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Default "The Fashion Agency Challenge"
~ Hey guys! So is there any Fashion Enthusiast Simmers out there?! Well I have a Challenge for you ! This Challenge is somewhat gonna be fun & challenging! So why don't I explain how things will work for this challenge ! Btw, this challenge can be played for any Sims Series!

Background Story: You were raised by famous Fashion Designers, but sadly both of your parents passed away just a month ago after you finished graduating College of Fine Arts. Because you were an "Only Child", you were the one who had rights to all the treasures & jewels of your beloved family. Sadly the Agency that your parents owned was too much to handle, So it was almost going out of business. So you asked one of your friends to help you out (Which your P.A enters). So from then now, you start small and go for the big! You start your journey to one fabulous joy ride!

~ Set Of Rules:
- You must have all 8 Sims, one will be your "Manager" who will manage the agency and your models, and one will be your "Personal assistant" to help you out with the challenge! So the remaining 6 Sims will be your models.

- All of them must be set to Young Adult, a model can only leave or be fired once they turn into adults. If ever your main Sims: Manager & P.A turns into an adult, they must be turned back to a YA.

- The Sims lifespan must be set to LONG, for you not to finish the Challenge in one go. (for the Models to age slower).

- No romantic relationships aloud! We can't afford to have a baby right in the middle of a fashion show >!

-So your Manager must have the "Aspiration of Creativity>Bestselling Author", must have a trait of: "Perfectionist", the "Bestselling Author Aspiration"
has a purpose, for you to write your Fashion Magazine & whatnots to promote your Agency & earn Simoleons.

-For your P.A he/she must have these following traits: "Neat" & "Clumsy", it is for the P.A to struggle at some points (from being clumsy).

-All of your Models must have different traits, two might be similar but one must stand out.

-Your Models must have a another job aside from being a model. It is for you to pay your bills and cost in your Agency, (for you to pay the events & such.)

-You must start off with only 1500 Simoleons. You can get your money from the models part time jobs. Plus from your royalties from your sold books/magazines written by your Manager.

-The Manager & P.A cannot work, their jobs are already those.

-Keep your Models & of course your partner happy, we don't want fashion suicide happening around your Agency!! (In case your models die, it does not mean they are included in the 15 successful Models, you must replace them).

-You need to "at least" host a Fashion show every WEEK in your Fashion show/Catwalk room, if one of your models is at work it is okay, as long as you can host the event with at least a few Models active. (The Social Event must be a House party.) For you to successfully host the event you must host it as Prestige Social Event & do the set of rules, after you finish all the requirements. Its time to do the modelling! Strut off with style! Btw, you must decorate the Fashion show according to the collection your gonna showcase ex: Halloween, Spring, etc.

-Whats a show without audience? Make your Sims be friendly with their neighbors, to have spectators for your event!

-No cleaning services for the mean time! This is because you still don't have the right amount of Simoleons but if you know you can afford it, You may hire one!

-Cheats like motherlode, and changing your Sims needs static or etc. IS FORBIDDEN! But if you want to scale furniture and other cheats that is not much of a "cheat when playing the challenge" it is okay ;D!

~ Required rooms for the Agency:

1. Bedrooms for your models, they can share by 2's. Each room must have there own bathrooms, too lessen queue.
2. An Office for both your Manager & Personal Assistant.
3. Separate Bedrooms for your Manager & P.A, must have there own bathrooms as well.
4. A Dressing room for your models to change into their respective attires for the fashion show.
5. A Fashion show/Catwalk to host your events!
6. Gym, and hobby room for your Models to keep them fit and less bored !
7. A main lobby for you to hire new models, etc.
8. The rest is up to you of course. If you want to add some other rooms you may!

**Update: You can build your agency with cheats, like motherlode. BUT! You must set your Simoleons back afterwards to 1500 .

MAIN GOAL: "At least manage 15 successful SUPERMODELS or more! (You can get the other 9 Sims after you finish managing the first 6 Sims).

******THIS CHALLENGE IS STILL UPDATING! Stay tuned, for more rules and add-ons!

***BTW, Guys if you know any Agencies built for this challenge or appropriate to use feel free to tell me, As I would mention it in this post for you to download and use for this challenge :D!

**UPDATE 0.1: Your models will now go on "Go-See('s)"!! The purpose of it is for you to get audiences for your fashion shows! So you must befriend them (kiss-up if you need to, LOL!) And since some fashion shows cost money, for every audience/spectator that will come you will add 500 Simoleons to your funds :D!

**UPDATE 0.2: Since of the recent expansion pack that EA Team released (Get To Work) you will now be required to add a Photography room and a mini boutique (you must each add only 1 employee for each station). Now let us start on the mechanics and information about it..

~Photography Update: You must hire a fashion photographer, now it's time to release a set of models which will model a specific theme/collection... Now you MUST create a photo room and a showcase room. The photo room is where all the magic happens.. And as for the showcase room, you will put all the taken photos there up for auction and the "ONLY TIME" you can sell them is the time you start a Fashion show event. This will help you guys to gain more simoleons plus you can actually merged the catwalk room with the showcase room so you wont take up time!

~Boutique Update: You must again hire a worker, this is where you can sell your collection/themed clothing and goods. The boutique will be open any time.. Plus here's the catch, "YOU MAY ONLY" update the boutique with new clothing once you finished a Fashion show event. And plus the clothes you must sell is the outfits that your models modeled in your recent fashion show. And again this is for you to gain simoleons as well!

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This sounds awesome! I just CANNOT build so I think I'm gonna just find a mansion and work with that. XD
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Originally Posted by Quafitii
Btw, this challenge can be played for any Sims Series!

Thank you for this challenge, it´s another one to put on the to-do list
This will be even more fun in Sims 2 where the costumes could be required to be created at the sewing machine first.
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Sounds really good! I should try that someday! :D
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Hello guys! Hoping to see a post with pictures/videos of your progress in this LP <3!!!!
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Sounds great, but I think i don't understand something - when models became supermodels? Sorry if you've already wirtten that (and if I used wrong tense...) and I just can't see it, but I'm not from english-speaking country
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Oooh, this looks fun! I'm trying it right now! c:
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Default <Reply>
Originally Posted by livingindream
Sounds great, but I think i don't understand something - when models became supermodels? Sorry if you've already wirtten that (and if I used wrong tense...) and I just can't see it, but I'm not from english-speaking country

Oh sorry if I confused you there, but I used the term supermodels just to refer to your models who already turned adults. Which adult supermodels qualify to 1 of your 15 successful Supermodels !
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Default Brill!!
Hey guys So I thought I'd share it with you, This is model no 1, Amy
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Model 2 Aureilia
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D: nuuuuuu no one heeeeere
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This sounds like such a cool idea!
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