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Default ''Wonderfully Weird Children Of Mine'' Challenge
You're a beautiful/handsome young man/woman. But in a few minutes, everything in your life will change. Everything.
The Storyline
You see a colourful tent in the street- it's a very beautiful tent. You get closer to it and soon you go inside. Inside, is a gypsy. The gypsy tells you to sit. You do whatever she says- like you're hypnotized or something. You drink a weird, green potion. You feel weird. You feel odd. Then, in a second, you're in your house. You feel that something is wrong already...
Creating your Sim
Your sim has to be unique. Do whatever you want with them, except for making them skinny or very muscular. They have to look ugly. (sorry for those doll-like sim loving people out there!) Your sim has to have the traits:
Insane- My god! I see hallucinations! I feel odd, once again.
Loner- People mock with you when you go outdoors. Staying indoors is better.
The last trait is left to you.
The aspiration must be from Family (Keep up your legacy) or Deviance. (Focus on getting revenge)
Making the House
You start off with a bulldozed 50x50 lot, and you can use the 10,000 simoleons to build a small bachelor house, because you'll be earning money after the first few days.
It can be a small but full house or a big but empty house.
The Rules
1. No cheats except for the ones which help you get out of technical problems. (You can use moveobjects however, after the fifth gen)
2. You play 10 generations, each generation and their heir with an unique goal.
3. Your heir can NOT go in parts of the world where you see a loading screen to pass.
4. The Succession Laws are the same of the original Sims 4 Legacy Challenge.
The Goals
I'm going to list the goals here, so remember! You can only choose one goal for each generation. In each generation your goal has to be unique.
Stayin' Same-Have a stable career that can afford your bills.
Tenlets? Quadruplets?-Have 10 children with one heir.
Artful Work-Have a house with 10 of the heir's paintings.
Sunny Days, Darker Nights- Live in a house without any lamps.
Just Getting Started-Have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend.
Back on Track-Master two skills with one Sim.
Ugly to Beautiful-Become famous.
Doing the Impossible-Master 5 skills with one Sim.
Aww, My Little Baby-Watch your Heir grow up into a Young Adult.
Have Fun, Children-Move out a spare for the first time.
What Have You Done-Divorce your spouse
So It Was Never Great- Cheat on your spouse
I Was Joking, Sir-Get fired and get in the same career again
Have Fun-Hold a Gold Medal Marriage Party.
Too Much Clothing-Style your heir 10 times.
Where Are They-Witness your Heir's death.
I Don't Need A Party, Mum-Make your teen fight with his/her mother.
You're Old-Headed, Gran-Make an Elder throw a birthday party for a teen.
I Always Loved You-Marry your heir and their childhood friend.
It Was A Lie-Break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

I Hope You'll Enjoy This Challenge!
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