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50 Working Sims Challenge! By Vikinga 1970 (Sims 4)
Working Sims challenge!
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There's sims with no Job in the sims 4 right?
With 50 Working Sims Challenge there will be no more!

Start with any household ,your fave, newly made or just a used household!
The family must have 7 Sims (any age)
Sim number 8 MUST be a sim That didn't have a job.
You must give sim number 8 a job and promote it to level 8.(NO CHEATS ALLOWED FOR CAREERS)
After sim number 8 has level 8 of its career you must make it move out and make another sim move in.
Do that till you get to fifty Sims!

FUN things
You can meet tons of sims!
You can choose the career!
If you have get to work you can talk to them at work!

I hope someone in MTS does this challenge!
P.S: The rules are the same FOR any Sims game!
Vikinga 1970
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One question, what is the point of the other sims in the household if you are just doing 1 sim and sending them off?
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The point is that the other sims talk to it and become friends. If you have Get to work you can play with one of the other sims in the household and at work you can talk to it, so the answer is relationship.
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I have an idea for the 7 extra sims:
1) They are the clerks in a job agency or contract worker firm.
2) They are a bunch of nobles and the 8th slot is for their servant of whose work they live.
3) They are infirm/elderly and the sim in the 8th slot is a volunteer (probably a teen, though the teen jobs are maxed out too quickly).
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Hi! I agree,with 1 and 2, but I think that since you can choose age that the 8th sim must be an adult or young adult, and if you want to do the challenge with 7 elders, your free to do it 😊

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