, before looking back to the house. Making no move to enter it just yet, waiting... What she was waiting for she didn't know, but she was waiting.

Inside the impressive house someone was watching back. James stood at the front door, tingling with anticipation whilst peering out the small glass window. So far he had been standing there for a few minutes but it had felt longer. "What is she doing..." he said to himself. Was she scared, was she unimpressed, was she angry? All these things James felt she had a right to be, though he found himself hoping that none of them were the case. He felt he should go out and greet her, however it was always in the back of the mind of a young teacher, the fear of being seen as that 'annoying old guy who thinks he can relate to teens.' Of course thats exactly what he was and he knew it. He just didn't like the thought of anyone else thinking such. Looking over his shoulder, he called towards the lounge-room "Rin, come help this poor girl..."

Inside the lounge-room Rin was on the edge of his seat "eh, eh, eh, egh, jump, jump, JUUUMP!" He hissed under his breath as the colorful little game character bounced about the level he was on. He had been aware someone had come into the house, had heard her talking to his dad. He knew why she was here and he could hear when she left. However he was concentrating too hard to really realize what was happening, who was outside and when his dad called out to him, he ignored it. Like he usually would. Yes his dad was a bit of a pushover. If Rin was in another room and his father called to him. He would pretend the calls had gone unheard, so that his father would come to him. Had his mind been able to process the words enough to understand them passed a murmur in the back of his mind, he would of gotten up but thats video games for you sometimes. And so he remained seated swearing to himself under his breath at the degree of difficulty of the level.

James Spent a few more moments watching Theo from behind the door, the garden no doubt making enough shade that the girl would have no idea. It was a few moments before he realized his son hadn't replied. He was in there that was for sure. James could hear the 'beep boop beeps' of the game he was playing. He frowned to himself and turned, stepping away from the front door and making his way into the lounge-room "Rin" he said louder, catching his sons attention. "Come here please."

Rin paused his game, his attention finally fully caught. He got up, making his was to his dad. "Sure Daddio." he said. "Whats up?"
"Theo, she is just standing out there." James said, moving a hand up to rub at his stubbly chin. He was a young man, only thirty two. He had worked hard to go to university, get a god job, follow his dream of being a teacher all the while looking after his wife and son. Even when Linda, his wife had died. He had only worked harder. Thanks to the help of family and just some plain old good luck, Rin and James were in a good place, a nice house and living well, well enough to foster another child. "Let her stand out there then." Rin replied with a shrug. "I don't think I should..." James replied.
"Ah, worried she is ganna be a runner?" Rin continued and it drew a half nod, half shrug from his father. "Maybe..." he said.
"Well, what do you want me to do." Rin asked, genuinely confused.
"Go out there and greet her." James replied with a desperate look on his face. The request made Rin pull his face up in a disgusted look. "What!?" he said "No, dad she is your responsibility, you do it." James looked at him pleadingly
"Come on, she must feel so out of place. Your her age, she will feel more comfortable." Rin looked at him unimpressed, letting out a sigh through his front teeth. "Fiiiine." he said, over dramatically as he made his way towards the front door.

Moments had turned into minutes and the minutes were beginning to gather. Many thoughts had ran through Theo's mind as the minutes passed. Should she act sweet, kind and be a good girl so that she would be accepted? Should she be the typical foster child and act up because she had a 'poor upbringing'? She had even entertained the thought of running, as fast and as far as she could, living on the streets. She could do it, she was sure of it. She balled her hands into fists and took a few deep breaths, in and out, in and out. She was then, just about to make her way to the front door, when it opened and someone came out, leaving her standing, balled fisted and awkward.

As he looked at her from the porch, she planted the biggest, fake smile she could on her pale freckled face. They both stood still for a few moments until, as if sharing the same thoughts, they both stumbled awkwardly towards one another. As she grew closer to him her smile grew less fake, more excited and giddy. Despite the agony of where he life was taking her, she was like any sixteen year old girl and as she noticed how cute her new house-mate was, she couldn't stop her heart from thudding hard against her chest. He had a goofy smile, eyes that held humor and he was dressed in what she was sure were designer clothes with a 'Bring me the horizon' band T-shirt. She herself hated that kind of music, however! She would forgive that little detail, considering all of the good points the boy had already racked up in, well... about twenty seconds.


Thats it for tonight. Its 5am and my mothers coming over for lunch tomorrow -_- darn Sims keeping me up haha.
Anyway This will be continued tomorrow and there should be a lot more. Hope you've enjoyed to far and remember to tune in again!
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