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Default 5 Seconds of Summer Challenge
The 5 Seconds of Summer Challenge

*Just a disclaimer*

The 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) challenge is about the band 5SOS and you don't have to have any expansion packs to do this challenge.

The challenge starts with Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford living in a house of their own after they've just retired from being in a band. They live in a small town because they want to enjoy a quiet life. Now, as adults, the four boys are planning their own lives, but what will happen to them when they start to develop feelings for other people and grow apart? Read more to find out.

The main objective for this challenge is to fulfil the four boys aspirations and make them all have a family. Then, when the sims die, the challenge is over.

When I was playing through this challenge, I made Luke play guitar and get a job in music. He then went on to finding his own lover and having a child with them. Out of all of the sims, Luke was the most successful and his family was the healthiest. He was the last sim to die.

Ashton was an artist, so he never had time to love someone or to have children, but he did sleep around and he did end up adopting a child that sadly died (by drowning), and because Ashton didn't have a real job and wasn't earning enough money, he was forced to catch and sell fish. He was the first sim to die.

Calum (being an athlete) and Michael (Michael being a fisherman because he kept getting fired from his job) did have their own lovers, but, somehow, the two boys started having feelings for each other and ended up getting married and adopting a child. Sadly, that child did die (by drowning), but they did go on to adopt another child, but he was taken away. However, they did adopt another child who was healthy and living. Calum was the third sim to die, and Michael was second sim to die.

At the end of the challenge, there was a female teenager and an old lady (Luke's daughter and wife) that were still living in the house. There was also Calum and Michael's child that was still living in the house and was adopted by Luke's wife because the child didn't want to be taken away. However, I didn't decide to play as these sims because I didn't have any goals for them.

You don't have to play the challenge exactly as I did, but I found that these personalities resulted in the best outcome than the other personalities I tried.


You will be creating four adults, it doesn't matter if they are young adults or middle-aged adults, but they all have to be the same age. However, the characters have to look exactly like the band members look nowadays, this meaning you might have to download them as sims or download custom content. One sim must be gay and one can't have children. So, the gay sim will be able to get pregnant and the infertile sim can't get others pregnant (you can change the personality settings to do this).

Ashton Irwin:

Walk: Goofy
Aspiration: Knowledge - nerd brain
Traits: Geek, neat, outgoing

Calum Hood:

Walk: Tough
Aspiration: Athletic - bodybuilder
Traits: Active, bro, romantic

Luke Hemmings:

Walk: Swagger
Aspiration: Creativity - musical genius
Traits: Clumsy, creative, music-lover

Michael Clifford:

Walk: Bouncy
Aspiration: Family - big, happy family
Traits: Family-oriented, foodie, good


The rules are very basic and easy to remember. You will most likely only need to use them within the first few days of the sim's lives, because your sims will already be made, have a house, job and should be meeting lovers within the first few days. Feel free to change the rules if they are too difficult to remember or go by, or the make the challenge more interesting.

1) The sims have to look exactly like the band members do nowadays.
2) The sims have to be young adults or adults, all the same age.
3) The sims must have jobs and hobbies that match with their aspirations.
4) One sim must be gay and one can't have children, so you will have to change the sim's personality where it says 'can get pregnant' and 'can't get others pregnant'
5) The first lover that your sims get have to live in the main house, along with any children your sims have and your sim's lover has.
6) You must play as all four boys until they die as this is when the challenge is officially over.
7) You are not allowed to play as any other character than the boys, not even if these sims are dying.
8) You are not allowed to save people from dying, not even if it's the band members.
9) You cannot purposefully kill someone.
10) If someone dies, whether it be the boys or other sims, you must create a room where it holds the grave of the person, candles, flowers and a sofa. These can be separate rooms for each sim, or it can be one room for every sim.
11) As soon as you enter the lot, you must press the keys CTRL-SHIFT-C to open the cheat-bar on Windows. For Mac, it's COMMAND-SHIFT-C. After this, type 'testingcheats true'. For some people, this may be 'testingcheats on'. Once you've done this, you need to set the simoleons to 50,000, it doesn't matter if there's a little bit more than 50,000 as long as it's money left over from when you bought the lot. To set the simoleons to 50,000, type 'money 50000'. You can only use this cheat once as you will depend on money from the jobs.
12) You cannot use any cheats other than the cheats shown above. ^
13) If your sim has been fired, does not yet have job, or depends on their hobby for money, then they must go fishing to earn money.
14) You can travel anywhere with anyone and spend your money on whatever you'd like.
15) You can't move houses or change job.
16) The lot must have one floor, be empty (which means you have to build it from scratch) and the size must be 30x20.
17) The house can only be one floor and must be guarded by a tall fence. However, you may have a basement if you don't have much space left on the lot. Your house and lot must have:
- Six bedrooms (Children may have to share rooms)
- Two bathrooms (Each must have a toilet, sink, shower and/or bath)
- One living room (Must include enough seats for everyone)
- One dining room (You may need two tables to fit everyone as the challenge starts picking up)
- One play room (For the children)
- Two studies (So everyone can have the furniture needed for their hobby and/or job)
- One garden (Back of the house)
- One swimming pool (Back of the house or inside of the house)
- Separate rooms for each sim that dies, or one room for every sim that dies

Please comment and post videos/photos of your progress.
And that's it! Happy simming!
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