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...My Coy Mistress...
...My Coy Mistress...


~Chapter One~

The Herman Family were struggling to make ends meet as of late and decided to take on a lodger. The ad was answered by a young fellow by the name of Diego who had travelled from another country to try his luck at photography in Twinbrook.

The Hermans were a very conservative and old-fashioned family, and were very wary for their daughter, Faye, who had just turned 19.
They were slightly suspicious of the new lodger, and were quick to put a few house rules down, no indecent behavior, no smoking or drinking in the house, no fraternising with Faye. She was young, naive and impressionable. If he lived up to their expectations they would allow him to lodge with them. So for the first month he was on strict

Faye was a gentle, peace-loving and shy girl who loved to paint. She enjoyed her solitude, peace and quiet and loved romance novels. She spent most of her time indoors, cooking, cleaning, tending the garden and helping her parents with whatever they needed. She had attended an all girls college and was unfamilar with the opposite gender, hence she would feel quite uncomfortable around Diego if he moved in permanently.

Diego felt the rules were a little over the top...but he would have to adjust, finding a place to live in a new country isn't always easy. He thought long and hard about what the Hermans had said....especially about their daughter.

Diego had not yet familarised himself with Faye....she was always in her room or busy with something. One evening, he caught a glimpse of her walking by his room.

He was intrigued by her understated beauty...lush ruby red locks, cascading like a waterfall of roses down her back... Pale, smooth skin, uniquely perfected with freckles that made her even more different than the girls he normally saw.... And her eyes...they were neither green nor brown, but an algamation of both.

The warning at the back of his head was drowned out by her beautiful form as she made her way to the balcony...

Diego crept closer gently, standing at the french doors leading to the balcony. He observed her for a while as she stood there silently gazing out to the stars. She sighed in contentment and raked a hand through her hair as the wind brushed against her.

Diego edged ever closer, his heart beating in his throat....

"What is wrong with me....?" He thought, remembering how many girls he had been with back in his own country... It was nothing for him. Yet, with her, he felt an imminent sense of danger...after all, he could be kicked out of the house with no place to go in an instant... But why was he taking the risk???

She hadn't noticed his presence and hummed an old favourite song of hers.
Diego, cleared his throat to drawn her attention and she spun round to him with a gasp. Her voice was beautiful, a very feminine and delicate voice, and she met his eyes momentarily before looking down shyly.

He couldn't help but stare at her face, she had beautiful cheekbones, and was blushing which was visible even in the evening. Quite simply, she took his breath away...

Faye backed herself against the balcony, while Diego tried to explain himself as he snapped out of his trance...

"Ahem, I'm the new lodger. The name's Diego. I..I...saw you walking by, thought I'd say Hello."

"Yeah...Hi" she said gently.

"What's your name?" Diego smiled.

"Faye Herman." she said, looking around nervously, feeling cornered by him.

"Ah, I'm Diego by the way. I come from a far away country called Spain." he smiled warmly at her.

Faye noticed how charming he was and blushed while nodding.

"Look...uhm I better be off, it's cold outside..."

Diego frowned, looking down at his's the middle of summer....17 degrees Celcius... Hmmm.
Diego stepped into her way as she tried to get back to her room and asked:

"Is there something bothering you?"

Faye took a deep breath and looked at him nervously, "No, nothing..."

Diego knew what might be the problem, "You're afraid of your parents, right?"

Faye frowned slightly and shook her head and walked past him.

Diego sighed, not knowing what he had said wrong...and noticed how she had instead gone just below to the front garden. He leaned over the balcony and saw she was sitting near some roses in the garden.

He smirked and made his way down to her.
Diego walked past the rose bush to Faye and she stood up as she noticed him coming. She was just about to walk away again, when Mrs. Herman spotted them whilst taking out the trash. She had seen how Diego was tailing Faye and was furious.

"Diego! My husband and I have warned you not to interfere with our family. I'm afraid this was your first and last warning. You will pack your bags and leave first thing next morning. That's final."

Faye remained silent...

Diego was enraged, he was only talking to her! What's with this family? Why are they so protective of her, yeah ok, she's gorgeous but that doesn't mean you can just cut her off from the world???

"This is why all of our lodgers were females. We knew we couldn't trust a young man to behave himself. But you just went and proved us right."

Faye sighed and cast him one last glance before going back upstairs. Diego clenched his fists, but remained silent as Mrs. Herman made her way in.
Just then, Mr Herman walked out the front door. He sighed as he approached Diego.

Diego gazed at him apologetically. "Mr. Herman, I was just saying hi. Mrs. Herman got the wrong idea."

Mr. Herman looked at him sternly, "Yes, but fraternising with my daugther isn't part of your lodging here."

"Alright, I didn't know it was that serious, think nothing of it. C'mon please give me another chance."

Mr. Herman sighed, "fine, but no more chatting to my daughter. Understood?"

Diego nodded, if somewhat reluctantly.

Diego scraped back into the house, just barely... He was very cautious to avoid her at all costs. She would walk past him and he would ignore she was even there....although that was easier said than done. Soon it seemed they were under the same roof, but in different worlds and the distance seemed to be growing day by day.
The Herman's working lives were busy....even in their advanced age they weren't raking it in and were struggling to keep on top of things. Mrs. Herman needed the car just as much as Mr. Herman.

One night, after Mr. Herman finished a late shift down at the Police office, as a security guard, Mrs. Herman was usually the one to pick him up from work.
Since it had been almost a month now that Diego had moved in - he knew of their routines, and often had late shifts himself, but made no efforts to get home early. It just so happened, he got back when Mrs. Herman was out...

Faye was oblivious to Diego entering the house and was fully emersed in her painting. She hadn't seen much of him as of late anyway and made nothing of it when she heard footsteps.
Seeing as no one was home, Diego plucked the courage to admire her from afar.

His heart was thumping in his throat, his pulse was racing.... It almost felt like he'd never seen a girl before, although the contrary was true....he had mutliple girlfriends back in meant nothing, just having some fun...

Why did she evoke such awe in him?
Faye hummed a tune to herself again, and Diego felt as if he had heard this somewhere before...Just not sure where.
Diego smiled warmly, cherishing the moments he got to spend so close to her, almost like watching a beautiful rare unicorn show itself for the first time...
Just as he was entranced by her beauty, Diego snapped out of it, smelling something strange....smoke?

He turned around to the living room where the fireplace was lit.

Diego gasped as he saw that the fire had spread from the logs! He rushed in to extinguish the flames.

Next to the fireplace there was a small bottle of airfreshner that was highly explosive. Diego had to act fast before the can exploded!!! Just then, Faye caught sight of the flames and panicked.

"Get back, Faye!" he yelled, "The can! It might explode!" he gasped, struggling to get the extinguisher going.

A loud noise blared in Faye's ears as the can exploded near the flames and she stumbled backwards. She fell and hit her head hard, lying on the floor lifelessly.

Diego finally got the thing working and did his best to extinguish the flames. Loud hissing sounds filled the rooms as the dangerous glow of the flames dimmed down and all was calm again.

Shocked at what he saw...Faye was unconscious on the floor, he quickly made his way to her and held her in his arms. It felt uniquely mesmerising, being able to touch her soft, silky hair and delicate frame, like being able to touch clouds.
Worriedly, he called out to her, carefully placing a hand under her neck.

He gingerly lifted her up into his arms, with the intention of laying her down on the soft sofa. But suddenly, Mr. Herman arrived back from work....what was he going to say? Would he be happy Diego had saved his daughter or take it the wrong way....???
Diego turned around to Mr. Herman, whilst still carrying Faye and tried to explain.

Mr. Herman seemed furious at the state of the living room.

"WHAT happened HERE?" He growled.

Faye was still unconscious...

Diego explained about the fire. Mr. Herman scratched his head in bewilderment.

"So you say...uhm thanks I guess for saving her." he mumbled, not seeming convinced.

"She's unconscious...we might need a doctor." Diego said quietly.

Mr. Herman stepped back outside to fetch his wife.

"Dont' you every put that blasted mobile down!?" he yelled at his wife from outside who was chatting away in the car, clueless as to what had happened inside.

Just then, Faye wriggled out of his arms and stood up.

"I'm fine" she winked, before a dumbfounded Diego could say anything. What a drama queen! She wasn't unconscious??

She smiled at him warmly, looking straight into his eyes, as if she had finally come out of her shell.

"I've been...noticing you lately." She said with a wry smile.

Diego blinked several times, wondering if he was this the same girl from before???

She shyly edged closer as if to close in on a kiss...
Diego was speechless at the way she had just kissed him. Her shy smile lingered over her red lips as she stood before him. He gazed at her in awe, she was beautiful, charming, mysterious...and a great kisser to boot!

They gazed into each others eyes for a while as Mr. and Mrs Herman walked in.

"That's it." Mr Herman said, glaring furiously at Diego standing so close to Faye.

"OUT!" he yelled, "I don't know what happened back there but you are no longer welcome.

Mrs. Herman rushed upstairs and threw his suitcase down the stairs whilst a wildly angered Mr. Herman escorted Diego to the door.

It was late night by now. With nowhere to stay and hardly any money accumulated, Diego contemplated the notion of sleeping rough. It wasn't pretty... But it was sure worth it! Not that he did anything just sort of...happened.

Diego wouldn't forget the beautiful Faye...never. He could still taste her lips...she was incredible.

He just didn't understand why they were so protective of her...she seemed quite cheeky back there, rebelling like that. It put a smirk back on his face to think how cute she was - sticking it to her parents like that. He knew he would see her again....but maybe he would need some money and a place to stay before he thought of doing that again....

End of Chapter 1
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Seems to be a very strange household, them Hermans', well the mom and dad anyways. Faye, i think is just tired of being hovered over.

Diego seems like a sweetheart, i hope they do manage to see one another again...edenz~
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~Episode 2~

Diego has since sorted himself out and found a place to live. It was an uphill struggle at first, without a proper portfolio, but he managed to get into a couple of small jobs for photoshoots. As time went on, he had his break with a modelling agency where he photographed Twinkbooks most beautiful divas. And so, the story continues...

The sun was setting like on any other day, but Diego, despite his recent sucesses somehow longed for something else. He gazed out of the window, wondering....where she was, what she was doing. Was she painting a serene picture? Was she tending to the garden with her gentle hands?

Diego had seen some of the most beautiful, thin and celebrated models this part of the country had to offer, but despite their polished looks, there was something missing from their countenances...

He was now living in a very small house, with barely anything at all....except the photography diploma he had completed just this year... How long had it been since he last saw Faye....?

It felt like an eternity but had only barely been 8 months... He often thought of her when he couldn't sleep at night, her beautiful warm smile flashed before his eyes, comforting and soothing his restless soul.

A lot of time had passed since Diego left, and Mrs. Herman had fallen ill. She was bedridden and hardly able to talk. It seemed like it was her last days, but Faye was always by her side, tending to her every need.

Mr. Herman had worries of his own. Keeping the traditional values of the family intact wasn't easy in an age of promiscuity and hedonistic permissiveness. The Hermans had worked hard to raise their daughter upright, with sound morals and most of all chastity.


But it wasn't always like that.... it all changed after that one horrible event that changed Mr. Herman forever...
One fateful evening, Mr Herman came home drunk with an old friend in tow. Faye was only 12 years old, barely a teenager... Mr. Herman's friend, Chris, who was heavily under the influence of alcohol, was gawking at the young Faye in an undecent manner. Mr Herman was too drunk to notice anything out of the ordinary as both men sat down to watch TV.

Chris beckoned to Faye to come and sit on his lap in return offering her a lollipop. Naive and innocent Faye climbed onto his lap without hesitation. Uncle Chris came often and often exchanged sweets for favours...

Chris stroked Faye's cheek and arms and was just about to plant a kiss on her neck, when Mrs. Herman walked in, dropping the tray of food she was carrying. If she hadn't come in, there was no saying how long this would have gone on. Mr. Herman was always too drunk to notice, especially when there were such atrocious things going on.

Since that day, they have been extra careful with their daughter, so no one tries taking advantage of her....again. But it goes without saying, they were over-protective and not letting Faye live her own life...

Diego was busy with his life, but thought of Faye every day. His photo portfolio kept growing, and yet, after having seen every other diva, starlet and supermodel, even in their bikini's, his heart pounded for only one girl.


Most mornings, Faye did a part-time shift at the local beauty Salon. She worked as a receptionist and tried her best to help out her parents. She knew her mother had fallen gravely ill, but thoughts of Diego still pestered her. She couldn't forget the fragrance of his aftershave when she had stolen that kiss. She put on a brave face every day, but at the back of her head, she was very afraid for her mother.

They may not have been the most fun of parents, but she knew they were always looking out for her. Faye vaguely remembered what transpired when she was 12 years old...most of the memories seemed to have been blocked out somehow, as if she was repressing them unconsciously.


"Yeah, yeah, you can drop by. Your file isn't exactly bursting at the seams. No, I don't do dinner dates with my clients." Diego explained, rolling his eyes to the latest model who had taken a shine to his photography techniques.

"Darling you always get me from the best of sides are you sure you wouldn't want to explore what other angles I can show might give you a little extra ...inspiration."

"No means no." he muttered, irritably, "You want the shots, you come down and we'll call it a day. I don't date clients."

A little while later, Cherise stepped in, ready for her shoot. Her features were twisted in rage.

"Don't look so angry with me - I'm just not interested. I promise I will take great shots of you." Diego shook his head.

"Fine, babe, whatever." She hissed, wondering what he was so uptight about. She almost thought he was gay.

"How do you want me today?" she winked suggestively.

"Uhm, Cherise, can we just get to the point. Your sexy act is getting on my nerves."

She sighed, defeated.

Diego frowned at her persistence on being so full-on and in your face. It was getting kind of boring seeing all the girls throw themselves at him. Same old same old. Just like in Spain. It started feeling very cheap and "easy" as they would say - no mystery, no chase, no drama - it's like the girls are handing it to you on a plate. You know what...? I'm not hungry, Diego thought.

After a lousy mood with his client and an even lousier photoshoot, Diego decided to go for a relaxing drink at his local bar. It was still early in the day, so not a lot of punters had shown up. He was often in there drinking hard liquor to calm his nerves.

He thought to himself, how things were different back home. The city girls were just like the ones here...easy and cheap, no self-respect... But in the outer areas, rural, countryside you could still find the kind of lady who had a real charming air about her, a sense of pride, honour, respect and dignity.

The models thought they were such a turn on - maybe to all, but some people. It was ironic how emancipated models though they were... Even though increasingly they were becoming the 2 Dimensional objects they first protested against.

Diego preferred his women, in 3D - with a personality, a soul, feelings and most of all self-respect. Funny, how it used to be the complete opposite....but maybe he wasn't in love then...

When he got back home and quitely admired his work of the last 8 months, he felt a smile creep over his face. He tried to capture the glamour and beauty of these women, while they tried to look as sensual as possible.

It was quite tough pulling it off, but Diego was good at it. Since his entry into the industry, his photos brought a fresh perspective into the market.

The same woman, who was literally throwing herself at him, was, in his photographs a proud, glamorous lady who held her head high.

Diego tried his best, to show them from their best sides, all his models were dressed provocatively and he wanted to show how he could make them breathtakingly beautiful without showing too much skin or cleavage. The grace in their profile and the way their hair meandered around their faces was his main focus.


Although, now and again, he couldn't completely succeed in his no-cleavage plan. Tina was especially well endowed and it was hard to miss what her assets were.


After Cherise's shoot with another photographer, she decided to let her hair down, and visit Diego in the evening. Maybe she just needed to be "herself" in order to gain his attentions. Cherise was very attracted to foreigners, especially Spainards and Latinos.

Cherise showed up at 6pm at Diego's residence, wearing her usual attire.

She knocked on his door, only to find him looking through the window and pulling the curtains shut, as if to say, get lost.

Enraged, she turned heel and headed out.

Who does he think he is??? I'm not good enough for him? Hmmph. Or maybe he's just gay...


Back at Faye's house, the situation looked grim for Mrs. Herman. The doctors had come and gone and said that her lungs would give out any day - there was no cure. It was the first time, Faye had seen her father break down in tears. Mrs. Herman could barely talk and asked Mr. Herman to continue taking good care of Faye.

Mr Herman decided it was time to let Faye in on a secret. He confessed that he wasn't her biological father. Stunned, Faye didn't know what to say... It had never felt otherwise, in any way. He was just as caring, protective and sensitive to her as any real father would have done.

"You're still my daddy, I love you dad!" She embraced her father with loving arms. Mr.Herman sighed, patting her back gently.

Mrs. Herman coughed, beckoning to Faye, "Dar-ling...get me a glasss of water please..." she sat up in bed, with the greatest difficulty. She was receiving air through a mask, to help her take in as much oxygen as possible as her lungs were extremely weak. She was a heavy smoker and it had now taken its toll on her.

Faye rushed downstairs, leaving Mr. Herman smirking at his soon to die wife.

Mrs. Herman eyed him furiously. "You shouldn't have done that."

"Done what, dear?" Mr. Herman smiled innocently, a glint of evil sparkling in his eyes.

"Told her." Mrs. Herman sputtered.

Mr. Herman sighed, scratching his head, "Well, I'm kind of sick of looking after that overgrown child now. She's old enough now, I think she should move out and live on her own. She's a big girl, I know she'll take care of herself, and even if she doesn't....girls having boyfriends before marriage isn't such a huge deal nowadays."

"DON'T YOU DARE!" Mrs. Herman shouted, her hoarse voice breaking. "Don't forget who you were before you married me, Mason!" she breathed.

"Yeah, well. Look where that got me... so much money...I couldn't resist gambling...and now we're still in debt. I think I would have been better off without you. And your stupid family traditions mean jack to me. Get with the times, Marian, it's the 21st Century. That religious crap doesn't cut it anymore."

"YOU scheming snake! I now see you for who you truly are!" she coughed, readjusting her mask again.

"'s a little late. What's yours is now mine. I know I'll be fine after I sell this house, heh." he grinned, knowing it was something she would never allow while she was alive. It was passed down from generation and an important part of their family tradition.

Mrs. Herman glared furiously at her husband, breathing hard into her mask. She breathed harder and harder, as if not enough oxygen was getting through. She began hyperventilating, and Mr. Herman smirked, looking at the oxygen tank.

"I guess, I'll go replace your tank, dear. Won't be a mo." Her chuckled, heading downstairs.

Faye, was just ambling up the stairs with a couple of refreshments on a tray and he closed the door to her mother's room. He placed a finger on his lips, as if to indicate that Mrs. Herman was sleeping.

"Mama was asking for a drink of water..." she protested, as he pulled her away by the arm and down the stairs...


A few days had passed since Mrs. Herman's death....the funeral was being arranged, the neighbours informed, the community came together...

Behind all of this, Mr Herman was smiling as he opened the insurance policy letter that had just agreed to pay out.
He would soon be swimming in it. He'd be able to pay off the debts, sell the house and have a lot more left over for a comfortable retirement. Not to mention the lush lifestyle he'd been dreaming of.

As for Faye...he would deal with her later...
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~Episode 3~

It was the day of the funeral. All were in attendance, family, friends and neighbours of the Hermans. The day matched the mood of the situation, cloudy, dull and cold.

Faye was still oblivious to what had gone on leading up to her mother's premature death. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Everything seemed so unreal. She kept trying to tell herself to come to terms with it, but she couldn't believe it had actually happened.

The Priest gave a lengthy speech on the life and work of Mrs. Herman, who he had known personally. Mr. Herman had come and gone again, excusing himself from the service. Said he had something to take care of. It didn't seem strange to Faye, although everyone was exchanging worried glances and raising eyebrows.

When Mr. Herman returned, he greeted everyone with a warm smile, as if it was just another day. Everyone was very quick to notice this sense of callousness in him which he had never before displayed.
Mr. Herman sat himself down next to his stepdaughter and she noticed how everyone was wearing black except him... It was as if he just couldn't be bothered, to put in the effort for his deceased wife.

The ladies began gossiping between themselves after Mr. Herman arrived.

Faye stepped up to the pedestal to give her speech about her mother. With a heavy head she sighed quietly.

Just as she made her way, she felt tears streaming down her face, and started sobbing uncontrollably.

The priest comforted her, letting her know she didn't have to say anything at all and that he understood how she felt for her great loss. All the guests hummed in agreement, chatting between themselves.

Despite all the warm support, Faye felt cold and alone somehow. She knew her father was not her own flesh and blood, but she trusted him with all her heart. He was the only one left in her life now.

Faye faced her mother's grave and sobbed to her heart's content. Her father, it seemed was rather indifferent to it all.

The Priest asked everyone to sit down as he was concluding the service.

But before the Priest could go on, Mr. Herman broke the news that he had to make a trip he had promised Mrs. Herman on her deathbed.

"I apologize for interrupting you my dear boy, but I need to let you all know that Mrs. Herman, may she rest in peace, has asked me to make a trip a religious shrine that meant the world to her in France. I've made all arrangements, but I couldn't get a ticket for my darling Faye." Mr. Herman explained politely.

Faye frowned, glancing at the priest, "So I'll be staying home all by myself? Without a chaperone?"

"Home? Ah, yes, darling that's something I needed to tell you too. I've put the house up for sale. It's too big for the both of us, isn't it Faye? We'll find ourselves a nice small bungalow until you wed one day, dear." He smiled apologetically.

The Priest interrupted before Mr. Herman could go on.

"Mr. Herman I'll have to stop you there; you have arranged everything thus far brilliantly. Where will Faye be staying during your absence?"

"Why of course, I've thought of that, dear boy." Mr. Herman chuckled, "I have a very old friend of miine who lives just a mile away from here. I know she'll take good care of Faye."

Faye wiped her tears and shook her head at her father.

"You could have told me this in advance you know. I've just been bereaved and now you're leaving me all by myself with a stranger I don't even know?!" she shrieked, not having raised her voice at her father like this since she had entered her teen years.

"I will not be spoken to in such a rude manner." Mr. Herman said, turning away from her in anger. He walked off in a huff and puff, as if he was just going for a walk to cool off.

The rest of the congregation whispered between themselves, making Faye feel very self-conscious and awkward.

Soon enough, one by one, everyone had left. Faye was on her own, believing her father would calm down and come back for her. After all, wasn't he dropping her at someone's house before leaving???

Weeping quietly, Faye gaze at her mother's grave. Oh dear Mama, I wish you were still with me... she thought to herself. What has happened all of a sudden....I've never seen dad like this before.

It was getting dark slowly, and Faye sat down on the bench, awaiting her father. It almost seemed as if he wouldn't be coming to get her... The realization dawned on her and she wondered what she would do. Where would she go? Where would she spend the night?? It all happened so fast, her head was spinning.

Mr. Herman suspected she would still be there and watched from afar as she sat on the bench. The contempt in his eyes was evident. He was almost certain she wouldn't be coming back home, and if she did, he wouldn't open the doors anyway. After all, he wasn't going abroad, but she didn't know otherwise.
He just hoped she would stay away, as he was beginning to enjoy his new-found freedom and looking forward to the lifestyle changes he wanted to make. Gone are the traditions and religious customs, and in are all things bling.

As the first faint glistening of the moon showed up on the horizon, Faye broke down in tears. She knew she wasn't going home tonight. Her father had abandoned her. She didn't know her way around, didn't drive and had no money on her at present. It was unusal for girls to be so dependent in this day and age, but that's just the way she was cocooned all her life.

She was helpless, desperate and isolated, and without her mother, her step-father had no reason to look after her anymore. He had thrust her out of his life like she was nothing. She had lost her mother, the love of her step-father and her home all in one instant.

Faye felt faint and didn't know what she would do. She sighed, wondering if someone would take her in... No...I can't...I can't just go into random people's homes and ask to stay....that won't work....or could it? Her mind began racing, she thought of the different outcomes a night sleeping rough could have. She felt terrified, feeling vunerable and an easy target.

I can't stay here... graveyards give me goosebumps... she thought, ambling out of the front gates.

She stumbled out of the graveyard with tear streaked cheeks, wondering where she would go. It was slowly getting darker. Faye trekked across the bridge, not familiar with the location at all. It wasn't near to her house, which seemed to have been the point when Mr. Herman had arranged the funeral so far from home. It all seemed planned...somehow.

She felt like kicking herself for being so trusting. She should have known the minute Mr. Herman had told her she wasn't his real daughter that something was not right. Her kindness and innocence had cost her dearly. Now she was all by herself wandering the streets at night like some stray cat.

It was beginning to get cold, she shivered, wondering where she was now. She had passed the city bridge and was now in a more rural area. But it seemed like she was entering more and more of a wilderness than heading for a residential area. She gazed around herself, the river was sparkling in the moonlight and a mist started to settle on the horizon.

Faye travelled farther until she reached a swampy area. She sighed, not knowing where this will lead, but carried on...
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Despite the desolate area she found a house, and the lights were still on. She made her way to the front door and knocked. Faye could hear a woman laughing and peeped through the window. A man was chasing his lover throughout the house with a water gun and having thoroughly soaked her white t-shirt, was aiming for her jeans. Faye raised an eyebrow at the behaviour she was witnessing. What's that all about....??? She thought to herself.

Feeling slightly out of place she turned away from the big house and wandered through the swap. Her black gown was soaked with mud, stray leaves and swampy water. She felt chills run down her spine as night fell. Eventually, she came across a small cabin in the swamp. The lights were on, and she could hear someone talking.

She sighed, steeled herself to knock. She waited nervously, and heard footsteps approaching.

A young man opened the door wearing his sports gear.

"Hey there, how can I help?" he said casually, gazing her up and down.

"I...uh...ehm I'm just wondering, I've lost my way. Could I stay here tonight? Just for tonight?" She asked gently.

He frowned a little, finding it a little strange seeing this dolled up girl, wearing black from head to toe turn up in a swampy area like this. Her elegant dress was ruined and muddy and she was shivering in the cold.
He raised an eyebrow looking at the lace on her shoulders and chest. She was really posh looking...what on earth was she doing here???

"Yeah, uhm give me a sec." He said, closing the door.

After having changed into his pyjamas and sorting out his hair, he invited her inside.

"Thank you for welcoming me into your home. I hope I won't be too much of a burden on you." She thanked him warmly.

What on earth? He thought, Is this girl a aristocrat or something? She sure talks funny.

"Don't worry about it." He smiled at her and she began crying.

"Excuse me, but I'm very upset right now..." she sobbed. "I've just come back from my mother's funeral and my father... well...I'm lost, you see." she mumbled on through tears.

"What your name?" The young man asked gently.


"Well, I'm Jack Daniels. But, don't worry I don't drink whisky though!" He kidded, trying to divert her mind.

She smiled politely, acknowleding his attempt to console her and wiped her tears.

"Uhm...Jack, can I have some of your clothes to wear...this is highly uncomfortable." she went on, rubbing her arm.

Jack's amber eyes glinted as he gazed over her svelte silhouette which he could now see clearly in the light of the house. His heart skipped a beat at the thoughts that crossed his mind. He felt lucky tonight. A damsel in distress had just dropped in out of nowhere.

Jack held her gently by the shoulders and reassured her she could stay as long as she liked and he would go and see for some fresh set of clothes immediately.

"By the you need me to...uhm take care of these clothes for you? I've got my very own washing machine here." he watched for any adverse reactions from her as he put the question to her.

Faye nodded her head and smiled, "By all means, they are very dirty right now, I'm not ashamed to confess."

Jack gawked at her chest, " won't be needing the br-- I mean undergarments either will you? I'll get them washed too."

Faye looked furiously at him, " I think they're fine."

"Woah, ok, don't worry little miss." he held his hands up.

"It's Faye." she reminded him, sighing - feeling quite embarrassed by his suggestion of washing her underwear. What a pervert.

"Well, if there's anything you need....anything at all, give me a shout."

"Indeed I will, thank you." she nodded.

Faye made her way to the bathroom and changed into some of Jack's clothes. They were slightly loose, and showed off a lot, but Jack said he didn't have anything else that was washed at the moment. Faye found it hard to believe, but had no choice.

This one's showing a lot more cleavage than even my black dress...the neck is so big, it's just about to fall off my shoulders. I hate this...awkward, the way he looks at me, she thought.

Faye felt uncomfortable around Jack. He wasn't too bad a looker himself, but it wasn't ideal.

Jack came back inside from throwing out the trash and grinned at her.

"Heeeey, looking foxy in that. You've got a great pair of legs, and not to mention, some very big jugs..." he complimented, making her feel even more uncomfortable.

"I'd rather you wouldn't speak to me this way." She sighed, crossing her arms over her chest as if to hide.

Faye got up for a glass of water and felt her heart sink heavily. She wondered when she would return "home" or when normality would return.

She shyly smiled to herself at the compliment Jack had given her. She wasn't used to such full-on attention from the opposite sex, but despite it being alien, invasive and almost like her privacy was being compromised, she also somehow liked the idea that he felt she was ravishing.

Night had fully fallen by now, and Faye was strained from the traumatic day she had. Jack insisted she sleep on the bed and that he would sleep at a friend's house and see her in the morning. She was relieved at Jack's suggestion as she wouldn't be able to sleep in his presence. She would be too worried about what might happen between them...

It was a very quiet night. Faye slept like never before...almost as if she had died and left the world.

The next morning, Jack arrived nice and early, greeting his house guest with a warm smile. She smiled at him genuinely and opened the door to invite him inside. It was barely 7:30 am and a Saturday.

Faye cooked a full-on breakfast with whatever was available to her and astounded her host. They sat down together to enjoy the meal and began making small talk. At first.

Then, Jack said something that threw Faye completely off balance...

"You know,'s tough nowadays. I know coming from a better place than me, you won't really appreciate how hard it is to earn a living...but I was wondering if there was a....way for you to pay me rent for staying here." the tone in Jack's voice hinted he meant something else by "pay me".

Faye was speechless, wondering if she had heard him right. She only wanted to stay one night, and he was implying something so degrading...

He made himself comfortable on the bed before going on. Faye sighed heavily, dreading what he would say was her payment to him.

"I'd say...what you owe me is not within your financial means right now. Or later." his eyes gleamed suggestively.

"What do you mean?" She asked angrily, almost knowing the answer.

"I mean, you come to bed with me willingly, or else leave." he growled impatiently. Jeez, this chick can't take a hint, he thought.

Faye fell silent. She had never been in such a degrading and difficult situation before. She had to wait for her senses to catch up with her as the room began to spin around her.

"I'm...not interested. I will leave." she said gazing towards him defiantly.

Jack raised an eyebrow, "Suit yourself. Get those clothes off and hand them back to me. Your clothes are still drying, it's up to you..."

Faye hesitantly made her way to the tiny bathroom and took off her clothes. She folded them on the cabinet near the sink and gently pressed her black dress, squeezing out the last remaining dampness out of it.

Just then, Jack entered. She flinched, fearing he would assault her.

Faye controlled herself and asked in a harsh tone, "Can't you see I'm no clothed? Get out!"
"That's the problem you see." Jack almost drooled looking her up and down. "I can't resist..."

Faye gasped at his remark, her heart pounded rapidly against her chest. Her breathing picked up, she felt faint headed all of a sudden.

Jack edged closer, wandering his hands over her waist gently and feeling her up and down...

"You're really something else..." he whispered, breathing on her neck and slipping one bra strap off her shoulder.

"GET AWAY!" she cried, pushing him away and readjusting her strap.

He continued to edge closer to her and she snapped.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" she yelled, disgusted at the way he made her feel. She felt sick to her stomach. Her repressed memories came flooding back... She remembered clearly now how Chris, her father's friend, when she was only 12 had touched her. The way he had looked at her, and the way he treated her...

Jack's smile widened, "Playing hard to get, are we?"

"I like a challenge myself." He licked his lips as he looked into her eyes.

"I'm warning you." She protectively raised her fists.

"Hey hey hey, babe, no need for that." Jack cooed.

"I'm not gonna force you into anything you don't want." He reassured her. "But...what is it about me you don't like? Am I ugly?"

Faye put her hands down. She shook her head and sighed.

"Please...just leave me alone." she looked over to her black dress, wanting to put it on just as it was, damp.

"Look babe, I thought we could come to an understanding... I help you....and you help me. That's all." Jack stepped in her way, and she avoided his gaze.

"Come on babe, don't be like that. I know you posh folks have your values. But why not give this thing a try? I guarantee you will be satisfied...I haven't let any girl down yet." Jack held her by the arms gently explaining.

Faye glared at him irritably. "What do you think...? I'm just going to blink and give you my virginity!?" she spoke too soon.

"You're a virgin...?" Jack was genuinely surprised.

"SO?" She swallowed hard, watching his face expression change.

"'re the wrong side of 15 to be virgin." Jack grinned.

Faye's eyes widened in horror. How young are these girls when they first.....? she wondered. And how do they emotionally prepare themselves for such a big event like that? Don't they want to keep it for someone special...someone they want to spend their lives with???

Jack's interest faded all of a sudden. Faye was a complete newbie after all. How much fun could that be?

Jack looked at Faye in pity.

"Look right....I'm not a complete a-hole...I have friends who are into that sort of thing, but it revolts me."

Faye frowned, never feeling so insulted in all of her life. She was being downgraded because she was a virgin now?

She kind of felt glad she told him that now. She felt relieved he wouldn't be pestering her for that again. But it wasn't over yet...

"Well, babe you gotta pay me somehow. I'm strapped for cash as it is. So how about I take a couple of nice shots of you in my ex's bikini?"

Furiously Faye lashed out at him and slapped his face.

Jack grunted angrily, glaring at her. How dare she? he thought.

"I'm gonna ask you one last time. Model the bikini for some photographs and I'll call it quits!"

"NO!" She shrieked.

Without warning, Jack struck her down with a hard slap. She fell backwards and hit her head on the bathroom door. Everything turned black before her eyes and she fainted.

Some time later...

She found herself lying on his bed. She rubbed her eyes and looked around herself. All was quiet, as if he had gone. Faye glanced over to the clock and realized it was now 1:00 o clock in the afternoon.

How long was she knocked out? What had he done to her? What was happening???

Jack returned a while later looking pleased with himself.

"Hey babes. You scrub up pretty darn good, you know that?"

Faye sat up in bed and realized she was....wearing a maroon-purple bikini.

"Yeah, I know the two-piece is a bit small for you, but heck your boobs look better in them than my ex girlfriend's anyday. And I got some awesome pics of you."

Faye couldn't believe her ears. He had changed her??? He had seen...her....undone? She felt dirty and exploited and held her head in shock.

"That black dress made me quite a mint...I have to say you posh folks know how to live..." he said indifferently.

Faye bit her lower lip, wincing at the thought that he'd done such an inexcusable thing - gone and sold her only clothes.

"HOW DARE YOU!" she shouted, and Jack knitted his eyebrows in fury.

"Don't get so can of beansy, you can wear my clothes from yesterday." he growled.

She stared at him wide-eyed in disbelief, what on earth was wrong with this guy???

Faye brushed past him to the washroom to get changed.

She could hear him say that she would need to do some more photos if she wanted to stay.

Faye returned from the wc changed.

"WHAT?" she demanded.

"I could get you into movies if you agree. You can make it big in a single night with one of those... Mind you, you wouldn't want your father getting a copy of that, hahaha..."
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"YOU MISERABLE LOW LIFE SCUM!!! I WOULD NEVER AGREE TO ANYTHING LIKE THAT! YOU CANIVING VULTURE, YOU'RE DESPICABLE!!!" she shrieked with tears streaming down her cheeks, her chest heaving with every breath she took.

Without another word, Faye raced out of the cabin and into the swamp, running as fast as she could manage. Jack's voice could be heard shouting from the cabin as he soon emerged in hot pursuit.

He had spotted the direction she was heading in, clenching his fists in fury as he realized he had been dumb enough to let her get away. It seems he had underestimated her.

Gasping as she thought he'd caught her, she made a run for it again and hid behind some shrubs.

When she was confident he had gone, she came out, sobbing bitterly. Her pulse was racing, the adrenaline giving her and edgy feeling. Her hands and feet were tingling with nervousness. She cried softly to release the tension that was growing like a heavy knot in her stomach.

Eventually, she calmed down...she wouldn't give up hope. She would find a way out of this.

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Meanwhile, back at Diego's workplace, the models had gathered for a themed photoshoot session.

Of all the models, Giselle was the most sophisticated and elegant. She was the first model to have made it big in Twinbrook and was showing some of the new girls the ropes as part of her deal with the agency - and also to comemorate ten years in the industry. She didn't look any older, though.

The girls were very excited with their mentor. The photos were great.

Once finished, Diego contemplated heading back home.

But it seemed the famous Giselle had other plans for this budding photographer.

"My my, aren't we shining already?" She smiled elegantly.

"Thank you, ma'am. I hope you had a good time with us today." he went on formally.

"Cut the ma'am business, I'm not that old." She tilted her head, tucking some hair behind his ear. "How about dinner tonight? My treat."

"I'm afraid I'm busy." he explained.

"Busy?" She gazed at him with wide eyes, as if she couldn't believe being turned down.

"You're really good at what you do, Mr. but if you want to become something special you will have to socialise with the elite. Or you'll still be working here when I return in another 10 years." she glared.

"My...what a stubborn boy. " she though back at her dressing room. "I'll fix that. I'll have a word with his's for his own good."

A little while later, when Giselle was sure Diego would have gotten the message from his boss, she asked him again. To no surprise, he agreed and they headed out after work in a taxi to a local diner.

They sat quietly during dinner and once all was done, Diego didn't have much to say.

"OK, spill." she said impatiently.

"Spill what? I've finished my drink." Diego looked puzzled.

"Argh." She rolled her eyes. "Tell me what is going on with the models. They looked so young and fresh. Know any ones that are putting in extra hours?"

Diego thought for a moment. "Come to think of it, they do get photoshoots done by several different photographers and work with a lot of different people, I wouldn't be able to tell you which ones were doing how many hours." Diego shrugged.

"You fool..." Giselle chided him, "I meant....well nevermind." she sighed, wondering why he didn't get the fact that "extra hours" just meant giving "special" favours to certain people in the trade to advance themselves. She just wanted to find out from him which girls were really pushing the envelope in succeeding. She knew what she liked to do with them...crush them like bugs.

After that, Diego dropped Giselle to her Hotel.

At the hotel Giselle gave him a few words of advice.

"You're a naive one, Diego. You won't last very long in this industry if you don't wisen up. Mark my words." and with that she went inside. Diego stood scratching his head, wondering what she meant as he felt he was doing perfectly well in his job.

It wasn't very late and Diego fancied a nice stroll, so he set off for home by foot, which wasn't very far anyway.

He enjoyed the outdoors, and always thought he would be taking photos of sceneries and wildlife rather than vixens, foxes and cougars.

He made his way back through the park, the dew from last night's rain was settling on the leaves, a fresh scent lingered in the air.

As he walked on, he noticed someone sitting on the swings. He could tell she was female, but by the clothes she seemed to be some sort of hobo or tramp. He frowned, wondering who it could be. He changed his mind and decided to walk past.

Oblivious to him, it was Faye, who had somehow found her here where she felt relatively safer than the swamp. Tears were trickling down her face as she wondered what she could do.

Diego was going to walk past, but hearing the girl cry made him change his mind.

"Are you OK, Miss?" he asked gently.

Faye turned to face him and gasped.

"FAYE???" Diego couldn't believe what he was seeing. His princess was dressed like a peasant.

"Diego!" She laughed, rushing to embrace him.

Diego held her in his arms gently and she finally felt she could sigh with relief.

"What did you get here? And what are you wearing???" Diego exploded with question after question.

"My mother died last week...." Faye swallowed hard, trying to ease the pain in her throat as she thought of her deceased mother. "I was at her funeral yesterday...and I had a row with my father and...."

" Oh....I'm sorry for your loss... Never mind the rest, you can explain later." Diego carried on, despite his earlier questioning.

"Awww.... Faye." he said, as she sadly glanced across the distance.
"I've been through a lot since then..." she sighed, a tears escaping her eyes.

"Well, no more. I'm here for you now." he assured her, squeezing her hand lovingly.

"Why don't you come home with me?" Diego asked her.

"...sure..." she smiled shyly, blushing.

Diego grinned at her, and she reiterated his smile, knowing what he was remembering: their first kiss.

Faye felt glad and relieved to have Diego back in her life. She wanted to shower him with kisses.

And this one could stop her. She kissed him passionately, deeply as dawn broke over them in the distance. The way he pressed against her felt like the most natural thing in the world, and she welcomed the way he caressed her back so lovingly.

"My darling....I've missed you." Diego confessed, "I've never looked at another girl with the eyes that I have for you, Faye."

Faye blushed and nodded. "I thought I'd never see you again..."

"Come on my, dumpling. Let's go for a nice walk. The weather is gorgeous... And I love a sunrise with a loved one." Diego caressed her cheek lovingly.

Soon enough, they were both seated comfortably, arm in arm, in the Park's Gazebo. They cuddled each other while watching a breathtakingly picturesque sunrise.

"...Don't look now, but I think those two birds are celebrating a late spring..." Diego joked, laughing at the way the birds were making love. Faye gasped at them and then began laughing so hard her stomach hurt. They chatted away to each other as a new day began, and the darkness and horror of the night before, slowly faded away from Faye's mind...

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Missing Episode:

~Episode 4~

Several weeks had passed since the reunion of Diego and Faye. Their love had deepened with each candlelight dinner, cuddle by the fireplace and snuggling at night. But despite everything, Faye didn't feel ready for the big step of becoming one with Diego in passion...

Meanwhile, at a mansion some distance away a meeting was taking place which was long overdue...

Jack Daniels and his work acquaintance Josh Hemming were discussing some finer points to a deal that had fallen through. Jack's photos of Faye had attracted a distinguished Don, who wanted to add her to his collection.

Jack explained that it was out of his control to have kept her. She seemed quite mellow and easy going and didn't put up much of a fight, but right at the end, somehow she made a run for it.

"At first, I didn't think anything of it...she just turned up one evening on my doorstep. I thought she was like the regulars you like, but....she was different."

"How.....different?" Don Hiroshi demanded, his interest piqued.

Josh rolled his eyes, wondering why Jack was mentioning these details now that he had lost her. Jack glanced at Josh through the corner of his eye, smirking as if to say he would find her again somehow.

"Well..." he continued, smiling at the Don.

Jack went on to explain how she seemed to be completely clueless about love-making, reserved and shy.

"As you have described, I believe we have found a true lotus flower here. She's pure and young - I didn't pay you down-payment on those photographs for nothing, Jack." Hiroshi cocked his gun at Jack in anger.

"Now you get me the girl, or I'll knock a few bullets into that hollow skull of yours."

Josh held his head, sighing, Jack, Jack, did it again..., He thought. Josh took a long swig at his cigarette and exhaled through his nostrils, watching Jack begging the Don for time.

Hiroshi noded silently and waved Jack away. "Now go. I want the girl by Friday."

Josh shook his head. I'm so not going to involve this idiot next time; he's out, he thought irritably.


Jack took a brisk walk to clear his mind. His mind raced as to where Faye could have run off to. He had been so foolish, he hadn't asked her anything. Curiously enough, there was nothing on her to Identify her either.

Jack inhaled his cigarette deeply, shaking his head at his failure. He didn't know she was that valuable. Life changing sums for something so petty.

He had taken her photos straight after he had found out she was virgin as Josh was the one who had always asked for "undamaged goods" because of his foreign customers.

Jack was more into counterfitting money, counterfitting alcohol and other goods. But his criminal business enterprises were leading him nowhere. With constant observation from the Law Enforcement Agencies and a lot of residual evidences eminating from this type of business, he had to always be on the down-low with these kinds of activities.

Jack had not been very sucessful in any of it as of late, and thought he'd give Josh's route a try....not knowing how hard it was.

He ambled down the stairs to the riverside and could hear voices a couple of feet away...

Diego was romantically busy with Faye, despite her protests to stop for breath. He felt he had to step it up a notch in order for her to give in. It had already been a month they'd been together and she was very stubborn, as if she was afraid of something.

Jack stopped in his tracks as he recognized an old friend's voice. Could it be? Could it be Diego? He approached Diego sitting on a nearby bench with a girl. Faye.

"Diego?" Jack called, only to be met with a flustered look from Diego.

What's he doing here??? Diego thought frantically.

"I knew it! I knew you would double cross me if I introduced you to Josh!" Jack yelled in a fit.

"What? Sorry....but who are you??" Diego shrugged defensively.

"Don't play dumb, Diego. You're in it with Josh for this girl, aren't you?" Jack breathed heavily, glaring at Diego.

"Sorry, pal, you must have mistaken me for someone else." he insisted, shrugging at Faye.

Faye recognized Jack, but felt embarassed admitting she knew him, especially with what happened with the photographs. She glanced at him as if she'd never seen him.

Diego could sense something. "Do you know this guy, Faye?" he questioned, frowning.

"No, never seen him before..." she said indifferently while Jack smirked at her sensually.

"Yeah, babe, I remember you. Diego, don't worry, no harm done." he winked at him. Diego's frown increased.

"What do you mean by that?" he growled.

"Listen you weirdo - we don't know you, GET LOST!" Faye shouted at Jack with an undertone of nervousness in her voice.

Jack smiled devilishly, "You know babe....I still got those hot shots of you, hey Diego, I bet you ain't seen her in a bikini before." he teased.

"Oh and let me guess," Jack continued, the glint of mischief increasing in his eyes. "She doesn't let you anywhere near here in THAT department, am I right?"

Diego raised an eyebrow, wondering how Jack knew all this. To add insult to injury, Jack whipped out his mobile and showed Jack a photo of Faye draped over the bed in a purple bikini.

"What is this, Faye???" Diego glared at Faye.

Jack stood back and smirked, eyeing Faye. Good...he's going to break up with her and..she'll be alone again, he thought feeling very proud.

"Yo, babe, incriminating evidence. Diego's not the type for mushy love don't know him."

"Will you just SHUT UP, Jack." Diego gnarled at him.

"I can explain! I didn't tell you everything that happened when I had a row with my dad. I...spent the night wandering the streets and Jack let me in..."

"WHAT?" Diego's eyes widened....

"NOTHING HAPPENED!" she protested, trying to defend herself.

"Nothing...except that you were in my bed all night." Jack laughed.

"In your bed, but you weren't there, you went to a friend's house!" she cried.

"How convenient, Faye..." Diego shook his head in disappointment, "A minute ago you didn't know him."

"NEITHER DID YOU!" she shrieked, breaking into tears.

Jack walked over to Diego and whispered into his ear: "Best give it up, buddy, she's not girlfriend material...if you know what I mean."

With that said...Jack walked off.

Diego thought for a moment...

"Nevermind, Faye." he said warmly, "I trust you."

Faye sighed with relief. "How do YOU know him...?" she questioned.

"Ah...He had hired me in the early stages of my photography career..." Diego explained, not letting her in on the details as to what Jack had him photograph...

Jack walked back home, very pleased with what he'd just done. He knew Diego would drop her like a hot potato if she was in any way unfaithful...Jack knew already about Diego's loose ways back home, but since he hired him, he noticed how he didn't seem interested in any of his regular models.

Maybe he was a one woman man, Jack thought, and hence he wouldn't go easy on this kind of dodgy history from her.

Faye was very relieved that Diego believed her. She felt a weight lifted from her shoulders, and love him even more for being so understanding and generous.

Diego grabbed her by the hand and they headed off.

"I've got someone I'd like you to meet, my darling." He said, not glancing at her.

"Who? You're parents are here too?" she smiled, wondering where they were going.

"You'll see. It's a very venerated friend of mine, who I know would love to meet you." Diego went on, firmly holding her hand and leading the way to the car.

He knew Jack wouldn't be after this girl for no reason - he had mentioned Diego did the maths....and knew what to do.


A couple of hours drive later, they arrived at a picturesque mansion secluded between mountains. It had a large pool and every single luxury anyone could every want.

When Diego and Faye arrived they were greeted by a beautiful Japanese woman at the door. She invited them inside, expressing her surprise at her visit.

"Ah, Diego, welcome, welcome. You are most welcome, Hiroshi isn't in a good mood, so just watch yourself." she smiled warmly.

"Come inside, Oh.." she stopped, watching Faye and raised an eyebrow at Diego. She tilted her head, and Diego nodded while Faye looked on in bewilderment as to what that secret exchange had meant.

Inside, the large livingroom was furnished to the highest european standard. Hiroshi was a big shot, but he liked the european architechture and style more than anything...well except women.

Hiroshi frowned a little when he saw Diego come in.

"Do I know you?" Hiroshi tried to think if he'd seen him before.

"Uh, yeah, I came with Josh once, back in April, remember? The name's Diego." he said quietly, while Faye was busy talking to the japanese lady in the hallway.

"I remember Josh mentioning something about....undamaged goods, and how you like your girls still in their packing..." Diego continued quietly.

Hiroshi fumbled his hands in anticipation, "Yes, yes, you're right. Virgins fetch the most money."

"Where is she? Have you got photos? I received a hot item's photos a couple weeks back but that son of a *****, Jack lost her. What have you got to offer?" Hiroshi babbled excitedly.

"No wonder..." Diego thought aloud. I knew Jack was up to something...but he's no match for my wits, Diego thought smirking to himself.

Ayako smiled knowingly - she was sure she had seen Faye in those photos before. She eyed Diego, raising an eyebrow at how cunning he was, having found her so fast after Jack had lost her.

As Faye and Ayako entered the living, the Don introduced himself as Diego's old pal and asked everyone to make themselves comfortable. Diego purposely sat down next to Miyuki, another of the Don's girls.

Seeing this, the don beckoned to Faye to come and sit next to him. She thought nothing of it and sat down.

She meekly looked around, feeling shy and out of place in such a huge palace of a house. Some of their tableware was made of gold....Holy....moly.

They all began making small talk and eventually the topic came to women nowadays getting more and more refined in their beauty and fashion.

"Oh yes, I like a well educated and refined girl, I have a couple of Geisha's always waiting for me back home too." Hiroshi smiled, laying an arm around Faye.

Faye couldn't believe what she was seeing and shrugged his arm off.

"Please, Mr. Hiroshi. I would appreciate if you didn't!" she said to him firmly.

"What is this? How could you insult Mr. Hiroshi like that, he was just being friendly." Diego scolded her, while Hiroshi smiled to himself about how cute she was.

"What did I do?" she said, as Diego grabbed her and dragged her out into the hallway. The women opposite Hiroshi didn't like her attitude and rolled their eyes at her insolence. Such a rude girl!

He pinned her against the wall and muttered: "You do love me don't you?"

"Diego...I don't understand..." Faye whimpered as he clenched her arm.

"Do this for me. Just one night. I owe this guy too much money...please, for my sake. I'll never ask you for anything else." he whispered.

Faye's eyes widened. She stared at him, speechless. How could he...?

Did she really mean that little to her...? What had happened to Diego all of a sudden, he was completely transformed...into some sort of monster. How could he even ask her to do something like that for the sake of their love? She felt sick to the stomach.

They walked back into the room, but Faye still looked like she'd seen a ghost. Her heart felt like it was about to burst into a million pieces, just thinking about what her lover had asked her to do for him. How could he be so ruthless? He doesn't love me....she thought, wincing at the dry pain devloping in her throat as tears swelled in her eyes.

"What's wrong, Diego." Hiroshi demanded, gazing at the two.

Faye stared directly at Hiroshi, silently trying to make sense of it all. Her mouth ran dry, swallowing became a monumental task and tears riveted down her beautiful face.

"I...I, ah...I don't...Die-go, please...why...why are you doing this?" she sputtered through tears, her voice breaking as she broke down into a sob.

"Get over yourself..." Diego whispered to her, shaking his head. "You're not as pure as you make out to be, I for one am not interested in cheating sluts like you. He'll be lucky if you turn out to be virgin."

Staring blankly into space, Faye didn't even realize Diego had left...

"Ladies, she's gone into shock. I've seen this before - go clean her up, she looks a mess..." Hiroshi said blankly, making his way up to the hallway to write Diego a cheque.

"Diego, my boy, you've brought me a real find. I was after this little lady for quite some time." Hiroshi went on.

"Hiroshi, if I'd known this was the girl you were after, I'd have handed her to you much sooner."

"How much are you asking for her? No, wait...I'll sign this blank cheque - you write the amount you want." Hiroshi smirked proudly, handing Diego a blank, but signed cheque.

Diego's mouth opened wide, "Sir, you're too kind....but don't mind if I do!" he hastily grabbed the cheque and thought of a figure of his liking.... Yeah, that should set me for life....

They shook hands and Diego made his way out.

Diego sat down in his car, staring at the road ahead, as if nothing had happened. What once seemed as a sweet, kind-hearted and gentle guy, was actually a biased, prejudiced and twisted monster....


"Don't worry, our Master is really quite gentle. He was my first too, since I turned 15." Ayako tried to comfort Faye.

Faye turned her head away silently, not being able to come to grips with the intense pain burning in her heart from Diego's unexpected and merciless betrayal.

"LEAVE ME ALONE! JUST GO!" Faye cried out in frustration.

Hiroshi returned with gun in hand and sat himself down.

"What's this commotion, my lotus?" he questioned in a patronising voice.

But before Faye could say anything, he waved his hand and Ayako understood the signal to mean take her away. So Ayako grabbed her by the arm and yanked her all the way upstairs.

Miyuki soon followed her upstairs and very soon the sound of water gushing, a shrieking Faye and struggling echoed throughout the spacious rooms of the house.

Faye yelled and cried out as both of the women got her into the bathroom to clean her up. Sounds of smacking and shouting ensued for the next hour before Faye calmed down and let them have their way with her.
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Once she was washed, they brought her to the dressing room. Faye shivered, holding herself together from the shock of what she'd just had to go through.

They chattered amongst each other while selecting a corset for Faye to wear.

Once they had secured it onto her, they giggled and joked about her in front of her face.

Faye sat wearing a tight white coloured corset, symbolising her "unopened" state. She sat at the dressing table with her head held in her hands, sighing heavily and feeling tired.

Ayako and Miyuki began mocking Faye's birth mark on her thigh, mentioning how she looked deformed by it. Faye held her ears shut, trying to block them out, block the invasive, strong smell of jasmine and the impending doom she had to face.

Faye began sobbing again, feeling hopeless and helpless. She started shaking uncontrollably, feeling sorry for herself. The women noticed this and payed close attention.

"Hey, hey, we just fixed you up, don't mess yourself up again!" Ayako yelled.

"How can you be women and do this to other women???" Faye got up suddenly in an unexpected burst of rage.

Miyuki shook her head as if to disaprove of her comment. "You won't understand. It's a tough life, eat or be eaten, darling. Now get ready to be deflowered."

Faye gasped with horror.

"It's happened to you....and now you're letting it happen to does that take away from your pain?" she asked earnestly.

"It didn't happen to me! I'm here because I chose to be!" Miyuki lashed out sounding hurt.

It seemed Faye had hit a nerve as Miyuki smacked Faye hard, causing her to fall backwards and pass out.

Unconscious from the stress, trauma and knock to the head, Faye lay lifelessly on the floor. The two women scrambled next to her and got her dressed, as they heard footsteps coming up the stairs.


A while later, the two women got Faye to wake up and had already dressed her and done her hair. They had also injected her with a light sedative so she wouldn't feel too emotional and do something stupid. Ayako held Faye by the arm and brought her to Hiroshi's master suite.

"It's about time. I was about to fall asleep, Ayako."

Faye stood, blinking, trying to focus her eyes and felt a smile creep on her face - a side effect from the sedative.

Hiroshi got up and looked at Faye closely.

"Not bad... you look even better in these clothes."

Before Faye could do or say anything, Hiroshi grabbed her by the waist and forced her onto the bed.

She fell lifelessly onto the bed, and felt her heart racing with panic. She knew this was it. Now or never. The adrenaline rushed through her whole body. She felt his hand on her ankle and thrashed frantically with her feet, squirming to be free of him.

Just then, she noticed Hiroshi's gun on the dresser just opposite the bed. She steeled herself and kicked him hard with her heel, scrambling back to her feet on the other side of the bed.

She leapt towards the gun as Hiroshi regained himself.

He swiftly rushed to stop her from taking the gun.

But it was too late.

She pointed straight for his head and clicked the gun into the ready position.

Her hands sweated profusely, her heart pounding loudly in her ears, she felt a wild sensation of power race through her and watched him with triumphant eyes.

"Don't do that, put it down. You'll hurt yourself with that thing." Hiroshi said to her in a soft patronising voice.

Faye breathed heavily, her head spun in a thousand different direction all at once. Her breathing increased, Hiroshi saw this and tried to inch closer.

She can't do it... He thought, edging ever closer, reaching for the gun.

Faye stood still, aiming straight for his head, all the thoughts whirling in her mind, how Diego betrayed her, her father abandoning her, Jack trying to take advantage of her. She was alone. There was no one for her. What did she have to lose?

Before she even knew what had happened, Hiroshi lay on the floor, his head swimming in a pool of his own blood.

Gasping, Faye gripped the gun tightly and sat on the floor, staring endlessly at his unmoving body.

Meanwhile, Ayako and Miyuki giggled amongst themselves, "Sounds like he's done it." one joked to the other, "she's no longer special." replied the other.

Hiroshi had a signature way of celebrating his "first" nights with his women - a single gunshot.

Little did they know, it wasn't Hiroshi firing.....


Faye sat on the floor, gun in hand, staring at his body in disbelief until dawn.

Something snapped inside her. How did she manage this feat? Was it the sedatives that...made her feel numb?

Oddly enough, she felt no remorse for having killed him. She only felt shocked at her capability to have actually pulled the trigger. Faye sighed with comfort looking at the gun glistening in the sunlight. She wasn't going to give this companion up anytime soon.

Faye zoned out again, and was interrupted by the screams of the housemaid as she saw Hiroshi's dead body.

The maid knelt down, staring at the hole in his head in digust.

Faye put a finger to her lips, as if to say "shhh" and gave the maid a maniacal look.
The maid looked freaked out by the way Faye was just sitting there, gun in hand.

But before the maid could do anything, the clicking of Faye's gun made her freeze.

"I...I won't, please don't kill me." the maid whimpered.

"Shut it." Faye growled.

"One word out of you." Faye aimed her gun at the maid's face, "and it will be your last."

The made silently nodded her head.

"Now get lost...before I change my mind." Faye urged.

The maid ran hastily down the stairs. Ayako and Miyuki were still sleeping upstairs.

Faye made her way through the mansion, collecting as many valuables as she could find. She grabbed a set of car keys from the key closet and the gun in case she needed it again.

She made a run for it, the main vehicle and starting the ignition. She didn't have a licence or anything, but that wasn't going to stop her tonight.

Gun in hand, the tyres shrieked as she hastily spun off at top speed.


Meanwhile, Diego and Josh were celebrating a job well done.

Diego looked smug, taking a long swig off his cigarette.

"Man, I thought she was the one..." he joked, coldly.

Josh shook his head, smirking, "Yeah that's why you went and sold her, eh?"

"You won't understand. I don't think she was completely kosher." Diego went on, wrapping an arm around Tina.

"You are too cruel." Tina raised an eyebrow. "Didn't you have any feelings for her at all?"

"You don't understand my standards, Tina." Diego went on.

"I wonder..." Tina raised a hand to her chin. "Could be that you have none..."

"Doesn't matter, babe." he smirked.

"Give the guy a break, Tina. He's just bagged us a mint." Josh sighed, winking at her.

"I still find it despicable, selling a young thing like that. I don't think I want to be a part of this anymore..." Tina shook her head, leaning forward.

"Don't say that, babe. She's not worth it. C'mon. You're my special babe, c'mon." Diego knelt beside her, gazing into her eyes.

"No one's special to you two." Tina rolled her eyes.

"Don't do this, babe. We need you with us. You're one of a kind - no one does it like you do." Josh joined in grinning.

Diego held Tina by the hands, and watched her with puppy dog eyes.

Tina smirked at his fake display of affection. "I want the biggest cut." She blurted out.

"WHAT?" Josh burst out laughing and Diego stared at her open-mouthed.

"Babe, you're worse than Diego!"

He frowned at Josh who was in hysterics.

"Ruthless..." Diego joked, winking at her. "I like that in a woman." He watched her with an increasing appetite.

"So what did you do to get a share in it at all?" Josh wondered.

"Keeping you two satisfied?" she licked her lips.

"Darling, we pay you more than enough for that already." Diego cooed.

"It's your choice. I do have a couple of gentlemen in the police force who owe me some favours." she threatened, looking pleased with herself.

Faye had just made it back and watched through the window. What she saw didn't surprise her somehow. It all made sense somehow. She'd fallen for a downright pimp.

"Ok, deal babe, we'll give you a decent, cut." Diego eyed Tina, smacking her bum as she got up and walked past.

Enraged, Faye sat down. She felt like shooting all three point-blank in the head. But she felt she had to do things slowly, rationally. Besides, it was Diego she needed to get back at. And she wouldn't let him die so easily.

She listened outside as he chatted with Josh about the cheque he had received from Hiroshi.

"How much you giving her then? 5%?" Josh stubbed out his cigar, feeling slightly irritated that Tina had blackmailed them like that.

"Don't worry, Josh my man. We'll duplicate this baby and give her a big cut of that....what we actually cash in will be a different story...." Diego smiled, folding his hands over his chest.

"Genius." Josh laughed.

Just, then Tina entered, standing in some very provocative lingerie...

Some time later....

"What's wrong, Josh...?" She asked, eyes closed as she enjoyed Diego's touch.

"Not in the mood today, guys..." Josh muttered under his breath, still angry with Tina for being so greedy. He just sat beside them, thinking...

"More for me!" Diego laughed, tickling her neck with kisses.

End of Episode 4
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It's a very interesting story so far, but here are a few things to help you improve:

1) Make sure when you're taking shots, you're in live mode. The buy or build mode shots show the grid and that makes it look very unrealistic.
2) If at all possible, avoid getting plumbbobs/thought bubbles/ect in the shots. It makes it look very fake.
3) Make sure you're taking the pictures in the highest quality possible, and open up the ones you plan on using in Gimp and sharpen them by about 30. It makes everything look better.

Also, what on earth happened between the time Diego and Faye met at the park and the next chapter? The harsh transition and time lapse is completely unexplained. Who are those criminals? How did Diego get involved? Leaving some things unanswered and some things up for questioning is good, but you don't want there to be too many and between the park scene and the one afterwards, there are too many unanswered questions and it's very confusing to the reader.

I'm very interested and the story could be amazing, but there are too many plot holes that need to be filled.

I hope you found these suggestions helpful! (:

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~Episode 5~

Faye found her way back to Jack's cabin. She had a score to settle with him and also needed a place to crash.

She entered the cabin as the front door was unlocked and made her way in - Jack was standing outside, tending to the clothes line, oblivious to the fact that she was in his house, waiting for him.

"Please, don't!" Jack pleaded, holding a hand to his chest.

"Why not? You grass me up, you frame me for being loose with you, and you don't want me to relieve my pain by shooting you to smitherenes???" Faye breathed hard.

"Fuck yes, I did wrong, but please! This isn't my fault, it was Josh and Diego, they are the ones!"

"They are the ones that what?" Faye frowned.

"Pimping girls and human trafficking..." Jack lowered his head in shame.

"Yeah, you had nothing to do with photographs taken for a certain Don, then?" she eyed him up, livid.

Jack just whimpered, holding his head.

"Look, I'm too tired to blow your brains out, but don't even think for a minute you can relax. I want you on the floor where I can see you. NOW KNEEL!" she smacked his face with the back of the gun in anger.

Helpless, Jack went down on all fours, terrified of the gun in her hand.

Ohhh man...what've I gotten myself into...should've stuck to the liqueurs, he thought sighing.

"I'm resting for awhile....Don't get any stupid ideas, my fingers are very trigger happy, so don't make me clock you before your time..." Faye stretched her arms.

Jack nodded silently, crouching into a ball against the couch.

He watched her as she got onto his bed and made herself comfortable.

The morning light had increased and Faye asked him to draw the curtains. Jack crawled over to the double doors and did as he was told.

After a short while...when he was confident she had fallen asleep, he crawled over to her. Jack thought he could have the upper hand and tried to take the gun from her hand as slowly and carefully as he could.

But sensing his presence, Faye murmured in her half-sleep, "I don't think so..." and pointed the gun.

Jack sat himself against the wall, unable to think.


Back at Hiroshi's mansion, all hell had broken loose upon the discovery of the master's early and brutal demise. Ayako and Miyuki were beside themselves with grief.

Miyuki was furious and called Diego straight away, who was at the time enjoying some poolside fun with Tina.

Diego picked up. "Hello?"

"Miyuki here. I cannot believe you sent us a murderous wretch! SHE KILLED HIROSHI!"

"Is this some kind of joke?" Diego couldn't quite make sense of it all.

He didn't know what to make of it and told Josh the alleged news.

"WHAT? And you said she was green, dumb and naive! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON, DIEGO???"


"Hold on a sec, Jack's calling." Josh glanced at his mobile blinking.


"Josh..." Jack whispered.

"Speak up you retard!" Josh grumbled.

"She's here, Josh...she's got a gun." he continued in a low voice.

"What the....fuck?" Josh's jaw dropped, and he glared at Diego, "Your psycho bitch is at Jack's with a gun."

"Then ask him not to be such a fucking pussy and do something!" Diego glared back.

"I Heard that you fucking can of beans!" Jack called out on loudspeaker.

"Did you forget, Diego? She killed telling what she could do to Jack now." Josh reminded.

"I don't buy that." Diego shrugged, "That Miyuki's probably high on something."

"What did you guys say???? She KILLED HIROSHI???!" Jack spoke loudly, forgetting she was right there. She yawned and stretched herself, smiling sweetly at Jack.

"OH FUC-" and the tone went dead on Jack's end.


~End of Episode 5~
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~Episode 6~

Jack sat on the floor, mouth strapped with tape, wriggling to get free of the ropes Faye had tied him down with. She got changed into some clothes she had grabbed at the mansion and smugly walked past Jack.

"You're very lucky....if I had my way you wouldn't be alive right now after what you've done to me." Faye said matter-of-factly, thinking it was too risky now that the other's knew that she was here now.

She grabbed whatever she could and made her way out, slamming the door behind her.


Soon after, she was back at her parental home. She wondered who was occupying the property now that her father had sold the house. She knew she would somehow save enough money to get it back. It was the last thing her mother left behind of her family legacy. Faye would honour that and restore it back to how it was.

She knocked on the door to be greeted by a snobbish looking butler. Faye demanded to know where man or woman of the house were. The butler frowned, "Are you a relative of theirs?"

Faye nodded impatiently. The butler asked her to wait outside while he checked. But Faye held the door open and walked right in while the butler walked upstairs.

Faye gazed around the house, seeing that everything was still exactly the same. She sighed with relief...the new owners must have liked the regal setting that was already in place.

Then she felt her hairs stand on end.... She could hear her step-father's voice.

"I don't know any Faye Herman, she must have the wrong address, send her away." she could hear him saying from upstairs.

She quickly made her way up, seeing that there were a lot of guests walking about, and Mr. Herman was busy wooeing his latest girlfriend it seemed.

Faye walked up behind her stepdad and coughed loudly to draw attention.

Turning around, Mr Herman gasped at how she had made it inside.

"You again? Stop bothering me." Mr Herman puffed arrogantly.

"Excuse me." he said politely to his girlfriend and grabbed Faye by the arm, taking her downstairs. She walked with him willingly, curious to hear what he had to say.

They headed outside onto the front porch.

"Why on earth did you abandon my like that? I have as much right over being in this house as you do - if not more. I advise you to think before you make any wrong moves as I'm not the daughter you once knew. You have put me through hell and I will not rest until I have what's mine." Faye said, the tone of her voice sending chills down Herman's back.

He was speechless and looked ashamed.

"OK darling... I do have something your mother wanted you to have... " and he digged into his pockets to show her a diamond ring.

"This, as far as I'm concerned, was the only thing your mother left you in your will, for your marriage you see."

"I don't believe you." she shook her head. "I would have imagined she didn't want to sell this house and I would have inherited it."

"Faye, don't do this to your old dad. If you take this house away, I won't be able to pay the debts we owe the bank...and how will we survive if we both live in this house???" Mr. Herman began sobbing.

Faye smiled, knowing he was just faking it, "You get out of this house right now and never come back. I don't want to hear any more bull from you."

Mr. Herman's eyes widened. "'ve toughened up since being outdoors eh? Well, I'm not leaving, what are you going to do about that?" he smiled maliciously.

"This!" she threatened pointing her gun at him. He immediately cowered in front of her, hiding his face behind his hands.

"Now get moving. And don't come back if you know what's good for you. I don't know why my mother fell for a scumbag like you. She would turn in her grave if she knew what you were doing here with these young girls after her death!"

Some of the girls heard the commotion outside and came rushing.

Mr. Herman left without a word, defeated. But as the girls reached the porch, Faye cast them a stern look and waved her gun at them as if to say, you go too.

One by one they raised their hands and followed after Mr. Herman and got into his car.

Faye put her gun back and watched them speed off.

A short while later, she heard sirens wailing.

"Oh great." She muttered under her breath as a police car pulled up.

A young police officer got out of his car and ambled up to Faye.

Faye smiled innocently at him, and he expression changed as she recognized who it was!

It was her childhood friend, Lee Evans.

I wonder if he will recognize me, she thought smiling.

"Hello, Miss. I've been informed by neighbours that there was a young lady with a gun terrorising people. I'm afraid I'll have to search you for that reason, Miss." The police officer said blankly still gazing at his notes. But when he looked up, a smile crept on his face.

"Faye?" he blurted out, "Is that you? You've....grown beautiful."

"So I wasn't back then, I guess?" she smirked.

Lee blushed, remembering they had spent a lot of time together kissing behind a certain tree in the park when they were just 8 or 9 years old.

"How come I haven't seen you around here before....I just got transferred here two months ago?" Lee wondered, thinking he had seen her father around town but never her.

"Ah, well. I was just travelling - seeing France for myself." she lied, smiling at him.

Lee gazed into her eyes, seeing the familiar face comforted him.

"Anywho....did you see that girl these neighbours are on about around here? We've never had any gun sightings or cases in this area before...but back in Swampton, we see that sort of thing all the time."

"Listen, I've got something on the stove, I'll be back in a minute." Faye glanced towards the house.

"Wait... I need to check you, it's policy." Lee insisted.

Faye chuckled, "OK, go ahead, Inspector Lee." and raised her arms for him.

Lee bent down, tapping against her ankles, legs, thighs and abruptly stopped. She looked at him in confusion, "Uh, can you take off your jacket?" he said, finding she complied without hesitation.

She handed him the jacket and he searched the pockets. Nothing.

He continued tapping her waist, arms and shoulders and excused himself for having to do that.

She cast him a warm smile, "Don't worry, it's ok."

Lee raised his hat to her and got back into his car.

Sighing with relief she was glad she had hid it in the one place he wouldn't tap....unless he wanted a tight slap.


On the other side of Twinbrook...

Josh and Diego set out to cash the cheque as quickly as possible.

Diego glanced at Josh as he took deep inhalations of his cigar. The tension was rising with every ticking second. Their bank had to be so god-damn far to add insult to injury.

"C'mon, c'mon! Move it, c'mon!" Josh yelled at the traffic slowly building up in front of him. Diego shook his head.

"I don't think-"

"Will you SHUT UP, Diego?! I'm already fucked as it is. If any of my other clients find out what's happened to Hiroshi...because of you, they're never going to trust me again. You can forget your comissions and all."

"WHAT?" Diego's eyes widened. Damn, this guy's lost the plot, is he thinking of cashing it all in for himself? We'll see about that, he thought silently.

"Do you even know what this incident can snowball into? They're going to think we've orchestrated the whole thing with this girl - for all they know, we intended to rob them blind after killing all of them in the house and jetting off with the loot!" Josh banged his hand on the steering wheel hard.

Diego nodded in silence.

"It won't just be the fact that we've cheated them, oh no, they've got a pact with us, we know things that could be detrimental to their businesses and lifestyles and if they don't trust us with one thing - they won't trust us to be alive either, you dumbass!"

"So what's the next step?" Diego asked, dumbfounded by the intricacy of the whole situation. After all, he was a professional photographer, not really fully involved in Josh's criminal activities.

"WE CASH IN, WE TAKE COVER AND HIDE UNTIL IT ALL BLOWS OVER!" Josh yelled punching Diego hard on the shoulder in anger of being so dumb.

"What about my job???" Diego rubbed his arm, agitated.

"You have to be alive to do a job, and you should keep psycho bitches for yourself, not offer them to my clients!" Josh shook his head furiously.

A loud electronic ringtone sounded and Diego picked up.


"I must admit, I didn't expect you two to be that ruthless, but who am I to say?" It was Ayako's voice on the other end.

"What do you want?" Diego said firmly. Josh slapped a hand against his own forehead in disappointment and yanked the phone out of Diego's hand.

"Sorry, don't mind him, he's a total pussy. Speak to me, what's wrong?" Josh said in a very polite manner.

"You made things easy for us, Josh. I don't know whether to applaud you for helping us or puke at your disgusting betrayal of your friend." she said bitterly.

"Sorry? I don't quite follow, Ayako. What are you talking about, darling?"

"I mean, that friend of yours you tied up and left to die in his own house. You knew we were coming for you guys so you offered him to us? You think that's enough you can of beanshead???"

Josh's jaw dropped and he screeched the car to a halt on the curb.


"Jack's dead, Josh." she laughed.

"Jack.....?" He swallowed hard, not believing his ears.

"And you're next. And so is that murderous bitch of yours." Ayako breathed hard into the phone.

Josh cut the line and beckoned Diego to get out of the car. They ran the rest of the way by foot which was a couple of yards to the bank. The high street was bustling with life and they meandered through people to get to the Bank.

Once in, they quickly went to the counter and tried cashing in the cheque. Josh grinned as the counter confirmed that it was successful. Diego nudged Josh as if to say, don't forget about me.

"Listen Diego. I'll put this into my account first and we'll split 50/50 once the coast is clear."

Diego heard alarm bells ringing in his mind, but agreed reluctantly and watched as Josh transferred the total amount into his bank account. Withdrawing several thousands of which he gave half to Diego and kept half himself.

"Now let's get going." he urged, grabbing Diego by the arm and getting out as fast as he could.

The mobile rang again. Josh picked up.


"Ah...cashed the cheque already? Good...good, enjoy it while you can. We do love a good manhunt, don't we Miyuki?" Ayako said calmly while Miyuki was heard giggling in the background.

"Shit..." Josh's mobile dropped onto the floor...

~End of Episode 6~
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~Episode 7~

A good few weeks passed by in a flash. Faye had gotten used to her new life. She was the owner of a priceless home, without any rent to worry about. But basic living and the way the house was run was still pretty costly.

Lee popped over from time to time to see how she was doing. She had told him her father had decided to travel the world in his retirement. He often brought along his work colleague and best friend, Maya.

They went out to clubs, pubs and bars on the weekends and got along great. Maya and Faye sometimes started chatting so much that Lee felt left out in some of their gatherings.

Funnily enough, that night was one of those nights to Lee's dismay.

After a few drinks the girls were buzzing and went to the bathroom to freshen up.

"You look fine, Faye!" Maya insisted as she saw her tending to minor details on her face.

"Aha, I know...but..." Faye started, too busy to talk.

"You know, I've noticed Lee's been really quiet lately." Maya went on.

"Uh huh." Faye started applying mascara.

"Normally at work, I can't get him to shut up when we're doing our rounds in the neighbourhood..." she looked to the floor, nudging a piece of scrunched up paper.

"But lately he's been distant...not himself."

"So? He must be busy with something or other." Faye replied, still not looking at her friend.

"Y'know....I think he loves you." Maya blurted out.

"Not interested." Faye said coldly. "He's a great friend. That's all there is to it."

"I wish I was in your least I could reciprocate what he feels for you!" Maya cried, running out of the bathroom in a rush.

Faye gazed to the floor shaking her head. "Love isn't don't know could spend years with them and never know who they truly are...." she said, more to herself than what Maya would have heard.


A few days later, Lee had called the girls, and invited some other friends to a camping trip. A lot of the invites didn't show up, but Faye and Maya were up for it. It seemed Maya wanted to take this opportunity to let Lee know of her feelings for him. But would he even notice her presence in front of Faye?

Lee had chosen a beautiful nature reserve park which was brimming with wildlife. The parkkeeper even kept horses on the plot so guests could have a go at horseriding. The scenes were breathtaking, full of lush foliage, flowers and in the peak of summer a great many visitors made this resort their favourite place to enjoy the outdoors.

There was a huge pond with fishing facilities all made available to the public - although they weren't allowed to keep the fish, only fish and return back into the pond for the sake of the fishing experience.

Visitors could feed the specially trained falcons and hawks, deers and horses. And at night, the forest was abundant in fireflies.

Faye, Lee and Maya all arrived in the late afternoon, the sun was still high and bright, and a lot of people were seen bathing in the hot tubs, enjoying the water park area and sunbathing.

The park ranger was a young man of 25, fair skin, brown backswept hair and eyes that made all the girls melt away...

He looked irresistible trotting along on his equally gorgeous horse, Cinnamon.

The group made their way into the entrace - the girls rushed in, leaving poor Lee to carry all the luggage. Maya blinked and rubbed her eyes when she saw the park ranger approach on his horse.

"Am I dreaming? Tell me he's not real!" she giggled nudging Faye who had just frozen in her tracks.

"I hope he is..." she mumbled gazing straight at him. He caught sight of her and flashed her a dazzling smile. The handsome young man smirked as he saw the entranced young girl blush and got off his horse.

"Hi, Welcome to the G-Reserve Park. My name's Leon - are you new around here?" he smiled, introducing himself.

"I'm..." she gazed into his eyes deeply.

"Uh, she's Faye, I'm Maya and this is Lee." she said pointing to Lee who was struggling to carry all of their cases.

"Nice to meet you guys." Leon nodded, "Make yourselves welcome, there's lots to see. Any questions, just come on over, I'm usually at the barn over there." he pointed to the smaller of the two barns where he resided and kept his personal Horse, Cinnamon.

Without so much as another word Faye got dragged along by Maya and Lee to explore the many activities that awaited them.

Night fell and everyone gathered around the buffet.

"Where's Faye?" Lee asked, grabbing a plate.

"I don't know, she was here a minute ago..." Maya replied, smirking as she had a rough idea...

Faye had indeed been stopped in her tracks, again, by the gorgeous Leon.

"Hey Faye, how're you enjoying the Park?" he grinned at her, hacing notices she was shy when she first came in and enjoying how cute she looked.

"It's great. The views, the fresh air, the animals and of course the Park Ranger himself." she flirted, smiling.

Leon raised an eyebrow, not expecting such a bold statement from her so suddenly.

"Anyway, nice seeing you, but I've gotta go, my friends are waiting." she tilted her head apologetically and rushed off. Leon thought for a moment, smirking to himself. He found her extremely cute.


A while later, it was almost midnight and Faye couldn't fall asleep. She had terrible back pain from the sleeping bags and decided to take a short walk.

She noticed Leon was still awake near his barn and decided to brave it.

Faye ambled up to him and he immediately noticed and walked up to her.

"Hey, can't sleep?" Leon flashed her one of his gorgeous smiles.

Faye's heart skipped a beat and she just nodded.

"Let me introduce you to Coco. He's really gentle, do you want a ride?"

Faye grinned, "No thanks, I'm not, I mean I...uh I'm scared."

"Oh? Ok then." he rubbed Coco's neck lovingly.

Leon passed her a brush and winked, "Give it a try."

Faye reluctantly took the brush and started on Coco, enjoying how soft and well-groomed his coat already was. She patted and rubbed the horse and all the while Leon inspected Faye more closely.

She's hot.... he thought to himself, smirking.

Faye loosened up and started chatting to him casually. Leon was a good listener and enjoyed her company. He felt she was like an untamed, wild, natural horse, and he had to approach her gently and carefully, gain her trust so not to scare her off. She was a rare breed indeed...

Leon admired her silently, nodding as she spoke and imagined himself wrapped around her, kissing her tenderly.

They didn't even realize when dawn broke over them. To Faye, spending time with Leon felt like one of those elusive and magical dreams you have where you never want to wake up....

~End of Episode 7~
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~Episode 8~

The next morning, Faye woke up to find that Lee and Maya were nowhere to be found. She found it puzzling as she looked around the park seeing everyone rushing to the breakfast buffet.

This is strange...I swear we agreed to stay for at least a week... Where've they gone? She thought to herself puzzled.

Checking her mobile, she realized she had a text message from Lee.

Lee had apparently rushed her to hospital in as she was vomiting violently in the early hours.

Faye decided to give her a call. Maya didn't pick up, but Faye persisted.

Eventually, Maya picked up.

"Maya, are you OK?" Faye asked, anxious for her friend's well being.

"I'm fine, Faye... I'm much better now...the attention from Lee is seeing to that" she sighed happily.

"Shall I come over...?" Faye wondered, still worried.

"No, no it's fine. I'm fine. Oh, Lee's coming back with breakfast, I'll call you later, bye-" she hung up, leaving her friend a little dumfounded.


That evening, after the serenity of nightfall had blanketed over the lush green Park, Faye saw that there was hardly anyone around the hot tub and decided to enjoy some solitude.

Her peace was interrupted by Leon who wanted to take a dip after a long day's work. But as soon as he began undressing, Faye got out of the tub.

Seeing this, and finding it odd, Leon followed her and she detoured into the barn to get away from him.

Nevertheless it wasn't a good plan on her behalf and he caught up with her, finding her hiding behind some bales of hay.

She sat crouched on the floor, hugging herself, trying to hide her breasts from view. She didn't like being gawked at, even though Leon had shown no such behaviour.

Noticing her reluctance, Leon handed her a towel. She wrapped the towel around herself and he crouched beside her.

"What's wrong? Did I do something to offend you?" he his voice was gentle and soothing.

"No...I just didn't see you coming...I was startled." she lied, as the real reason she had tried to avoid him was because she felt uncomfortable in intimate situations.

"Well, nevermind. Come closer to the fire, you'll get cold. The night air isn't as warm." he said, warming his hands at the fire.

Faye remained silent.

"You know, look like you're carrying some kind of burden... I don't mean to pry, but, you can talk to me if you ever need to lighten a load or something." Lee said, not glancing at her.

She gazed down, pondering. She was hesitant at first but eventually told him a couple of details as to why she was so jittery sometimes.

He listened intently to her, nodding and frowning at how cruel life had been to her. They spent most of the night talking by the fire.

"I...just can't face the fact that my hands are blood stained now..." Faye sighed, shaking her head.

"No...don't say that. You did it in self-defence. I don't think anyone in their right mind would hold that against you."

"I don't know...that Don did seem very powerful..." she tilted her head.

"The fact that he underestimated you is what saved you, sometimes these things happen for the better. The main thing is you're safe now."

"Yes...but..." she started, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.

"But what...?"

"I don't think that's the last of it....I've a feeling I'm being followed sometimes. Sometimes I'm at home and I see shadows near the window, but when I get there, it's nothing. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind with these doubts." she sighed.

"I can understand... By what you've told me about this organisation, I do think you need to be careful. It might not just be your imagination." Lee warned, knowing it might be that she was being targeted by the Don's henchmen.

"Hmm..." she nodded, gazing at the dawn that slowly emerged overhead.

Since Faye's friends had already gone, there wasn't much point in her staying there all by herself, so she decided to head home that day. She had grown quite attached to Lee, who she felt she could speak to about anything, but she knew she didn't want things to go further. She didn't feel ready for any relationship at this point in time as she felt the stinging memories of her past were still fresh.

She had trouble trusting someone so deeply as to let them be totally involved and intimate with her. She felt she had already said too much to Leon...

Faye called a taxi straight after her talk with Leon and headed home. Her heart felt heavy as she saw the Park appear to shrink into the distance, knowing she wasn't going to be coming again for a long time...

But she was wrong. Just as she stepped out of the taxi, she saw a suspicious looking character sitting on her front porch steps. She didn't need an introduction and a biography to know what he was here for.

Without another word, she got right back into the taxi and asked to turn back where they came from. The driver shook his head, "Make up your mind, I have other customers too."

"JUST DRIVE." she urged, noticing how the shady man stood up from the steps and gazed straight at them. Her eyes widened as she noticed he was carrying a gun. Her suspicions were now cemented.

Leon was standing outside the gates greeting more visitors as they made their way in and noticed Faye rushing out of the Taxi, flustered.

She leapt into his arms and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Whatever's wrong, Faye?" he worried aloud.

"They're after me, Leon!" she sobbed on his shoulder.

Leon understood who she meant. He wrapped his arms around her, trying to comfort her, but she shook violently.

"I won't let anything happen to you." he whispered softly into her ear.

Without further warning, he kissed her passionately and urgently, trying to reassure her that he was there for her. He felt her body calm down and ran his fingers through her hair.

She calmed down, having relished his kiss, and was led back into the park.

They sat down on the bench, and she explained in further detail what the man looked like.

"Hmm...did he see you?" Leon asked.

"Yes, but briefly...I got back into the taxi when I noticed him sitting on my front porch." she explained.

"Hmmm...then he'll be looking for you, I guess."

"Yeah...but I have nowhere to go right now. My friend's in hospital."

"How come? I saw her here the day before yesterday, right?"

"Yes, but she felt ill yesterday and left."

"So why are you looking for a place to stay?"

Faye frowned a moment, not understanding what he meant.

He smiled, leaning in for a kiss, "Stay right here with me."

He kissed her repeatedly, caressing her back, and for once, Faye felt like melting away. Unlike with Diego, she felt relaxed, comfortable in her own skin and knew Leon wouldn't force her into anything. He had been so gentle, kind and understanding, she longed for his touch to go further and further, testing her boundaries.

But Leon did nothing of the sort, he tenderly kissed and caressed her lips with his own, gazed deeply into her eyes and stroked her hair. The twinkle in his eyes made her smile, his beautiful face took her breath away. She felt the very points he touched on her skin sizzle and melt in ecstasy.

She never thought she would feel thing strongly, even though she hardly knew him, and had spent so much time with Diego, it was never like this with him.

She thought she knew Diego, but something always kept her from going that one step further with him, a little voice in her head stopped her, warned her, and her body followed suit in just switching off.

With Leon, she felt herself blossom, her skin finally felt alive with every stroke of his hand, touch of his kiss.

"How can I just stay indefinitely...? Isn't this part of the holiday group companies?"

"Leon smirked, "Did I really look like a simple park keeper to you? My father owns this park and yes it is run by the holiday group on his behalf. I just like working here as it's peaceful and calm compared to the lifestyle I had to endure back home."

Faye giggled, "What kind of lifestyle?"

"You don't want to know, my flower." he leaned back stretching.

"But I do." she grinned.

"Let's just say...being rich isn't all it's cracked out to be. You don't get the warmth, love and honesty that you'd take for granted just being normal." he sighed.

"Oh...I see..." she leaned her head on his shoulder, clasping his hand in hers.

"My parents were always too busy to give me any time... I was always looked after by nannies and butlers... Then they just sent me to boarding school. After so many years of distance and hardly any time together, they expected me to take over their main business."

"What's that?"

"Car Manufacturing operation in China. It's ironic. They put on a completely eco-friendly front for all their parks and resorts, meanwhile manufacturing some of the most environmentally damaging 4x4's."

Faye smirked at the hypocrisy.

"Yeah...and also to get married to an aristocratic girl of their choosing. I'm totally against that sort of thing." Leon knitted his eyebrows in frustration, holding his head.

"And you don't know how many pathetic little mannerisms these pretentious people display at their parties... Stand like this, talk like this, snort cocaine like's so fake."

Faye rubbed his back, "Ok, forget about it about you show me how to fish. It must be less boring than one of those snobbish parties, right?"

Leon grinned at her, surprised how she knew exactly the right thing to say and kissed her on her forehead.

"Ok, but don't fall in the pond...I won't promise what I'll do to you if you get all wet and sexy."

Faye's eyes widened and she laughed out loud.


Leon showed her the ropes. He certainly didn't have to go as far as holding her by the hips, but heck, she wouldn't have had it any other way either. He caressed her gently as he held her and watched her all the while she concentrated on her fishing skills.

"Are you sure I can't interest you in some skinny dipping...?" he teased, grabbing her bum.

"Shut up..." she giggled, blushing.

"Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are...? It's criminal. It should be against the law, babe." he began wandering with his fingers. Faye sucked her breath, closing her eyes as he touched her where she hadn't let anyone touch her before...her face.

My sentiments for this point in the story for Faye and Leon are:

Savage Garden: To the Moon and Back

She's taking time making up the reasons
To justify all the hurt inside
Guess she knows from the smiles and the look in their eyes
Everyone's got a theory about the bitter one
They're saying, "Mama never loved her much"
And, "Daddy never keeps in touch
That's why she shies away from human affection"
But somewhere in a private place
She packs her bags for outer space
And now she's waiting for the right kind of pilot to come
And she'll say to him
She's sayin

I would fly to the moon and back if you be...
If you be my baby
I've got a ticket for a world where we, we belong
So would you be my baby?

She can't remember a time when she felt needed
If love was red then she was color blind
All her friends, well they've been trialed for treason
And crimes that were never defined
She's saying, "Love is like a barren place,
And reaching out for human faith
It's like a journey I just don't have a map for"
So baby's gonna take a dive and
Push the shift to overdrive
Send a signal that she's hanging
All her hopes on the stars
What a pleasant dream...

To be Continued~~~
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~Continued from Episode 8~

As night gradually approached, they made their way into his private quarters. It was getting chilly, and the place he stayed in was nothing more than a barn anyway. Lots of soft, aromatic hay, a warm fireplace and plenty of body heat to get them through the night.

They didn't have much to say to another any more, all the talking was done by their eyes. And the signal was clear and mutual.

There were far more sparks flying in the room than those of the firewood as Faye initiated the first kiss, pulling him closer by his shirt.

He reciprocated her advances, taking it slow and easy, giving her plenty of time and space.

They leaned against the hay bales hands locked together, hearts racing wildly. She kissed him deeper and deeper while he gave her full reign, submitting to her touch.

He returned her affectionate kisses by a millionfold, tracing them across her neck and gently massaging her shoulders whilst looking deeply into her eyes, and only her eyes.

Leon was seasoned in the art of love making, but he restrained himself with great difficulty as he caressed her body. Gasping sounds emanated from the small barn as he lifted her up and against the hay bales, standing between her legs, kissing her madly.

Amongst the spare tyres and scattered hay bales, he nudged closer to her and she wrapped herself around him, her fear decreasing with each loving move.

The small windows of the barn became obscure and steamed by their increased heavy breathing. She leaned herself back into the hay as he planted kisses down her neck. Growing impatient, Leon reached to untie his belt, upon which Faye sat right up.

"Stop." she sighed, flustered. She bit her bottom lip and caressed his cheek. "I haven't done this before..." she admitted, her face was blushed and hot.

He held her tightly, watching her with amazement.

"Ok..." he said, planting a kiss on her forehead affectionately.

He pulled her in and embraced her, rubbing her back. She rested her head on his shoulder, not able to control the tears that trickled down her face. She could still feel him prominently between her legs, but couldn't explain why she didn't have the courage to go through with it.

"Take your time. We'll take it nice and slow..." he smiled, not seeming the least bit angry.

"Oh Leon..." she sighed, hugging him even closer to herself.

He smiled wryly as he lifted her up again and they sat themselves in front of the fire once more. He sat behind her, cocooning her with his arms as she drifted into a deep sleep.

The light from the fire danced and flickered against their faces as they sat together enjoying perfect peace with only the gentle stirring noise of the crickets humming in the background.

She shifted herself and laid her head on his lap. Leon sat awake, gently caressing her shoulder as she slept whilst thinking to himself how he'd never come across a girl like Faye before.

Her honesty, non-pretence, down to earth and fragile nature had truly entranced him. He gazed into the crackling fire smiling and thinking to himself that she was surely the one he was waiting for...

~End of Episode 8~
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So much has happened! I can not believe Diego! sorry dog is an understatement.They do have 2 pretty pissed off Geishas on their asses, on the downside, the are also after Faye=/. She does at least have her friends and now Leon, Leon doesn't seem helpless so maybe he can help her get under their radar until things bow over....edenz~
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This was beautiful <3 thanks for posting
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Another awesome chapter (:

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Right guys, I've totally overhauled the story and trimmed it a bit. I'll post that in a new thread as it's just easier that way.
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Originally Posted by Squalls_Lover
Right guys, I've totally overhauled the story and trimmed it a bit. I'll post that in a new thread as it's just easier that way.

Hmmmm i posted it ages ago, maybe they won't let me...

Oh well..

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