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Default Hurricane, a drama
This story may contain foul language and some violent and sexual concepts. Plot meant for mature audiences. Read at your own risk!


What would you do if you saw something that would change your life forever? Something that would keep you from sleeping and waking every morning with fear? Something that would make you feel that you are always being observed, wherever you are? It’s a nightmare, right? Aria knows it well.

After witnessed a crime involving one of her dearest ones, the one who committed it, always professional in its jobs, couldn’t leave any evidences behind and it wouldn’t be a girl ruin his reputation. Aria knows it, so she ran, getting into a town that she never heard about. It might turn to be an eventual hideout. But we never know people at its most, who they are or what they might did or are going to do.


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And without further ado, here's chapter 1!

A tree house, seriously?, I asked myself upon seeing the pile of old wooden planks which rose unto the sky. This is so not what the real estate agent said it would be. That bitch!

Well, it will have to do. At least I’m safe here.

With two bags on each arm, I went up the several hauls of stairs, already cursing its extension. I put them down, removing from the jeans pocket the keys that were once given to me. I noticed I was shivering, making me feel stupid when faced with this reaction. It’s just a house, for God’s sake…

Hesitant, I inserted the key into the rusty lock and opened the door. I never regretted a decision as soon as it happened at that precise moment.

You just got to be kiddin’ me…

The smell of humidity instantly crossed my olfactory field, foisting me an expression of disdain along with the old and rusty aspect of the few furniture that featured in a single room. Nor I dared to enter the bathroom. Basically everything was falling rotten.

But on second thought, it wasn’t that bad. I could always make some improvements to turn the house into a space more pleasant and more… mine. I added a shopping trip to the mental tasks list.

The bed, despite the bad aspect, invited to a few good hours of sleep. Following its seductive whisper, I sat in the same, receiving in exchange some springs creaking and musty smell.

A nap wouldn’t hurt anyone. The new city could wait. For now.
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Default Don't hurt me, please!
Er… hello there! I know it’s been awhile since the last post, so that’s why I’m here to say that’s due to my laziness and not because I’m going to drop the story (that a ray falls into my head if that ever happens!).

For that matter, let me say that I’m already about two or three chapters ahead from the first and that the only thing that is left to do is to translate and put them into pictures. I have everything in my head, now I just have to put it into practice.

So, I guess that’s it. I apologize for the long wait and the lack of news, but as soon as this tiny little lazy bug is gone, I promise for every chocolate in the world (I’m so dead if I don’t keep this promise…) that I’m going to put my hands on work.

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great start, looking forward to seeing where this will go...edenz~
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