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crazy grandma atoli. o_O;

"The more you know, the sadder you get."~ Stephen Colbert
"I'm not going to censor myself to comfort your ignorance." ~ Jon Stewart
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#27 Old 22nd Oct 2009 at 11:38 PM
Tilda mourning her wife Ruby. Sad suits her, I think. She looks pretty.

And right as she gets to meet her first grandchild, the Grim Reaper decides she's done.

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Stiles grew old. (He's still got his rockstar fashion taste though )

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Originally Posted by Spiderchi
My first sim ever has reached elderhood! As has her husband:

Calypso & Dawson Donahue

I love these sims.

They aren't generic emo/goth teens, they aren't overly modernized adults, they aren't perfectly sculpted models. They're real, I love them.
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Still going strong...
Ivy and Yuri
Ivy is now 77 and Yuri is 83. I suspect they don't have much time left so I sent them on vacation to Egypt.
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Dante and his wife Vicki just turned into grey-hairs. I don't think Dante is too happy about it.

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@Moodlets: Maggie is hot for an elder!
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This is my legacy founder Ariel Matthews, I'm going to be so sad when she's gone. Her and Walter had a relationship the entire time he was married to somebody else, and they raised 5 kids togther despite never being able to properly be a couple. This was their last goodbye. They're so perfect for each other.

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Billy Caspians last day

Lilian his wife, in China a bit after he passed away

Lilian visiting Belinda her daughter and new grandson Colby
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Jebidiah is an elder and he's got a magic trick! His normal looks is this:

But when he enters the shower, his hair magically grows and he looks totally rediculous!

But I love him anyway.
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#39 Old 25th Jun 2010 at 9:50 PM

Some of My Elders

- S2/S3 Sims For Download
Tiberius Arthur Glover - 06/09/09 / Atticus Oliver Leigh Glover - 08/12/09
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Apple and Clarence Anderson bonding with their Granddaughter.

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Arsinoe, before Grimmy decided her time was up.

Moodlets, I love your sims! They're always so unique.

Call me Lily :).
I'm beginning to upload some of my sims online..please go check them out here :).
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linuslover30: your elders looke amazing. Moodlets too.

Dina (the blond) is my original working girl, Vivian (the read head) one of her former workers and Tyler (the blond man) the ex husband of the Dina's half brother. They all live in the retirement home I set up, and both the Dina and Vivian head are having an affair with the retirement home's owner's daughter who now runs the place after her mother died. Dina, hates all her room-mates and is constantly fighting them.
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Vanessa Farr, aged up... makes me kind of sad

Warren Farr, her husband... makes me not so sad but he's still badass so it's okay.
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#48 Old 20th Oct 2010 at 12:30 AM
We got some attractive elders here. Jebidiah (Wilson) Louis upon his golden years.

He can be such a goof-ball.

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Simon Farr died. He was like 85 days old. Premature death, I'd call that.
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And now, Sarah Farr died too
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