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Default Greetings and Introdcution!

My name is CTherese and I'm a 51-year-old mother of five, grandmother of two. I'm homebound with CFIDS/Fibromyalgia, so playing PC games such as The SIMS 2 keeps my mind off the pain and fatigue. I play way too much, though! *grin*

I tend to play the SIMS game much like I live my own life. I'm a true homebody, even without the illness, so my SIMS rarely go to community lots or have parties. They're mostly family-oriented thinkers and I can't resist the whole "try for baby" option! I absolutely love toddlers, they're so cute! When they grow up to be children, I tend to get annoyed with them...just like real life! LOL Teenagers? College! The last of my "real" children is 17 years old, so I've been through that stage for the fifth and last time.

There's much more, but I won't bore you with the details...yet. I hope that with this group we'll get to know each other better!


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My name is Richelle. I'm 35 and I love the sims!! I have since I first discovered the Sims 1. That was just before Sims 2 was released. When TS2 came out, I was HOOKED!! I guess I qualify as an older Sims player since it seems that most people who play it are considerably younger than me. At least the ones I have talked to are either teens or twentysomethings. This group makes me feel a lot better about being an "older" sims player! I am also a homebody, family oriented type who loves the babies and toddlers in the game. They just grow up way too fast. It is so fun to watch them play and well, toddle around! Although the whole process of walking/talking/pottying gets a bit tedious so I am thankful for the mods to make that process faster. I currently have no children of my own so I live vicariously through my Sim's babies.
Anyway, I hope to meet a lot of other "older" sims players through this group!

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i'm 40 yrs old a little nutty always manage to mess up my sims games just to mess it up again my favorite sims game is the original but they all have good and bad stuff for each of them
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